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3/7/12 8:56 A

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I occasionally stop at McDonald's for a hamburger and a yogurt parfait. It comes to 450 calories which is not too bad. Subway is another good choice if you get one of the healthier options. Not all fast food is bad. It is our choices that cause the problem.

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3/1/12 2:36 P

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Good advice!
A change is usually what helps me to stop!
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3/1/12 8:00 A

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I feel exactly the same way as you do. My food frenzy problem kicks in when i go home for the day. at work, im great. i go to workout and then its time for me to drive home...on my way home i pass a mcdonalds...i mean its not on the way home per se but i pass it and its right as you get off the exit (from 95). I literally start to go insane as i drive past it. when i get home, i go insane unless i get it. sometimes i stop when im on my way home, other times, i dont. I dont know whats wrong with me...but im going to be seeing a behavioral psychologist soon because the behavior needs to stop and i need help stopping it.

I think its a ritual thing for me. Im good all day, workout, drive home, eat, arrive home, and then go about my evening activities. ive come to the conclusion i need a new ritual, and it sounds like you might need one too.

when im hungry for fat, fried, and protien, i add MORE protein during my breakfast and lunch. so if i have 2 poached eggs, i'll eat 3 instead. or add in an additional greek yogurt right after my workout. or chug a tall glass of water with lemon, eat a few slices of lunchmeat or drink the water and have a greek yogurt. then, i wait for 20 mins. 9 out of 10 times, i actually dont want the food. the next day my body and mind thank me for making that decision.

Establish a new ritual at night. you will have to force yourself to do it. it will not come easy. eating an apple is good and bad. its good because its an apple. its bad because its still sugar and it will still cause your blood to spike after you've eaten it. drink water, eat an egg or piece of meat or some other source of protien and meditate. stay strong! you can do it!

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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2/29/12 9:54 P

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I'm so frusterated right now. I just don't know what is going on with me. I eat so 'good' during the day and then night time comes and a frenzy comes over me! I feel like I NEED protien and grease, I think to myself; "hmmmm, I really want me a quarter pounder right now," and once that thought enters my mind it quickly becomes an obsession. I feel like I turn into some sort of mindless, anxiety prone animal. It's next to impossible for me to talk myself out of it because at that point I don't care about what I'm doing to myself. I only care about that fix and how great its going to be while I eat it. At times it feels like a panic comes over be because for some reason I'm terrified that if I don't eat that item I'll regret it and be so hungry later that I'll feel like I am going to throw up (f.y.i.,that's what I feel when I don't eat).
Tonight I seriously sat and obsessed about getting some fast food for like an hour. So, I left my warm comfy room to go out into the freezing Minnesotan cold to get it. Does that make logical sense? No! I was fighting myself to make the right decision (ya know, eat an apple or drink a bunch of water), yet I could not convince myself and I went to go get the food anyway. Now, I just feel guilty, sad and like I let myself down. I don't know what to do about it, or how to overcome these self proclaimed "frenzies."

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