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1/18/14 11:10 A

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I go to a circuit training class twice a week that is kettlebell based and works the whole body. As the season approaches I'll probably add a third day or replace one of the circuit days with a more leg specific workout. You can reference Runner's World or book at the library for those.

You might want to check out "You are your own gym" as well, it's available as a book or a phone app too. Excellent.

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1/18/14 9:34 A

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Over time, you'll learn what strength training is most important. It turns out that for me, the most important thing I do in the gym is hip abduction and hip adduction on cable cross machine. I wouldn't have known that was important without going through physical therapy.

The abduction/adduction doesn't use a lot of weight; I started at 10 lbs. and worked up to 20 or 25. That's not as good for bragging rights as deadlifting 225 or squatting my weight; but it helps my running more than the deadlifts or squats do.

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1/17/14 11:10 P

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I would suggest that you talk to the people at the gym about what they have and how you can best use them to reach your goals. Strength training is very important to runners because all that cardio actually eat away at your muscle mass.

I for one have a different section each day: Core, Upper body, Lower body, full body, and legs.

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1/17/14 12:01 P

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Body weight exercises are excellent.
You will find that 'core exercises' become more or less unnecessary because your core will engage with that kind of activity. Planks (all variations), pushups, dips will develop core, shoulders and arm strength. When you can do three sets of each (8-10) easily, then you might consider adding weight training (physical weights).

To make your basic exercises more challenging, do them slower. Or raise your feet. Really, you can adequately challenge yourself with body weight activities with all sorts of variations.

Of course, I will mention TRX suspension training, since I just completed that certification. Also body weight based - if it is available to you, check it out! ;)

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1/17/14 6:53 A

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I do mostly home stuff with exercise programs from, P90x (and just got P90x3 which is only 30 min workouts), and Dr. Jordan Metzl on iron strength workout. I'm 42

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1/16/14 10:47 P

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I do pushups, bicycle crunches and hip stretches every morning and a half hour session with my handweights. I don't go the gym: its much easier to do strengthening exercies with a few simple pieces of equipment and your own bodyweight. There are lots of good resources online to help you figure out a suitable program.

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1/16/14 6:56 P

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if you like cardio you may like HIIT. high intensity interval training combines strength training with cardio. I use the Jillian Michaels program. She uses free weights or body Weight, balls of all sorts. You can also do HIIT on machines, but I do not prefer machines. I am 50 something. I consider myself fit and find HIIT is challenging. I have never been able to do so many pushups or lunges or squats ever. I choose this message because I find machines do not fit my 5'5" frame, and I don't like messing with settings in between sets. I can do my workout anywhere I go and I always pack my jump rope so I can kick up the cardio. It all helps my running.

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1/16/14 5:00 P

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I'm sure this topic has been covered in depth, however, I'll ask anyway ..

I'm currently mapping out my training schedule for another marathon and in my research, women my age (40 something) ought to increase our muscle mass and incorporate more speed training to assist us with our depleting VO2 Mass. So, it's time to hit the gym and work on my muscles. My problem ... I have no clue which machines will be the most effective for a runner! I confess, I am a cardio junkie because it's just plain easier. I am pretty darn fit but I'm fit and flabby! Time to muscle up!!

What's your advice? What's your routine? I'm thinking legs, glutes and core. Am I on the right track? I really am not interested in being the village loser when I walk in the gym. For info: I am doing yoga 2 x / week, running various speeds and distances 5 x / week and hip specific strengthening exercises. I am just inept in the muscle building department...... Help?

Thanks! emoticon

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