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1/26/13 12:52 P

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I am new to the group. But I have a lofty goal of loosing just over 100#'s, But in the short sceme of things. I am hoping to do short term goals of 10#, then 15#, and so on.

My biggest challenge is my eating when I am depressed or not feeling the best. Long leraned from when I was young.

The second is continuing to exercise, I started this past Dec. and have been going everyother day... though am debating starting to go every day as I do not get any other exercise while at home.

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1/24/13 3:06 P

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Agreed. If you exercise then by all means eat at the top of your calorie range! You need that fuel to make your workouts WORK for you!

I put my goal weight and date....Although I'll be honest and I dont focus on the long term weight goal. Like you I well feel very overwhelmed and the urge to binge will come at me full force. So instead I focus on 10 pounds at a time. I do NOT givemyself a date or a time line. I try to have some kind of a loss every week. HEALTHY is 0.5-2 pounds a week. So far I've hit about 2 pounds a week. I know as I loose more those numbers will probably drop down to a pound a week! That's a lot though.

Right now my calorie range is 1470-1810 and most days I'm right in the middle, normally about 1550-1750 depending on how hard I worked out. Today I will probably be a little closer to topping out because I did a HUGE workout. I need to eat a lot of protein and calcium today to help my muscles recover.

Just take it ONE day at a time, dont focus too hard on the long term, and CELEBRATE a daily goal. Celebrate by putting on a little extra make up to go to the store, wear your heels to pick up the kids, do something to make you feel good about yourself today!


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1/23/13 10:27 A

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I use to allow the Spark system to set my goals but it was just too high of a calorie rage. So now i just say what i want to weigh by a certain date and it adjusts my calories. Sometimes i will just manually put in what i think is good. BUT i never allow myself to eat less than 1500 calories. I burn in exercise almost 800-1000cals a day so i need to eat a bit more.

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1/23/13 10:20 A

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When I started here on Spark, I let the system set my weight loss time line for me. I got a TON of calories and it was hard to eat all of them. So, I decided to change my goals to be more aggressive. It really felt like I had too many calories before. I was under almost every day. So, it seemed very reasonable that adjusting my goal to lose the weight faster would be easy.

Now the top end of my range is about where I was eating before making the adjustment, but it feels harder. Before, my range was 1750 to 2000 or something like that and now it's 1230 to 1580. I think I adjusted too much. I am not any hungrier than I was before, but I feel a mental compulsion to stuff my face.

I was sitting in the bathtub the other night and realized that if I follow the new plan, I'll need to lose 75 pounds by June to be on goal. That seems impossible to me. It seems like I can't even come close to that, so why even try. Once that thought ran through my mind, the urge to binge came right back with full force.

But I know... it's all my head. Spark wouldn't let me set that goal if it wasn't healthy. I am eating plenty of food each day, but knowing that there's this limit out there is driving me nuts. I feel like I shouldn't be eating at the top of my range. I feel like it's wrong to consume all my calories for a given day.

As I'm writing all this, I wonder what's wrong in my head that I feel this way? Why don't I believe I can succeed? Why do limits make me feel like I'm trapped?

All this being said, I am going to adjust my goals again to be somewhere in the middle of what's driving me nuts now and what was too much food before.

How do you set your goal? How many pounds do you aim to lose per week?

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