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4/8/10 1:43 P

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Wow...great info in these responses! I picked up a few tips! Thanks!

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4/1/10 11:04 P

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thanks ladies on your responses!! I searched a food list of protiens and complex carbs to post on my refrigertor. I am also going to look for my tape measurer, and concentrate on the 11 glasses of water I need to consume. Looking forward to taking a differant approach. Thanks again. emoticon

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4/1/10 9:52 P

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I too would say building muscle - You should go read my blog from a few days ago (actually 2 of my blogs, back to back days) One is "scales should be banned" and the other "wow!" (or something like that)

I track ALL my calories (I weigh all my food on a food scale and input) - and I have worked out more than ever before - and my weight has 1) stayed exactly the same and then 2) recently went up. I was bummed - but as my blog says, one day last week I saw myself in the mirror and wow, when I saw the muscles I was building - I was impressed with myself.

As for water - here is the formula so you know if you are getting enough.
Take your body weight, divide in half - that gives you the number of ounces you need daily. Take that number and divide by 8 - that will give you the number of glasses you need daily (round up to the next glass) - then add one full glass (8 ounces) for every 20 minutes of physical activity you are doing each day.

Good luck to you!

Oh and I wanted to ask, are you taking body measurements? If not, I strongly suggest doing so!!

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4/1/10 6:03 P

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Here are a few things that I do to help get the weight off.
1. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day. I keep mine around 3-400 calories each. This will help boost your metabolism.

2. Add some weight training with your running program. The more muscle you have the easier it is for your body to burn fat.

3. When eating a meal I try to pair a protein with a complex carb. Also try to get a lot of fiber into your diet as well.

4. Let yourself off the hook once a week and eat what you want as much as you want. I'm less apt to cheat on my food if I give myself one day a week that I know I can have pizza.

5. Your body will plateau, but keep up your healthy eating and exercise! It will come off.

Good Luck! I hope this helps!

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4/1/10 5:56 P

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My first thought would be that your body is hanging on to the weight to support the bfing.

I know some moms just don't lose weight easily when nursing because they need the extra weight for milk production.
Not exactly helpful but maybe a reason.

The other thought is that if you are building muscle it's common to gain a little weight before losing. Muscle weighs more than fat.

How long have you been exercising and cutting calories overall? A few months or a few weeks?

Has exercise been consistent? I know when I started exercising 3x per week I didn't lose much but when I went to 5x a week I dropped the weight a lot faster.

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4/1/10 5:13 P

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I started sparks early this year and I have not lost any weight, instead I have gained weight!!! I was hoping that it was cause of the wwi active program, and that eventually i would drop the weight. But now i am thinking its not going to happen. I need to change something, I need help figuring out what!
Here is my info:
1. Breastfeeding a 18 month old, she still nurses allot, on demand.
2. started running last week again, since then the scale has gone up some more!! I am burning allot of calories, today I burned 300 but the other days I burned 500-700 calories per run, I know that cause I wear a heart monitor.
3. For the most part I do drink allot of water, but I know there has some been days i don't drink allot. But for the most part I do consume quiet a bit.
before i started running I figured maybe i didn't need the extra 300 calories for bf, may that is why i gained 3-4 pounds. But now that I am running the weight has increased more! If anyone can help me out that would be awesome!!

ohh and I did adjust my calories burned in the fitness, I am allowed 1900 on the high end.

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