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12/23/19 10:33 P

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Yes, I deal with anxiety issues, but I am also an empath and can pick up on people's emotions, especially the negative ones.

Consulting a doctor is a good idea when it comes on all of a sudden and had no prior episodes. It could be medicine and a whole other bunch of health problems.

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2/27/08 9:33 P

I forgot to say! Since balancing this diet thing and getting off the meds etc. I've found it 100% easier to lose weight. Partly I think it's just the conscious eating thing, but there's been a definite change for me in metabolism and my ability to feel like exercisng and to not eat for pleasure etc. It's like I don't use food as a mood drug anymore. If that makes sense?

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2/27/08 9:27 P

I would defintely check with a doctor, but I would also look at your diet etc. I'm in a study right now for people with GAD and diet, exercise and what drugs for other problems you take are major factors (surprisingly in some cases.) Make sure your b complex intake is good. Lots of things affect it. Certain medications like those for heartburn etc. interfere with absorbtion. Don't overdose yourself on supplements. Too much of B12 can make you twitchy. Keep your caffeine, ginseng etc. intake low. Try to avoid processed foods and watch out for all the stuff that has corn syrup in it.Sustained physical exercise of more than 15 minutes is a major help. Working on getting the rioght balance on all this has been a process -I didn't get it right immediately, but it's helped me manage my anxiety much better. I hate the drugs. They interfere with me working and half of them are addictive. Tracking my food has helped me pay attention to balance a lot.

Apparently b complex affect seratonin as well as several other neurochemicals that relate to anxiety. The study is trying to treat the problem from the base rather than throw additional chemicals at it. They're also doing genetic testing. A lot of what they have us doing is proprietary info that we sign a nondisclosure about, but some of the b complex stuff is on the net-you can research for yourself. Some other chemicals that affect it and possibly anxiety are certain allergy drugs. It's really interesting.

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2/26/08 11:17 P

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Last week I started having those annoying muscle spasms in my eye and it has continued to get worse. There has been alot of stress in my life and I usually hold up OK, but lately I feel overwhelmed and now those eye twitches. I feel a downward spiral into...I can't explain it but it feels dark. I think I need to contact my health care provider and get a referral to a doctor.

One quick question: What are some of the symptoms of Anxiety Disorder?

Another weird thing happened the other day. I was getting in the elevator with about six other people and I started to feel a panic attack. Really scared of the people in that closed in space. Usually I love people. That was strange for me. When I got out, I was covered in sweat and felt nauseous.

Also, Sunday night I had terrible nightmares to violent to explain and I felt like I was dying. I woke up (I guess, because I don't remember doing it) and got a box and started packing all of my valuables, jewellery box, collections, etc. In the morning I found the box in the bathroom. Guess I was sleep walking.

Oh, and I feel like crying alot. I just don't do it because I am trying to be full of Joy in the AM and enthusiastic.Does any of this sound familiar?


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2/26/08 10:46 P

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I used to, but thankfully I don't get them anymore. I never used medication, thankfully!

Just a mom of a toddler trying to lose the baby weight and more! Trying my best to get healthy!

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2/19/08 10:07 A

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Hi! Yes I have been dealing with it since I was about 14, and when I was on no medication I was very thin, but I was having panic attacks almost daily. It is a hard thing to do, manage the symptoms and the weight. I have had full blown panic attacks on the treadmill when my heart rate gets high, I think it is that same panicky feeling.

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2/19/08 5:10 A

Just wondered if anyone else struggled with anxiety disorder. Some of the medications can effect weight and some really mess with B complex stuff. I wondered what anyone else had experienced-also their experience with exercise and balancing diet and less medication

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