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7/3/09 2:19 P

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It's so tough, I know! I like to have treats and I keep them at home but I want a variety and it is sometimes tough for me to eat only one of the treats and not all of them! lol

Something that helps me is I set a one-treat-a-day limit for myself. When I go to have whatever treat it is, I ask myself "is this the one treat that I want for the day and do I want that treat right now?" (as opposed to some other choice of treat that day and I will want it later).
So, I make myself think about it instead of eating it. If the answer is yes, I have the treat. If I feel like having a treat later, I think to myself "I had my treat today". If the answer is no, I just say "you'll have a treat later".
At some point, you just have to think and make the decision to say NO to yourself. That's always the tough part! Don't bargain with yourself "'s only a few more calories, I'll have less tomorrow", etc.

Of course, some days I fail horribly (let's not even talk about yesterday lol).. but most days it works. And that's better than having too many treats every day!

Good luck, stay strong! :)

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7/1/09 11:19 P

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Hey there.

I totally understand what you are going through. There are always candies at my work and it was hard away to stay from them. This is why I did, I hope it helps.

First of all, I had to just accept the fact that they would be there. I was saying to myself, "Well, if everyone else can eat it, why can't I?" I got really really good at telling myself that they weren't there for me and just pretending that they were part of the decor, and not there for eating. Also, often I would bring my own treat that would last longer and what I brought was even better than what was in the office.

What is most important I think, is that you need to ask yourself why you want the candy. What are you feeling when you want the candy? Is it bordem? Is it sadness? We are learning here that it is important to not feed these feelings with food. It takes a long time, but I know you can do it.

Bottom line - if you really really want a serving of candy, have it. Don't deny youself something you want, because it just creates guilt. It's time to stop feeling guilty about food we enjoy! These treats do have a place in our diets, but we have to learn to enjoy the right portion.

Chocolate is a real trigger for me, but when I made a place for it in my diet, and "allowed" myself to have it, I felt good about my choice. I rarely felt the need to rebel and eat more because I was already doing something "wrong," so I might as well throw in the towel.

Also, it's fun to tell my friends that I have lost 30 lbs all while eating chocolate. I haven't had to "give up" anything.

Sorry to rant. Good luck! I know you can curb those cravings, girl!

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7/1/09 9:29 A

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As a fellow candy addict...I know how hard it is to seemingly deny yourself the pleasure you can find in your favorites. My newest and most pleasant discovery was to freeze starbursts. They are rock hard when cold and if you suck on them like hard candy you get the sweet kick without all the binge eating. Also, if you go to the library or someplace and get Eat This...Not That!! For Kids, they have the better for you candies in there, the low fat/no fat low sugar ones. The old school candy like sweet tarts and bottle caps are great for this purpose too! Good luck! makes people wonder

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7/1/09 1:19 A

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So I feel kind of bad, and ashamed of myself. I am surrounded by candy all day long at work. So far this week i've had too much candy. Today alone i've had a cookies in cream bar, some hot tamales and some Junior Caramels. I haven't ate the whole box in one sitting, but still. I don't know why i do this to myself. Fruit doesn't help me in the sweet factor. I need sweeet candy. Obviously i think i'm totally addicted, I just don't know what to do to stop this binge candy eating...

I figure i could put serving sizes in little baggies or containers, and then have my Fiance hide them and then dole them out to me daily. lol. haha

but that doesn't stop the candy eating at work.

I just don't know what to do.

Sorry i just had to vent, because i don't know why i do this to myself. I know i shouldn't eat a lot of it, i should have enough to satisfy me, but i just can't do it...


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