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2/6/08 10:21 A

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What is your WHY? What is your reason for working so hard to reach your goals? Do you know? Because if you don't know, it is going to be much harder to get there! Like I have talked before about that "fire in your belly" must have a reason for reaching the goals you have set. If not...what will motviate you to get there?

Is your goal to lose weight? Well, why do you want to lose the weight? You really have to think about that and be able to answer it. When I help somebody to start their business, I work with them to figure out their "why". Until they know why they want the business...they won't do the actions needed to get to the top. For example, a lot of women tell me they want to be home with their kids Why? Some of the reasons may be: they don't have to put them in day care, so they can attend all their events, so they can be there for the milestones.

My point is, you have to keep asking yourself questions to find out what really motivates you!

So much has been said about the importance of having goals that many people have been lured into the false notion that having a goal naturally leads to the motivation to achieve it.

Merely having the goal is not must have the WHY!!!! Without a strong and persuasive 'why' behind each one of your goals you'll never achieve it.

So identify your goals and then ask yourself the exact reasons why you want to achieve the goal, the compelling and powerful motivators.

Remember, being happier or making more money aren't strong enough reasons. You have to dig deeper.

Take one of your goals in mind and answer the following questions with as much detail and emotion as possible. Remember, the more powerful your reasons for wanting to achieve the goal, the more you'll be motivated to take action and get what you want.

What will achieving your goal do for you physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Financially? Spiritually?

What will you think of yourself years from now if you achieve your goal?

How will you feel if you don't achieve your goal? What might it cost you physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Financially? Spiritually?

What will you think of yourself years from now if you never achieve your goal?

See where I'm must dig down deep and find out if your reaons are strong enough to push you to do the needed actions to arrive at your "destination".

Hope this was helpful!
Make it a powerful day!

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