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2/13/15 2:01 P

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I announced to the World, I made it out of Club 300, my last weigh-in 295 I have released 45 pounds from my body, since I started in Nov. 2014. I was happy, and excited as can be. I have my good days and my not on track days, but I am putting it in my tracker, so I can see the damage the calorie bomb did and correct it the next meal. I am up to walking 3-4 miles Daily, I strength train 3 Days a week, and I do Zumba for 1 hour 5 days a week. It is work, and I am eating more balanced meals, and planning my meals, snacks, and special treats. I have turned down Valentine Day Boxes of Candy, from my family and when they ask me why I said," If you don't want me to be in a box, don't give me a 5lbs box of candy." They laughed and said point taken. I did hint at them I love flowers, and fresh fruit, and veggie basket, and dry spices would be nice. Love yourself just as you are now, and others will see the respect you have for your body, mind, and spirit, and follow suite. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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2/13/15 11:46 A

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You guys are doing so awesome!!! Your poundage lost is inspiring!

Me--Well it is a slow but steady process, it is just the way my body works. The most I have lost in a week is 3 pounds, and I am ok with that. I have been losing interest in my DVD's so I have been just focusing on getting in my 5k steps per day, and trying to get my heart rate up. I am going to just force myself to do the DVD's 3 days a week instead of everyday. I get bored about half way through the new one which is 55 minutes. I might just go back to the 35 minute one--we will see. I am staying the course though this year, as I would like to be at my goal weight of 140 when I hit 40---I am 37 now. Giving myself time to do it the right way is key for me. When I try to do too much at once, I get overwhelmed and it doesn't happen. 200 by December 1st baby!!!!

Goal 1000 fitness minutes/month!

I may not be to the finish line yet--but at least I am in the race!

A healthy me is up to ME!!!!!

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2/13/15 11:29 A

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That is great Robbie and Bill!!! This week for me was great. I was in a funk for a few days last week and got kind of down on myself, but tracking my food really helped me to see that was part of the reason why I didn't lose as much weight as I expected too during the last few weeks.

I know though that there will be times when I will hit a plateau and not lose weight. I think I am beginning to accept this and just keep moving on!! I have to or I will end up gaining the weight I have lost back. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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2/12/15 2:38 P

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Robbie and Bill, that is so excellent! I'm really happy for and proud of you guys. This week has been a bit of a struggle for me as well. Last week our household was a little ill, and I didn't get much exercise in. I did lose some weight (I hit 10% loss on Monday) but since then I've been the same every day since. Lately the pattern has been lose a couple of pounds over a day or two, then stall on the same weight for 3-5 days, then repeat. A couple of weeks ago I was doing about 2-3 lbs every 2-3 days. This week I have been getting my workout DVD's in ( I missed 2 days over the weekend) and have not been able to get out and walk (it's been weeks) because of the weather. It won't be much over 20 the next couple of weeks, so I know I won't be out for a while. The last 2 days I have gone over my normal calorie intake by 100-200, but have still been under the low end of my allowable range (2000-2300). I'm also struggling with some physical limitations and it it frustrating the bujeezus out of me. I have tennis elbow on both arms, worse on the left. It's been getting better the last couple of months, but is a really slow and limiting process. I've also managed to strain something in my back while hauling firewood around (lift with your legs, kids). On top of that, I've got my hernia to contend with. It's my 4th (abdominal) and I've been living with this one for the last year or two. While it's not been hurting lately, it keeps me from doing some stuff I would like to.
Okay, complaining aside, I am so very ready to do all that it takes to drop this weight, and stay on track. I've been doing exceptionally well (who would complain about 34 lbs in just about as many days?) I just get frustrated (and strangely, motivated) by the slow progress.

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2/12/15 1:12 P

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Robbie~ Posted on your blog and saw you posted here too so I will paste it here too.

Glad to see you back. I just hit the 50 lb lost mark this morning which got me super excited. I think it is only natural to have off days but getting back in the saddle quickly is so much better than giving up. I didn't get fat in a day so poor eating for a few days might ruin my weeks weigh in but I won't let it stop me.


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2/12/15 12:42 P

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Robbie, on those really horrible days you must weigh in and track! I find when I do that two things happen, I realize it was worse in my mind then it is on paper and it motivates me to get back on track. Good for you for pulling it together, I'm struggling to get going myself only down 5 lbs YTD, but I'm better off then I was Jan 1. For me the first 10-15 lbs seem to be the hardest and I have to keep reminding myself of that. Lisa

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2/12/15 12:28 P

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How are you guys doing? It's been a few days and I haven't been to active on sparks, it has been a tough trying week or so. I fell off track last week and then this week in the first four days came back with a vengeance. I tend to sweat the small stuff and it is something I need to work on. All last week I binge ate and it was all fast food and buffets. On Sunday I was determined to break the rutt and kick some butt! I did not weight last week because I was so scared of the number but I knew it would be bad! Today I went to the Dr. for my monthly Weigh in for my surgery and I had a double digit weigh in. That was fun. The last few days have not been though, I have kicked it into high gear to make up for it and I did! I am now down to 438. An 11 lb loss really stoked, the weight is coming off good. I get down and sabotage myself sometimes but for the most part it is a steady linear decline! Total weight loss so far is 39 lbs. Really excited cant wait to lose more weight! So my Question for you guys today is this how is your loss? How are you doing?

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