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This is great information...I train on Fear a lot...and have posted much in my other team...thought I would share this here as well!

Make it a great day!

How to Unlock an Endless Supply of Motivation


It can stand in the way of everything you have ever wanted to have, do, and be, and yet, it can also be your greatest ally - if you know how to use it.

Would you try to keep something cool inside your oven? Hot inside your freezer? Of course not! But this is exactly what people do with their minds and bodies.

They work against their natural tendencies and struggle to change their lives for the better. They prepare a fantastic meal and try to bake it in the freezer.

And once again they fail to get what they really want.

It's time to stop fighting against your natural tendencies and embrace them. Today you'll learn a new and exciting technique that will motivate you to live life at a whole new level.

People are motivated by only two factors - pleasure and pain. Everything we do results from our perception that it will provide us with pleasure or help us to avoid pain.

And we will do a great deal more to satisfy the latter.

This is a fact that you can use to your advantage. Once you learn how to harness the power that the fear of pain offers all human beings, you will take complete control of your life. You will be motivated like never before to implement your plans for a better future.

An example will help to get you started...

Alisha wanted to write children's books. Along with this goal came two sets of fears.

To begin, she feared failure. Writing children's books was something she had wanted to do ever since she was young, but the images of her friends and family laughing at her stories stood in her way.

What if she wasn't any good? What if no one liked what she wrote? What if this was just a silly dream that would be better off forgotten?

This grouping of fear became a powerful obstacle between Alisha and her goal. It scared her away from taking action.

But this was only the first set of fears. The second type is where the key to successful change and motivation is found.

While tossing around her thoughts about writing children's books, Alisha also thought about what her life would be like should she let go of her dream.

What would she think of herself ten years from now knowing that she let her negative fears take control of her future?

How would she feel knowing she never gave it a shot, never took the risk and followed her dream?

These were the fears that motivated her to action.

You see, while the first set of fears stood in her way, they did not completely block the path to success. The fear of regret and loss drove Alisha toward her goal, but in the end there is only one question to ask:

Which set of fears was stronger?

Before we finish Alisha's story and cover the exact steps to using fear to your advantage, I want to mention an important aspect of motivation and change.

Just as an archer requires a target before he can shoot his arrow, you need a target before you can get motivated to achieve it.
he number one issue is knowing what you really want.

This War is Occurring Inside You Right Now

You can think of Alisha's situation as a war of sorts. On one side is the fear of failure and rejection. These fears tell her to stop and drop the goal.

The opposing and empowering side holds the fears of regret and loss. These tell her to go for it all and take a chance at success and happiness.

Whichever side is stronger results in action - either to walk away or go for it.

Here's the great news: you control the balance.

You can weaken the negative fears and enhance the positive fears. You can completely manipulate the strength of each side until you are motivated to act on your goals.

Spend a few hours with each set of fears, either weakening or strengthening them. The fears that held her back were analyzed for the truth and diminished as she realized her friends and family would never reject her.

The second set of fears was intensified as she pictured herself in the future, depressed about her decision to forget her dream. She was miserable and alone. It was an image Alisha never wanted to experience.

In the end, the fear of regret and loss won the battle.

Alisha acted on her goal and never looked back. It was a great success for her, but without the right tools most people never win the game. The fear of failure and rejection wins nearly every time.

Follow the instructions below to ensure your goals and dreams never fall into this unfortunate category.

Fear: It's Time to Take Advantage

As you already know from the story above, you have two ways to go with fear. You can weaken the negative ones or strengthen the empowering ones. Today we are going to focus on adding strength to your positive fears.

Take in mind a goal that you wish to achieve. Be specific about what you want and why you want it.

Once you have your chosen goal in mind, it's time to create some fear. I want you to imagine that you lived the rest of your life never having achieved your goal.

The years just passed by and the fear of failure kept you from what you wanted. And although it ate you up inside, you never did anything about it. You never realized your potential or what you were capable of.

Create as horrible a picture as you can about this possible future. The more depressing the scenario, the better. Think about how you'll feel about yourself, how others will feel about you, and how much it will hurt to know that you'll never do the things you wanted to do.

And most effective of all, you never became the person you always knew you could be.

You now have fear working for you. The fear of failure may be strong, but if you do your job and follow the directions above, the fear of regret will win in the end.

Always remember, human beings will do most anything to avoid an intensely painful situation. By using this to your advantage you will be motivated to achieve your goal and avoid the pain of regret.

Fear plays a role in all of our lives, both good and bad.

Most people let it run its course without notice, being pulled in all directions except the one they desire.

You're in control now, and you can change the balance of power. Use fear to your advantage and you'll be where you have always wanted to be in no time at all.

Jason M. Gracia
Founder and President

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