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10/25/10 7:35 P

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My BF is amazing.
He no longer can run, but supports my running. He sends me on my way, and meets me at the finish for short races - fortunately, my speed has increased to the point that it is not too long a wait! ;) And he knows a lot of folks in our running community, so he usually runs into people he knows, so it is not sooooo boring....
But on longer races, I know it is a trial. Yes, he still runs into people he knows, but it is harder for him to get to intermediate stops (although he has surprised me several times at his ability to meet me somewhere!). So it is a more boring day for him, which I feel terrible about.
But it seems I am getting over my need to compete/prove myself - or I just prize my time with him to do other things, or both. So I am less interested in races, which should let him off the hook a bit.
But it is lovely to know that he would be there, if that is what I am doing!

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10/25/10 7:26 P

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My first and only race my DH and MIL (who drove 3 hours to be there) came along. My DH likes to dress up so before the race he was showing off (see profile pic). They were there at the start, then mile 4 (MIL with cowbells), still dressed up. Again at mile 11 with signs and cow bells, not dressed up-DH complain about listening to cow bells for the last 45 minutes! They then when for lunch (I am a 6+ hour marathoner) and I saw them again at mile 18, new costume and signs, then after doubling back at mile 21. Then finally at the finish. I'm glad they were there, everyone else, including most of the volunteers had already gone home :). They said once the half split off (mile 12) it got really boring :).


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10/23/10 11:29 A

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I get no support, which is fine because I'm mostly focused on the race. The BF will usually decorate the house for me with a big sign on the door for when I get home, which is nice.

Earlier this year, the BF dropped me off at the marathon start and then waited at mile 8, which was nice. However, he and a friend were enjoying some bloody marys whilst watching the runners, so when I got home, he was passed out! HA!

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10/23/10 6:33 A

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My husband drops me off for the start and then shows up for the finish - he has time to get a nice breakfast, shower and generally wake up while I am racing. For short races (5k, 10k) he will stick around but 1/2 marathons and fulls are too long for him to stand around.

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10/23/10 1:08 A

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most races i go solo if i am not running with friends. ds/dh have come out to the end of a couple of races. however, like patty the logistics of them being there are almost more stressful on me. my dad is usually more inclined to come out cause he used to run and loves watching and he will go for a bike ride while i run. i don't feel the need for them to be there however it is nice when they are.

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10/22/10 8:47 P

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I ask my husband to be at the start/finish/somewhere along the way if it's a long race..

But he doesn't know how to navigate around road closures and has no general sense of direction and it's been stressing me out, so the benefit of having someone cheer for me is pretty much gone.

In the future, I plan to ask him not to come.

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10/22/10 8:22 P

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Support team? WOW! Count your blessings. My first races I took public transit. DH is getting more interested, though, and now will drop me off and then take a nap before finding me at the finish.

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10/22/10 8:12 P

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I don't typically have a support team, unless you count dh staying home watching our son while I race =)
One time they came out to a 5k I ran, but that was so short that it was no biggie for them. It was nice having them there though.

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10/22/10 6:43 P

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Everyone with a support person or crew is so fortunate! My hubby, dear man though he is, has come to ONE of my 13 races (a 5K), and only because his best buddy from high school was visiting and decided to run it with me.

Otherwise, I drive (or walk) myself there and am the only one greeting me at the finish line!

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10/22/10 4:56 P

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Haven't had a support team, yet, because my family all runs! Actually, at our last 5k, my wife was pregnant, so she was at the start and finish lines. For our half she and our daughter (who will be 6 months old) are planning to do the same thing. It will be cold, but the start and finish lines will both be near the Mandalay Bay, so they can always step inside or sit in the car if they get cold.

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10/22/10 4:49 P

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I don't actually have a support team. I sometimes get a ride if I happen to know someone from the gym who is going or I take the GO bus which is an inter city bus. It limits the races I go on and in the future I may book hotels and stay there but I will be on my own.

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10/22/10 4:40 P

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When I support my hubby at his races - I will wander around or bring a book or newspaper - always know when he should be coming in and I am always there to yell encouragement.

When he comes to support me - he will go off and run then wait for me at a certain point - then will join me for a while and then go to the finish and cheer me on.

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10/22/10 4:25 P

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My husband goes to all of my races too. He usually wanders around and will try to catch me on the course as much as possible. He'll stop for breakfast and read. Thankfully, he's very good at occupying his time because I'm a slow runner and very appreciative of his support. Its also his job to drive me back and forth so I can focus on the run and getting my gear on and off and not worry about parking and stuff like that. Let's hear it for our support teams! emoticon

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10/22/10 3:46 P

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When my husband was running, before I started, I would either drop him off and come home (maybe go back to bed) or he would drive himself. Then the kids and I would go around the timeframe we expected him to come in to cheer him on.


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10/22/10 3:44 P

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My family (usually just my husband) goes with me to every race. He has only missed one (a local 5K, not a big deal, but I set a PR). When I did the Flying Pig HM, my husband and daughter got up at 3:30, and we were in downtown Cincinnati by 5:00am in the pouring rain, lightning and thunder. It was dark, chilly and wet, and as all the 12,000+ runners walked like zombies toward the start line, my daughter said, "Mom, you need a new hobby." LOL. Yet, they always go when they can, and they cheer and carry on like I'm the best racer ever!

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10/22/10 3:15 P

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My wife comes with me to most every race. And all the big ones.
I am a slow runner and my 5 hour marathon time can leave a lot of time to kill for spectators! She usually will see me off and then catch me midpoint and then meet me at the end. Sometimes she has company and they will go get breakfast or lunch. Other times she just goes shopping. She also sees it as a great opportunity for her to explore and get a good exercise walk in!
She is beyond wonderful.

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10/22/10 3:08 P

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My support team usually consists of just my boyfriend. If I'm at a long race, like a half marathon, he won't come with me, but will show up about 15-20 minutes before my expected finish. For shorter races, he'll show up at the start.

When I did the Detroit half, my family got up at 4:00 a.m. and drove me to the race start. They walked around for awhile and then found a coffee shop that was open. They were there at around 8.5 miles and again at the finish. It was really cold that day and I was surprised they enjoyed themselves! I thought they would be bored. If I do that race again, I will get a room downtown so they have someplace to go.


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10/22/10 3:00 P

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Are you dropped off at the beginning or does your support team go with you and hang out while you run? This last weekend I ran a half. My family went with me and were at the starting line. It was an amamzing feeling for me!! Then the were there at the end of the race. We were talking and they said they were bored for the 2 hours it took me and that nothing was open that early. They were not complaining, just causal comments.

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