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4/8/12 6:55 P

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... you're comfort eating... you're giving yourself little hugs with every morsel of food... instead, do something else to nurture and comfort yourself: give yourself a manicure, a pedicure, a mini facial, pluck your eyebrows, brush your teeth, slick on some lipgloss and a little spray of perfume... anything that temporarily makes you feel better is better than seeking out the cakes if it isn't really cake you want... .

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3/30/12 8:35 P

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Maybe time out for yourself and meditation would help when you feel stressed. I try to 'close the kitchen' after dinner so I don't feel as tempted. Raising kids is a tough job - all the best to you.

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3/25/12 4:30 P

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I know exactly how you feel... When kids are loud or fighting sometimes I am just mechanically grabbing food. I loved that advice about replacing eating in those situations with some other type of activity. It really helps! I am not so sure about replacing snack with dried fruit: once I started calorie counting, I realized that one date has 25 calories in it, dried pineapple is even worse I think. So basically I can have one for a snack, and I used to eat that by packages! Cut up veggies is a nice idea, because you just grab it quickly and it takes a while to chew. If indoor cut the fruit up for my kids and children, it just sits in the fridge, ignored by everyone. People optimize and grabbing chips or candy is fast and satisfying, so it happens a lot!

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3/25/12 1:12 P

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If you are the one who does the grocery shopping, just buy healthy foods. Buy plenty of veggies and fruits, cut them up ahead of time for snacks, so when you get upset and have little time, you can grab some cut up celery and ranch or some baby carrots, or a banana, etc. This wont solve the emotional eating, but at least if your going to eat, youll take in less calories and get more nutrition from what you are eating. If you plan ahead, and take a few extra mintues to prepare, you will see some positive results.

I am grateful for my life and the challenges it brings. Every challenge is a new opportunity to grow, learn, and get closer to my goals.

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3/25/12 8:29 A

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Husband is home and adding tasks for you? (Have you communicated how much stress this adds?) I've been single parenting for years, so I don't have that added irritation anymore :-), but I'd recommend some discussion with him about the fact that you could use some help in the evenings--or at very least, try not to pile more on? As for the babies, not sure of their ages, but at a certain point, I started taking time-outs for myself... walk away from the situation (they will survive without you for 5-10 minutes).

Here's the key: instead of hitting the kitchen like your habits tell you to, replace that response to stress with something healthy.... Lock yourself in your room and do a Spark video (just one short one) or take a brisk walk around your house. Chances are you'll have had a minute to calm down, you'll feel happy you spent that minute constructively in a healthy manner (and won't have the added "guilt" from snacking contributing to your stress), and might be able to tackle the kid situations with a little more ease??

I hope this is helpful. Behavior replacement therapy seems to work for me--just replace the snacking with something else, and if you do that consistently for a period of time, THAT will be your new habit. :-)

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3/24/12 1:12 P

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I can't possibly imagine what it's like to be a parent. The only thing I can say is get the unhealthy snacks out of your house and try to eat healthy snacks instead like apples or other fruit and nuts. Try to keep things as organized and stick to routine as much as possible with the kids to reduce the stress level for everyone. Hope this helps and good luck.

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3/23/12 9:58 P

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stress is what makes me eat. my children start crying/ fighting/ and more . my husband asks me to do this or that. i feel overwhelm at time. and food become my comfort
what to do to get out of these traps

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