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Oh...I completely spaced on the ultimate health supplement that also appears to assist with fat fish oil...specifically, it's the long-chain essential fatty acids (EPA/DHA) in fish oil. Unless your planning on eating about 4 lbs. of wild salmon every day, it's pretty hard to get these in the amounts you need to provide all the benefits.

You want a high-quality product here and should consuming 2.5 grams a day which should be 4 capsules of a pharmaceutical grade Nordic Naturals ultimate omega or something similar...feel free to send me a spark mail if you want more info or have questions. While the better products are going to run in the $25-40 range per bottle..maybe a little less, you are paying really for the EPA/DHA per capsule which is going to actually cost less per gram in the better products. the list of health benefits from these is remarkable and they do assist with using your body's own fat stores.

One other fatty acid that people seem to like for fat burning is CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)which also appears to speed fat loss. It's present in certain foods like beef also..but you need to be watching how much you're taking a capsule isn't a bad way to go.

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well..there are different schools of thought on this, in terms of just eating a balanced diet that is protein adequate.

Obviously, at the gym, I see a lot of people with the protein shakes after a workout to help fuel muscle recovery. A lot of options there..whey protein isolates seem to be the preferred choice and there are tons of brands...look for one that has lactase in it which helps with digestion..of course, the rub here is the extra calories you need to account for, when trying to lose fat, but adding muscle. I like Optimum Nutrition and MRI products, but pick one you like

The one supplement that most experts agree on works in terms of trying to build muscle is creatine and it has some other benefits as well. I have read that it's difficult to lose weight when you're taking it though..additionally, you don't want to have any medical conditions that are adversely effected by taking it.

in terms of recovery, you can look into ribose..."Ribose is a natural 5-carbon sugar used by cells to help maintain adequate levels of AMP that is converted to ATP, which fuels all motion. Under certain cardiac conditions ATP is degraded in the heart, ribose has the ability to improve the recovery of ATP and can maintain healthy energy levels in the heart and muscle tissues. Ribose can also improve quality of life and help support normal heart function. Some Ribose products also contain magnesium, particularly because magnesium has been found to positively influence performance in exercise training by improving red blood cell and hemoglobin levels."

Some people want to get in a resistance training workout like 3 days a week (M-W-F) with a day of rest in-between. I find that I need more time to recover and so I work upper body/abs on Mondays and my legs on Tuesday/fridays. Wednesday is a cardio-only day along with the weekends when I don't have my kids. I find that the 48 hours between weight training gives me the recovery time I need. You can get crazy and split up stuff more...frankly, I've never understood splitting up arms from back or from me a way to work your back without impacting your arms..same with your chest.

I agree with the other recommendation about green tea and you can find supplements that contain it as well..I'm not particularly comfortable recommending fat burner products since there have been some pulled from the market or reformulated over the years. I would think by now, that the remaining products are fairly safe, but it's hard to say. I'm not sure there are significant differences between the effectiveness of each product even with varying ingredients.

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I would suggest switching as much as you can to whole wheat and continue doing cardio at least 30-45 in different speeds so u can kinda trick your metabolisim & burn more, maybe even have a cup of hot green tea after each meal..Last Sunday I started really sticking to this & by the middle of the week I had lost 3 lbs. Haven't checked if I gained or lost anymore since as I return back to the gym later. Good luck

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5/4/09 11:44 P

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Does anyone out there have some advice on some supplements I can take to speed up fat burn/muscle gain? And maybe something to help with a faster workout recovery? Any advice is appreciated.

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