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6/19/12 12:22 P

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I didn't really start needing new clothes until after I'd lost 30 or 40 pounds; until then, my clothes were just a bit looser. But I agree, the plus sizes seem to have a lot more room in them for weight loss. I pretty much went from a 22/24 to a 16/18 Womens, to a 14/16 Regular, skipping the sizes in between. But from 14 Regular on, I've had to pitstop at every size. Plus, now, it seems like I go through sizes much faster -- I bought a pair of size 10 jeans that were a bit tight, and after only a week or two, they fit fine and now are a bit loose. I've had them a month.

So you'll be fine for a while, but invest in some good belts and learn where the good thrift stores are. If you're careful, you can find some good deals there for what I consider "temporary" clothing. Good luck!

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6/18/12 11:40 P

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I am kind of hoping it will work that way. I am on a really really tight budget and can't afford new clothes but can't afford not to do this right now. So the longer I can make these clothes work the better off I will be and the more time I have to save up for new clothes.

Also the scale isn't everything. The clothes may still fit but are your measurements the same as they were? Was it harder to stand and do the dishes or to bend down to tie your shoes? Did you need to lean on the cart more when shopping. We are so fixated on the scale we have stopped listening to our bodies. But your here now and WTG for you.

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6/18/12 3:19 P

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I gained a lot of weight and stayed in the same size clothing, mainly because there are no zippers and the fabrics are all forgiving... stretchy, and the 3x clothing doesn't have much shape to it --- not form fitting! Elastic waists are pretty forgiving!!! I think that I pack on weight all over, not just the waistline too....

With that said, I think it's possible to gain weight or stay at the same weight, but, be able to wear smaller sized clothing, because muscle composition is different than fat composition. I And, progress should be measured by both scale AND measuring tape.

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6/18/12 3:06 P

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I think the plus sizes have a lot more room in them - style is looser and longer...than smaller sizes - I had gained a lot of weight and still could stuff myself in my size 18's... but now at 47 pounds gone - the clothes are loose - some had to be given away - but some still look okay. I think if you had been a size 4 and gained that amount of weight you would have HAD to buy new clothes...

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6/17/12 1:15 P

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Well I had the opposite problem, I was losing weight but couldn't fit into smaller size clothes so I guess in a way we are the same. 16 months ago I weighed 250 and fit into size 4x and 5x clothes. I gained 50 pounds and still fit into the same size. As I've lost the same 50 pounds of course those same clothes still fit. Finally now at 60 pounds lost I've been able to suddenly drop to size 3x. I guess its all the way your body adjusts to the extra weight. My dr. says a lot of my fat was viseral fat stored inside my body. Be glad you don't have to buy bigger clothes because hopefully you won't be there for long. I have been looking at having to get new better fitting stuff and wow, things have gotten expensive when you are on a limited budget.

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6/17/12 12:13 P

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I didn't realize how much weight I had gained until we finally replaced the battery in our electronic scale after about 2 years. I thought I was doing OK because my clothes still fit. Sure, they were were a little tight, but when I purchased new clothes, they were in the same size. So when I finally stepped on the scale, thinking I was still in the 220-225 range and saw the 256? I was floored.

30 pounds heavier and the clothes still fit... I'm not a clothes horse; I buy clothing maybe 1x year because $$ is tight. However, I would think that as I gained weight, I would graduate to bigger sizes... I guess my body distributes weight differently, else I have a worse "muffin top" than I am willing to admit to. Granted, I layer my clothes so my sides are "hidden" but still...

Anyone else share this phenomena?

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