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2/25/09 12:05 A

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I've been an active outdoors person all my life, second generation Mazama who grew up hiking, rock climbing, and mountain climbing. I started with a South Sister climb with my dad when I was 8, followed by a Mt Thielsen rock scramble with my dad and my #2 (out of 6) brother when I was 10. After college I started hiking on my own. I lived in northern Japan for 4 years, where I added backpacking and climbing on skis and snow camping to my repertoire.

I still enjoy cross country skiing, and my husband and I go snow camping annually for Ground Hogs Day, typically on skis (at least 1/4 mi, sometimes about a mile).

The main thing I regret about the weight I'm at is the reduced range I have, about 2 miles backpacking tops, and very little climbing. I'm looking forward to "regressing" to a weight where I can do some light rock climbing again, something under 185 #.

In the mean time, I still *really* love cross-country skiing with my husband and our dogs, enjoy walking the easier hills in Washington or Forest Park, and have just started preparing for the upcoming dragon boat season by going to the curves gym. I may have a short range, and I'm feeling a bit creaky in my knees and ankles, but I still get out - and love it !

Thanks for the great question - this is exactly where I live, why I want to get lighter.

Praying for snow !

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2/24/09 10:09 A

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In high school I was:
long-distance running
gymnastics (parallel bars)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

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2/23/09 1:51 P

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I was always active, whether playing sports as a kid, organized sports in high school, football, wrestling, baseball, golf ect. I have always held physically demanding outdoor jobs, such as construction and land surveying. I am a former Marine, you would think that all these would lead to a healthy lifestyle, but age and improper diet along with a lack of exercise have taken their toll! Body mass index of a hippo and the eating habits of the largest omnivore have left me controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol. I am also on the way back to 165 pounds, this is what I wrestled at in high school. It can be done and it will be done!!! Get motivated and have the tenacity of a bulldog and you will succeed!

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2/21/09 4:43 P

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I was always active and athletic in my younger years. I started playing soccer when I was 9 and was on the Varsity team in high school. I also was on the varsity track and swimming teams. I was very fast. I was a sprinter, sprint swimmer, and my arms and legs were very strong. I did the javelin (usually getting 1st or 2nd place), long jump (usually 3rd place), triple jump, high jump, etc. I also was into a thing called "sea scouts" and we had athletic competitions like rope climbing. Oh, and I was in ROTC for a year in college and was the top freshman in the fitness competitions! In my mid 20's I did a lot of backpacking in the summer, and skiing in the winter.

I was so thin in high school people used to call me chicken legs, and I had to wear 2 pairs of jeans (the outer pair was a size 2) so people wouldn't tease me. I didn't do ANYTHING to be like that. I was just super skinny but I ate whatever I wanted.

I figured I was destined to just be thin forever, which I was up until my 30th birthday when an evil fairie put a curse on me, haha! I haven't done very much exercise in the last 10 years, but I'm ready to be athletic again and am making awesome progress!

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2/13/09 4:06 P

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I've always been active- as a young kid playing football in the street and riding bikes in the dirt with neighborhood boys turned me into a total tomboy. In jr high school I played volleyball, basketball, and softball. In high school I was an avid hiker and logged a lot of miles on the Appalachian Trail. In college I played softball. In my late 20s I started playing hockey and played regularly until about 1.5 years ago. Now I spin flags.

You'd think I just described a skinny girl, wouldn't you? Nope, I've been fat all my life! Technically, I was sometimes overweight, sometimes obese, but definitely always fat. It is possible to be athletic without an athlete's body, you just have to have an athlete's mentality :)

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2/13/09 1:49 P

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I've never been athletic, coordinated, or had any desire to be. I've been overweight since elementary school.

In fact, I'm still not coordinated! Although I'm much more active than I've ever been in any part of my life!



5 lbs of muscle simply takes up less space than 5 lbs of fat!


If nothing tasted as good as being thin felt, no one would ever get fat!

Let us eat it in moderation.

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2/13/09 12:45 P

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As a young child I was always active. Then as a teen I had some physical challenges until my Foster parents gave me a bicycle. I began to ride and it has been a love of mine ever since. I have kept up with it through out the years just not enough to stay thin. After my two bio-children were born I started riding every day and working out with videos on the days I could not go on the bike. I use to exercise for 55 minutes a day for 5 days a week. I never saw results until I met up with the books from Susan Sommers. I started to follow her eating guide lines and lost about 100 pounds. After that I started to take care of my husbands father and I quickly gained all and then some back due to lake of exercising and self care. I am now trying to focus more time on me but am still finding it hard to squeeze me in with my 8 children, husband and dogs world. I love my life it is a good one but I would love it more if I were about 100 pounds lighter. Well I need to go know but I do hope you all the very best as you make your journey to good health and happiness

Baby steps is the way I am going to accomplish my goals.

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2/13/09 9:03 A

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I am curious to know how many of us were "athletic" in our younger years. By the time I got to Middle School I already was thinking of myself as NOT athletic. I tried out for the track team, didn't make it, and that was the end of physical activity for me.

Didn't play sports of any sort in High School or college, no after school teams, no intermurals in college. Ran Hood to Coast over ten years ago, and it was fun, but it didn't stick.

Now here I am, nearly 46, still overweight, but feeling so much more athletic than I ever have before. I love going to the gym or running on the streets, and I love feeling like I am improving and "getting better."

How about the rest of you? Were you once active, stopped, and are starting back up? Always have been, always will be? Or never were and are figuring it out now?


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You are better than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can.

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