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7/15/19 8:03 P

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I got back to running after I had gain a ton of weight. I started walking alot. Dropped my weight and then decided I wanted to get back into running. Baby steps. I did the C25K but I have to admit that when I got to the end, I started doing it my way. I did all of this on the treadmill. I was too ashamed to go outside so when I did finally get outside, I basically had to start from scratch. Didn't realize that there would be such a difference between running on a treadmill and running outside. It didn't take me long to get it though and it just kept getting better and better. Now I don't run as much cuz my obesity also caused a lot of wear and tear on my joints and my hip is pretty bad. The running I'm sure made things worse.

Start out slow. You ran before so you know what to do. I would also take up those other things you mentioned also. Our bodies are different at the age of 50 than 20's and 30's. Just make it fun and you'll do fine.


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7/14/19 9:20 A

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look at the couch to 5k program. as an experienced runner you know a gradual base build is essential to mitigating injury. the start of these type of programs can feel ridiculously slow but thats the design. i dropped 30lbs over 10 years ago after getting out of shape and ran my first marathon at 40. at over 50 my go to activiy is biking (on and off road) but i also like trail running.

what some tough love? get out of your head and get outside. hook up with a group and use a little FOMO or accountability to drive you. lastly, pick an event to do that aligns with the C25K, now you really have something going!

good luck!

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7/11/19 8:49 P

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I feel like I am picking up from rock bottom. Overweight, over 50, out of shape. I still think of myself as a runner - but realistically it has been 10 year since I ran seriously, and 2 - 3 years and 30 pounds since I felt fit enough to enjoy running. What I can do now feels so pathetic and uncomfortable compared to how I remember it. I am plagued by thoughts of what I "should" be doing and I am not there. Any words of wisdom? Am I better off switching to a different exercise (swimming, biking, eliptical) where weight and age won't affect me as much? Who has successfully gotten back to running after weight gain? What helped?

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