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1/9/08 10:04 A

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Exercise Does a Body Good

I know you’ve heard it before: “Exercise and lose weight,” “Stretch those limbs to be less stiff and sore,” “Arise and energize.” Yes, we’ve known about the benefits of moving around for many years now. But how many doctors tell you, “Just go out and take a walk,” when you’re feeling down?

Well, check out a recent study performed at Duke University just this past September. It showed exercise to be AS effective as a leading medication in treating clinical depression Those people had major depression, and they felt just as good using exercise for their emotional lows, than using prescription medication.

Sure, I’ve had people ask, “You mean to tell me that in addition to all of the other benefits of exercise, I’ll actually be happier too?” You bet that’s true. “Yeah, sign me up,” is what I said many years ago when I first made exercise my greatest habit. I’ve never looked back and eventually vowed to be an example of health and fitness for everyone around me.

How’s it work? Well, exercise boosts several mood lifting brain chemicals - namely endorphins and serotonin - within minutes of even thinking about your exercise session. They continue rising and remain at peak levels long after you’ve showered off. Just ask any jogger about the well known “runner’s high” they get from their regular workout. Many of us could truly benefit from this one addiction!

Just think, if you only exercise three times a week, for just thirty minutes a pop, you could keep those vital brain buzzers circulating round the clock! Call me crazy, but when someone says “You can cure your blues with something that costs virtually nothing and it’s good for your entire body,” doesn’t it make sense to say, “When do we start?”

The great news is you can start right now. Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling and painful. Make it fun and it’ll feel less like work and more like going out to enjoy your life. You’ll do it with more enthusiasm and the brain kick will be that much greater. So the next time you’re feeling down and want to reach for some comfort food, put down the fork and take a walk. You’ll soon be smiling more, and your waistline will thank you for it too!

Healthiest regards, as always,

Dr. Carlos

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