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1/8/08 4:35 P

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Just curious...What week are you in?? I'm starting at 173...with a goal of 160 by 3/1

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1/8/08 3:17 P

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I am making a concious effort every day to see how many colors I have after at each meal. Today I am sitting with carrots and cherries at my desk. I have them around and usually eat them for my midmorning snack and my afternoon snack. I am trying to incorporate as many colors as possible each day hoping that I will then get into a routine and make eating these fruits and veggies a habit. Yesterday was apples, red bell peppers, and a banana and then thre was salad at dinner.

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1/8/08 12:23 P

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I am tracking what I eat and cutting down on fats slowly. I'm trying to make gradual healthy changes and not somuch DIET. Its seems that word does me in and I give up. I am making healthier choices but I am trying to not stress on calories or carbs. Atkins was a bust for me.

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1/8/08 9:36 A

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What I am doing is using the food tracker daily. For the first couple weeks, I wasn't too concerned with what I ate as long as I tracked it. My goal was to truly see how much I ate. As time goes by I've noticed short comings and am now trying to balance it all, but not in an all or nothing mode. For example, I'm way short in protein. So for right now, I'm trying to focus on that. As a result, my total intake has been more consistent and ever so slowly creeping down. I've been also trying to stay with organic, wholesome foods, which can be difficult. I don't care for a lot of veggies, but I'm trying to eat the ones I do like more often.

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1/7/08 7:14 P

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Wow! What a wealth of information. And your plan is clearly working for you. I do eat whole grains and when I have bread, it's only natural ovens.
I'm excited...and already feel better.
Thank you all for your suggestions.

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1/7/08 6:35 P

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hi every one i start off my day with a 300-400 calorie breafast its the most important part of your day. also followewd by a 300 calorie lunch, 300 calorie dinner, mid-afternoon 100 calorie snack, and a late night snack 100 calorie. i dont eat no red meat ,no salt, no sugar and no fat.

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1/7/08 6:19 P

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First of all welcome and you are off to a great start!!!

I will share with you what has worked for me. I do not eat any bread,period. I do not eat any sugar, period. Most bread is mainly white flour and highly processed and enriched to make it "food". Sugar is what cancer cells grow on and it also suppresses your immune system. Remove it from your diet.

Eat whole grains in their "whole" state, ie oatmeal and other whole grain cereals. Get lots of good lean protein like egg whites, salmon, chicken. Eat a variety of raw veggis and non-high sugar fruits, as many as you can handle. Do not eat carbs after 1pm. Unless you plan on a strenuous,extended exercise such as a full game of basketball or an evening marathon dance contest. Eat 5 small meals per day. Protein shakes work well to add good protein with out all the bulk of a meal. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Stay away from diet drinks. Pick foods that you already eat that are good for you. Stick with what you know and add to that instead of trying completely foreign menu's.

Exercise twice a day. Do cardio, weight work and core strengthening. Have one day a week for rest from exercise, preferably Friday or Saturday; as your metabolism slows down on these days and your body will get a fuller more recuperative rest.

Find someone to work out with or at least to be accountable to about your food and exercise. Having that support makes all the difference.

Always keep in front of you why you are doing this. This will be your primary motivation to stay disciplined and on track. Also do not kick yourself if you mess up....just jump right back in where you were.

Have fun and watch the weight fall off around you.

In Messiah,

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1/7/08 5:46 P

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I am starting the program today. I've walked for 35 minutes and drank 8 glasses of water. My next step in preparation for tomorrow is to plan my meals. I have read every diet book and tried as many diets, and now I feel confused and scared to eat "reasonably".
I always have toast or oatmeal for breakfast and do better (controlled appetite and energy) throughout the afternoon when I have a substantial sandwich for lunch. As long as I stay within my total calorie limit with quality nutritious food, does it really matter that I have 3 servings of whole wheat grains a day?
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