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4/16/09 9:22 A

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She does have a point. The mind body connection is a lot more important than people think. If we're under stress emotionally (the scale went up a pound), our body is also under stress.

We can't tie our emotions to a number on a scale. It's just not healthy. Folks do need to be kinder to themselves as well as more accepting. No one is perfect.

You know what really saddens me ? The posts from women who hate themselves because their stomachs aren't flat or their inner thighs jiggle.

The woman who left the comment on Sandy's post is right. If people were kinder to themselves, they would see results.

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4/16/09 9:12 A

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while i'm pretty sure i've separated my emotions from the number on the scale, i think i still have an aversion to get to 175 (i've gotten to 176 several times, then bounce back to 181-182).

what i've decided to do, similar to twist, is to put the scale away. i'm not going to weigh. at. all.

i think i'm going to give myself until my next nutritionist appointment in june before i weigh again.


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4/16/09 1:13 A

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This is something to think about!


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4/15/09 2:56 P

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Good point - definitely something to think about.

I'd bet stress does inhibit wt. loss, making the body hold on to what it has. And I'm sure the body doesn't care where the stress comes from... job loss, family illness/death, or just plain stressing about what we eat and our weight.


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4/15/09 2:33 P

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I found this to be very interesting and thought provoking:
First my blog from this morning:

"It seems like the scale is catching up with the body. I was thinking about it, wondering why things are going down now as opposed to say January. I realized that I am eating about 1300-1500 calories a day. I am denying myself nothing and not beating the crap out of myself if I overindulge.

FINALLY, my body said, "Okay, she isn't trying to kill us, lets burn some fat."

Sara aka Sparklessence, commented on my current blog.

"So it's a matter of not beating oneself up and just getting on with it?'s a wild premise: Given all the conversation and study results regarding the mind/body connection, is it possible that our metabolisms respond favorably when we're gentle with ourselves about "transgressions"? It's a thought."

I loved that thought.

How much interplay is there between what the mind goes through and the body reacts?
Taking the time to get off my own back not only stopped stressors in my mental state but (and this is so just my opinion)if the body (or our metabolism) can be looked at as a "person", then the "person" also needs just as much time to rid itself of the stressors.

We learned our lessons too well over the years. Those lessons became toxic to the mind and body.

What do you guys think.

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