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2/23/14 5:01 P

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In my own life, I notice that my problems come from taking to one extreme or the other. Either lots of junk in huge portions, or super strict dedication to healthy foods only. Ultimately, neither proved to be healthy for me.

This time around, I'm trying to practice the "All things in moderation" approach. Yes, it's important to make sure that nutritional needs are met- but if there isn't a little breathing room and fun in there, I know that I won't stick with it. I'll grow resentful and eventually give up and go back to being a glutton- because telling myself I "can't" have something just makes me want it more! I don't want to do the crazy flip-flop thing anymore!

So now I try to keep mostly healthy foods in the house, but I enjoy indulgent foods once in a while too. In moderation. Yesterday at a party I ate mostly veggies and hummus, but I did enjoy ONE mini chocolate cupcake. I felt satisfied and proud of myself for keeping it healthy, and I don't worry about whether or not I can keep it going forever. I know I can because nothing is off limits.

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2/23/14 4:48 P

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I try to be strict, especially in the beginning when I'm building my willpower. But whenever I go out to McDonald's I usually eat kid's meals or dollar menu anyway.

My big issue is with not eating. Unless we're out of the house (in which case we eat out), I will skip meals all day... spend all day drinking coffee. I might eat once during the day. And then have a HUGE supper, or eat an entire bag of chips or Smartfood popcorn AS supper. I need to plan better.

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2/23/14 2:31 P

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The biggest issue I see with fast food is the amount of carbs and fat in everything and I mean everything. Occasional I don't think it's wrong, but I believe in moderation not going without. It's the really world once in awhile I will want ice cream so I will have a little.
It's learning about moderation and balance.

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Each day is about moderation, motivation and making the best choices for yourself.

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2/23/14 2:13 P

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I know fast food can be eaten as a splurge and can even be well within our colorie ranges, but I'll tell ya what, after getting away from all the junk food, then one random day i splurge and my tummy was a swirling and I felt queasy! Its, nutritionally,no where near the equivalent of the healthier things I'd been eating and it gets me to wondering just what is in that fast food that can make me feel that gross. Ya know? There are definitely some fast foods I am so done with now, which I never thought possible. So they can keep their fast food diets. I'll stick to my healthier food (with occasional healthy splurge) and get All the nutrients I need.

RK- - - - -

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2/23/14 12:31 P

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according to my last physical, I may have over 100 pounds to lose, but all my blood work came back well within acceptable ranges. Over the last year (Jan 28th 2013 to Jan 29th 2014 - and I didn't really start exercising/dieting until January 2014), I got my Cholesterol down to acceptable numbers and lowered my LDL numbers to acceptable ranges. In that time period, I had also gained and lost weight to the point that my weight was the same when I went to the doctor.

So, am I healthy? According to my physical, I am. But I still have work to do on the weight loss side. Do I still eat McD's? yup...but a whole lot less often than I used to. I pack my lunch more often, but I still go out to lunch with co-workers, once a week. And we have a standing dinner outing once a month for wings. Am I going to stop doing that? Hell no! But I don't eat so much, and I make better choices at lunch. Everything in moderation, even weight loss and exercise, for a healthy life.

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2/23/14 10:24 A

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Changeola, I had the same problem when I stopped at McDs last week! I was so proud of myself for getting a mighty kids meal and feeling full afterward that I thought, "well, great, I can indulge without falling off the bus," but then I had really bad stomach problems afterward. It will definitely make me think twice about stopping again! emoticon

I have the attitude of, I live in the real world with all this food, I'd rather have a little of something I like rather than never having my favorite snack ever again. So I have a half teaspoon of sugar in my coffee each morning. I know white sugar is bad, so I literally measure it out with a measuring spoon. And that's it!

Now if only I could do that with Cool Ranch Doritos....


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2/8/14 4:09 A

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There were some very good points made here; nice thread discussion for sure emoticon

I have been on a serious weight loss journey for awhile before joining SP and if there is one thing I know, it is this: Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you. You notice that these people ate horribly but kept to a certain amount of calories? We all know calories in vs.calories out works. Heck I have a co-worker who eats nothing but beefaroni from a can mind you, soda and a mcdonalds breakfast 5 days of the week and a few other things and has lost over 60 pounds. Is she healthy? According to her last physical: no.

A lot of people (including my co-worker) don't want to diet because they think they are going to be stuck in the "diet box"; where you only eat broccoli, chicken, greek yogurt etc. This isn't the case. I still enjoy my meals immensely and I don't suffer a lick. I had McDonald's last week (paid the cost stomach discomfort wise so I probably won't do it again) and was well within my calories. I love taking my favorite dishes and making them calorie friendly. I have never eaten greek yogurt; don't care to. My friends can tell you that each time they eat my food that they can't believe its healthy and low in calorie. Moderation is not my friend because I have food addiction issues with a tendency to overeat so I make what I like as healthy as possible.

All of this is to say that you can eat whatever you want and lose weight BUT will it be something that you can maintain or do for the rest of your life? Are you willing to lose weight but possibly suffer health issues because of it? I'm not. This is the same reason why I don't eat chicken and broccoli everyday lol; who is going to do that 365, 24/7 for the rest of their life? Not this sparker. emoticon

"The road to success is never straight. It bends, loops, and twists. Knowing this will help you navigate wisely."

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2/6/14 7:41 P

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There is nothing wrong with each their own. Im not gonna live on brown rice boiled chicken and broccoli all the time, that's why I do weight watchers. I can eat what I want, and plan ahead for splurge foods. I tell myself the little debbie snack cake isn't good for me...but it sure tastes YOUR NOT CRAZY ! =)

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2/6/14 6:32 P

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" it's not the food industry that's making us fat, it's our choices. And that you don't have to give up all of your favorite foods in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, you just have to practice moderation when indulging"

This part I agree with. I do feel that we need to allow ourselves our favorite foods now and then.

I do believe (in terms of weight loss only! Weight loss is NOT the equivalent of health! Anorexic's lose weight....are they healthy? Certainly not! The people that did this, are taking so many risks with their health that it's ridiculous! Self-abuse even.

Now, I still have soda sometimes, but I buy it now and then, and 99% of the time, I will only buy a 20oz. And it's diet (arguably better than sugar filled, depending how you side on the aspartame debate). I no longer keep it in the house, even for company, because if it's here, I drink it. I do go out and have Mc D's or Burker King sometimes. I don't do it often and I still try and stay within my calorie range. I have had weeks where I consumed a supersized big mac meal and still lost weight. Some people would argue this isn't ok. I say, we all know ourselves. I know myself in that if I forced myself to give up all fast food, I would go on the binge of all binges when I finally cheated! So for ME I focus on the four things that SparkPeople helps us track. Calories, Carbs, Fats & Proteins. You can help yourself a lot in the fast food area by skimping on the fries.

I can't say that what I do is "right". I only know that it works for me.

I also know that if I did do it the way more disciplined people do it, then I would be losing weight much faster.

Remember that when you are consuming those foods all of the time, you are not getting the nutrients your body needs and you are putting bad things in to your body. Raising your risk for heart disease and clogged arteries and the list goes on and on. (Which is why those people were as Severina said in need of some mental help! lol)


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This is a tough one. I am not all about the whole grain rice ... nor am I 100% against going to Mcdonalds I do everything in moderation and just focus on staying in my calorie range. I have not been working out lately so I know that is Partly why I have not been dropping the weight right now but I am slowly working on getting back into it one day at a time. Now I am not saying eating Mcdonalds every day is healthy for you but they have found that just as many people who eat organic meat whole grains ... drop dead daily you body needs a mixture of everything.

*** Sharleen ***

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2/6/14 6:04 P

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Trust me, I totally understand difficulty with moderation (don't get me started on Cool Ranch Doritos, I can't keep them in the house), that's one of the many reasons I'm here, I've never been good with it. And I certainly don't advocate eating at McDonald's or the gas station with any kind of regularity. These articles just spoke to me I guess because I see so many weight loss success stories or articles on celebrity diets that look at a day in these individuals' diets, and they all seem to say the same thing...Greek yogurt for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and broiled chicken for dinner...and it made me wonder if that really is the magic formula, that's what you have to eat to be thin/healthy, or if it's possible to branch out to something a little less boring and still reach your goals.

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2/6/14 5:51 P

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I get it. I love the thought that anything can be eaten and you can lose weight...IF you eat it in moderation. However, many of us in have an issue with the moderation part. Anyone who has more that 100 pounds to lose probably has an issue with moderation. I severely limit my carbs to curtail a food addiction to junk. I went from mid November to early January with no issues. I thought I could enjoy a snack in moderation. Well, needless to say, once I started I couldn't stop. While I agree with the premise of these experiments, I couldn't eat at McDonalds for a month and keep myself on that kind of calorie budget. I also can't stop before finishing the entire family sized bag of Doritos. But, maybe that is just me.

That is not to say that you can't allow yourself a serving in your calorie budget. As long as you can stop at a serving, it is a great idea.

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My name is Chakara, I live in Ohio.

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2/6/14 5:37 P

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Well obviously, but the point these two people were making with their experiments was that it's not the food industry that's making us fat, it's our choices. And that you don't have to give up all of your favorite foods in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, you just have to practice moderation when indulging.

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2/6/14 4:58 P

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Danielle, in my opinion those people need help, mentally, who choose to eat such foods. Our bodies need certain nutrients in order to function properly.

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2/6/14 4:35 P

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Has anyone else seen these articles lately about people losing weight by eating nothing but fast or junk food? There was a science teacher who lost 37 lbs in 3 months eating only McDonald's but making sure he ate no more than 2000 calories a day and walking for 45 minutes every day. Then in another case, a nutrition professor ate nothing but junk food (Twinkies, Doritos, anything made by the diminutive Little Debbie), but no more than 1800 calories a day, and lost 27 pounds. Both of them reduced not only their weight but also their bad cholesterol.

Now I'm not planning to give up my new healthy eating habits in favor of an all Ho-Ho diet, but it just makes me wonder if maybe we all put a little too much pressure on ourselves to only eat the brown rice, boiled chicken, and broccoli that all the magazine success stories tell us we're supposed to. Maybe a DingDong every now and then isn't so bad, as long as we keep it within our calorie count.

Am I crazy? (You don't have to say it if I am)


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