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10/1/17 10:41 A

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Our new habit for October is focusing on our Paper Clutter.

Letís take a look at our paper clutter ó one area at a time.

Piles of newspapers:

Did you know that by the time you get around to reading a day old newspaper that you would have heard most of it on the radio or TV. Instead of holding on to them so you can read when you get a chance, discard every day when the next paper comes. If you go two or three days without reading, save yourself some money discontinue these newspapers. You will be rid of the clutter and the guilt from not reading what you have paid good money for. Try reading on-line or listening to the public Radio. You will be surprised at how much news you pick up without even having to concentrate.

Baskets of unread Magazines:

We hate to part with our beloved magazines. We might actually need something we have seen or we might miss a good article. Bolognie! If we have seen something in a magazine, just go and try to find it again. You can see it in your minds eye, but there is no way you are ever going to find the magazine you saw it in. Without a Readers Guide, you are hopelessly lost. So why waste hours seaching for a picture, when you can go online and find your answer if you really need. it. If you receive magazines in the mail and you never open and read, then rethink this money you are spending each year on the subscription. If you have a basket of magazines that you hate to part with, it is easier if you do it on a weekly basis. This is why I purge magazines each week. I put them in my car and as I go about my week, I drop them off in different places that I go to. Meetings, Doctorís offices, car services centers, court houses, offices. Just think about having to wait in a waiting room with 5 year old magazines. How about getting your car worked on and there are only menís magazines. This is why I take the opportunity to get them out of my home and put them where they will be appreciated. Also If I have not read them, I take the time to do this before I leave them in the waiting rooms. One other thing I do, I have an exacto knife by my chair and a notebook with lots of sheet protectors. If I see an article that I want to keep or a picture for my want book, then I cut it out right then and there. It is my magazine. No one will miss it if I give it away. I have my book of my ďlikes and keepsĒ without having to spend hours searching for a certain magazine.

Junk mail:

Throw it away as soon as it comes in the house. It does not even deserve the right to enter your home. Throw it away, shred them or burn them. Be careful with those credit card applications we get daily in the mail. Tear out the name and numbers. I throw them in my fireplace.

Boxes of old school papers(from college or kids papers):

Do you still have a box full of papers from High school or college? Get rid of this stuff. It was another life. You are not going to need this stuff, the books or the papers with those grades. We had rather not remember. Now for your childrens papers. These are hard to part with, but let your children decide. If your children are grown, Give them back to them. Or save only a special one from each year for their scrapbook. Not every paper is a keepsake, believe it or not. If you save everything, that deminishes the value of those special ones. They get lost in the clutter.


Some of us are addicted to cookbooks and recipes. But how often do we use them. We dream of being this wonderful cook, but the truth is we cook the same ole things all the time. What happens when you want to find a recipe you saw in some magazine or some cookbook in your library or drawer of recipes. You canít find it! I have reduced the number of cookbooks that I have. Only the ones I love have I kept. Take them to the Humane Society Thrift Shop. So as you clear this clutter, make sure they are yours to give away.

Paperback books:

If you have read them, pass them on to someone else. Give them to the library.

Piles of unopened mail:

If you have not opened it in three months, then it is probably trash any way. Open the newest mail first and toss the old bills. Sometimes you can just look at the date and toss. Sort it over a trash can.

The list goes get the big picture. Let's tackle the paper clutter this month. Let us know what your fight with the paper clutter goes.

Marj. (British Columbia, Canada)

"The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you're not willing to stay where you are."

"Your body hears everything your mind says....stay positive"

"The hard part isn't getting your body in shape. The hard part is getting your mind in shape."
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