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5/6/09 11:51 A

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I work at a dollar store, so I can get some pretty cool stuff here for 1.00 (well I get a discount so .80 *lol*)

We have a lot of yard sales around and most things are under 1.00

hmmmmm... maybe 1 pepper, or 1 onion, a lb of bananas, coffee at Cumby's( a local gas station) is .99. I can buy our local paper for .75. A candy bar, a little bag of chips, gum (some gum)

other than that, not very much.

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5/5/09 1:31 A

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Two pounds of bananas pretty much anywhere, a pound and a half of oatmeal out of the bulk bins (sometimes two pounds on sale), a pound of chicken leg quarters, but I don't buy those. Three big lemons, four or five smallish limes. Store brand peanut butter is $1.38-- almost bought some today but realized that I was in a mood to go after it with a spoon. (We don't have tax on most food in Texas, so the price you see is the price you get.)

Eight packets of seeds at Walgreens or one packet of GOOD seeds at Home Depot. Two pairs of blunt-tip kiddy scissors. Two 20-oz store-brand diet sodas. The newspaper is 60 cents, but not even worth that unless you really need mulch for the garden. A bottle of Suave or White Rain shampoo, not very good for washing hair but nice for hand-washing the dainties because it smells good.

Now, if you're talking about sales and specials, last week I MADE money on a box of cereal-- I had a dollar coupon and a "try it free" rebate. There were also strawberries for 97 cents a pound and potatoes at 5lbs for 99 cents.

Whole Foods has cupcakes for 99 cents and yummy little brioche rolls for 35 cents. I sometimes get one if I run there for it. It's exactly 10K from my house to their parking lot and back, so I burn it off. I can't think of anyplace to get coffee for a dollar, though.

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5/4/09 4:20 P

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Fresh & Easy has produce specials every day for $0.98. That's over a dollar if you count the tax though. Recently they've had 3 pears, 2 peppers, a bunch (maybe 8-10) of small, small oranges.

I can get a little more than 1/3 gallon of gas.

Coffee at McDonald's is less than a dollar. A senior coffee is $0.35 there.

A side salad at Wendy's is a dollar. All fast food restaurants have a dollar menu, although what is on them is typically crap.

I don't wear make-up often, but most e.l.f. cosmetics are a dollar each.

Nice gift bags at the dollar store. Dollar store batteries are good for low-demand items. The D ones lasted a month in my elliptical, when I was using it for an hour per day. For high demand items, they die almost immediately, as you've seen.


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5/4/09 11:55 A

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Hmm... ONE dollar will buy...

-- 1 orange
-- 2-3 peppers
-- a variety of toys at the dollar store (just bought some for a friends kids when she was getting ready to have a new baby. Got silly sting, some of those squishy water balls, etc.)
-- Some decorative plates at the dollar store .. to put gifts foods on. As well as 1-2 gift bags and 1-2 greeting cards.

As for coffee.... I know ONE restaurant that has coffee for 1.39. Denny's is 1.79. Flat Top and other restaurants in the area sell coffee for over $2 a cup.


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5/4/09 10:05 A

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Okay, I can buy 2-3 peppers for a dollar at my local farmers market. Can't get onions for a dollar. A bunch of fresh onions is around $2-$3.

They do occasionally have dollar bundle leftovers. But, those aren't always in the best condition. One thing I've noticed is the lower the price, the lower the quality.

I think all the newspapers in NYC are all over a dollar. So, I wonder if you can buy anything in NYC for a dollar.

Thought of something... at my local Chinese market, I can buy green peppers for $.58 cents a pound ! I was shocked. I thought they were mismarked, but when I went up to pay, sure enough they were $.58 cents a pound.

The supermarket is currently selling green peppers for $1.99 a pound. This is why I like shopping in Chinatown. the prices are soooo much cheaper than the supermarket !

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5/4/09 9:44 A

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That's a tough one! I would suppose candy bars and newspapers and other gas station foods, but I never buy them, so I don't know for sure!

You can park for an hour in downtown Madison for a dollar. At our farmer's market, you can usually get a bundle of onions, a couple of tomatoes, or a bag of greens for a dollar. Almost always there are bundles of veggies for a dollar.

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5/4/09 9:39 A

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for a dollar in your area ?

The Boston Globe and the Boston Herald are both $.75 cents. Although, the Globe may be going up to a dollar soon.

I can buy single serving bags of chips, regular candy bars like Hersey's, Reese's, etc... Poland Spring flavored waters are $1.00 each, not on sale. On sale, I can get them for $.75.

This is all regular priced stuff, I can get cheapo batteries at the dollar store for a dollar. Emphasis on the word cheap. I bought some of those dollar batteries, they last TWO HOURS. that's it !! What a rip off.

Anyway... what can you buy for a dollar in your home town ?

Oh.. you know, $1 won't even you a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. A regular is still $1.24.

-- karen

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