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11/20/09 1:34 P

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I am not sure if your stomach growling means your not getting enough calories, or if its just the time of night its used to eating at. But it is important to eat your calories for the day. So even if your worried about over eating, have a glass of low fat milk or a V8 (Watch the sodium), and count those for your calories, it is probably less likely to cause you to binge, and still provide some nutrition.

I am a student, so this works for me... but what I do is, I eat 200 calories every 2 hours. From the moment I wake up until 7pm at night (i like to do it on the odd hour, and stop eating by 8pm too). And then instead of having 200 calories at 7pm, I eat a meal. I always try to be mindful of what I am eating during that meal, but its the one time I don't sit out and measure everything. For more effective weight loss, it would probably be better to sit out and measure it. And just fit it into your calories for the day. But I always have it larger then my 200 calories... usually i would guess its between 300-500 because I like a good size piece of protein.

Anyway it keeps me full for the night, because its larger then what my stomach is used to eating (stop when your full though don't over ear it). And its really the one meal I cook every day since I am running around with school and my son.

The first few days are REALLY hard to get used to, you always feel hungry. Because 200 calories sample wise is not a lot. But after the few days, you feel like you are ALWAYS eating. And the two hours pass so quickly, and your not even that hungry.

But it keeps your metabolism going all day, and its better if you don't let yourself get hungry because there is less of a chance of you going on a binge.

Now most people recommend having breakfast as your big meal of the day. And I agree, but it just doesn't work for me. I am not a breakfast person. That doesn't mean I skip breakfast, it just means I save my bigger meal for the end of the day.

I have only been doing it for a week or two. But its working really well for me, and it has in the past as well, I just have fallen off due to stress before.


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11/18/09 9:26 P

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So I am trying to not eat after 8pm, however, I work till 10 at night and when I get home and by the time I go to bed, my stomach is growling horribly. I'm eating my 3 main meals a day plus a snack but I'm still under on calories (according to my nutrition tracker). I'm afraid if I eat more that I will just keep going but I know by not eating enough calories in a day my body can go into starvation mode and keep a hold on all my fat. I've never consumed under 1000 calories but I want to do this right. My doctor put me on phentermine as well...I haven't lost my appetite, however I get full on ALOT less. Just want a bit of advise from anyone who can help. Thanks!!

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