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7/31/13 11:13 A

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i run in the wee small hours of the morning..........i am usually rounding up my 10 mile run about the time most people are threatening to kill their alarms. i like running in the most runners i like the cooler temps and i am fresher in the morning........but there is something really awesome about being out there when no-one else is..(except for about 10 other lunatics like me)......the world belongs to me and it is perfect and blissfully quiet. i can hear my thoughts. the world is a shiny new penny and it is all mine!!!

it doesnt matter if you run are still running faster than someone on the couch!!!

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7/26/13 8:45 A

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When I ran yrs ago, I did much better in the evening. I found it tough to get up in the morning and run, but now I do much better when I run in the morning. Temps. definitely play a role in your time. When we had the warm and humid weather last week, it was tough, but now that it's cooled down a bit, it's much easier. It could also be that you are more tired running in the evening than you are running first thing in the morning.


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7/26/13 8:42 A

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I'm the exact same. I'm a morning person that loves early am running and cooler temps. When I have to run later in the day, I am always slower. And if its hot out, I am LOTS slower.

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7/25/13 11:32 A

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Regardless of weather concerns, I find if I don't run in the mornings before work, I won't usually get a chance later in the day.

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7/2/13 7:59 A

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If your normal thing is first thing in the morning, you are far more fresh then - and the cooler temps help as well.
When you run at the end of your day, you have had whatever stressors throughout the day, depending on your life, more time on your feet and what not. Not as fresh. And the higher temps and humidity would be additional burden.

In other words, don't sweat it. It's just another training scenario.

Or your body wasn't as ready as your brain. ;)

Let it go, and enjoy your run - whenever!

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7/2/13 4:06 A

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There's an informal formula that subtracts seconds off for every mile that you run above 60 degrees. So yes it can make a big difference. Also if you are more tired later in the day (morning person) that can affect it as well.

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7/2/13 12:27 A

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That's a pretty big difference, but it doesn't surprise me if you're not used to running in hotter weather. I hate running in hot weather and go way slower than if I can run in cool, crisp temps. Time of day doesn't really matter to me when the temperatures are cool, I can go just as fast in the afternoon as in the morning.

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7/2/13 12:10 A

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Not sure. In the afternoon, your muscles are more warmed up than first thing in the morning. When the weather is cool, I tend to have a faster run in the afternoon than in the morning. But I've noticed that now that it's hot, my times have been slower, I need to run in the early evening. So I tend to think the difference in time probably has more to do with the heat and humidity, but that's just my opinion.

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7/1/13 11:53 P

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90% of the time, I am up with the sun and run before most people's alarm clocks sound. I love running in the morning, I love listening to the birds wake up and I love that it isn't stifling. But, today, I couldn't run in the morning, and I had to run at night...while it was still 80 degrees. I can't believe the difference it made in my time. My last run before today, I averaged 9:45 minute mile, and today I had a 10:25. That seems huge to me, and I can't believe the change in temperature could make that much of a difference. Could it also be because I had a full day's worth of food instead of just breakfast? Any thoughts?

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