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11/8/07 4:12 P

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I wish I was lucky enough to be able to cheat occasionally. Just a small amount will make me violently sick. Be carfull with not sticking to the diet if you are allergic to wheat or have Celiac Disease. There are many side effects that do not show up as stomach problems. I have severe Arthritis, neuropathy and other problems that were caused by years of eating glutens because the doctors did not know what was wrong with me. I was told that me problems would not be near as severe if I had been diagnosed when I was young. You take a risk every time you eat gluten because it effects more then the intestines. But just the normal symptoms are enough to make me not want to cheat. The vomiting, runs, burning pain in my gall bladder, cramping, bloating and gas are enough to keep me off the stuff let alone the long ter, problems.

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9/19/07 1:46 P

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THINNERTHEAIR, I to have the same problem of staying away from wheat and when I eat it I get the runs, pain in my arms and legs like some kids creped into my bedroom and jumped on them, plus I noticed that I feel funny around my heart and have decided that I will think about if I want that feeling again or not and that is what helps me stay away from wheat. Hope this helps you on a gluten-free way of eating.


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9/18/07 7:47 P

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It must be easier for me to stick to it because I have a diagnosis? I went gf cold turkey that day, no qualms. I fear cancer. It gets me through the day. How do I feel? Compared to before, a million bucks! Wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm so grateful.

Maybe if you try to think long term/big picture your next bite of something scrumptious (not saying it's easy, esp at first) won't look so good? I want for you this goodness my friend.

Maybe consider a detox to get the ball rolling ... emoticon . It'll help by starting to clean your palate from unhealthy-for-you food. With gluten intolerance also comes dairy, then sugar. Then food preservatives, dyes and additives, then you're on the raw diet like me! :-) LOL whatever. it's a personal choice. Good luck Cam. I hope you find your motivation. YOU CAN DO IT!

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9/18/07 6:37 P

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Well, I wish that I could say that I have been sticking diligently to my gluten-free way of eating, but I haven't. The bad thing is, I am acting like it's only a diet. The truth is, when I eat gluten, I get SICK. My reflux acts up and my gall bladder starts giving me issues. If I stay away from it, I am not bothered with either.

So how have you all been doing? Have you been sticking with it? Are you all feeling healthier? I'm less worried about my weight (which I have gained) then just feeling better again, so... I have to look at this completely different. I have to actually make a lifestyle change and stop pretending that I can sneak things here and there because I am only making myself worse.

Hope that all of you are healthy and happy!!


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