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2/28/12 8:43 P

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I'm a mom of twins too... 6 year olds. And I'm brand new to sparkpeople so I don't have a success to share with you yet. I'm still learning my way around and I'm trying to figure out how I want to use this site and what sort of goals I have for myself. Just wanted to tell you I can relate to the twin-belly thing. I'm 5'9", 180 pounds... my belly has a bulge. I don't think it will ever go away. My friend, who also had twins, ended up getting a tummy tuck and said her self esteem sky-rocketed.

You're not alone!

2/24/12 11:14 P

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Dr. Oz did a show this week all about belly bulge and gave tips on ways to flatten and reduce your tummy. Check out his facebook page for the tips. The eblly has always been my trouble area as well, I have seen small improvements, just lately. I am finding that for me at least, it is not just eating low calorie, it is how i am combining my foods for best absorbsion. Getting each of my five meals to be balanced.

I am grateful for my life and the challenges it brings. Every challenge is a new opportunity to grow, learn, and get closer to my goals.

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2/24/12 10:09 A

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Hi there!! I think the one thing that I would say is that women generally tend to keep weight on in our bellies, i think it is a hormone thing. If you are losing everywhere else, and seem to be just keeping the belly, I want to tell you a story....and this is not to typical, but I have seen it actually a couple of times in my sister even had it, so it is that when you get a huge belly at the end of your pregnancy, your rectus abdominus (aka your six pack muscle) it can actually is not painful and most women don't even realize it till they are as thin as they can get and still have a "pooch". This is what happened to my sis. She is 5'1 and maybe 106 lbs and she still had that darn belly and I checked her out and felt that this could be her problem. Well, she went to her ob/gyn and it turns out it was!!!! Of course I would not run right to your ob to get it checked, but maybe at your next yearly you could mention it and have it ruled out.. Again I want to stress that this is not the typical reason we have pooches, I have one too, but find that as I reach my body fat goals, it does seems to go away!! But as soon as gain even a couple of pounds, that is the first place I notice it!!! I hope this helps and doesn't frek you out, it is really not a big deal!!! :)

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2/23/12 9:34 P

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Need some help ladies!!!! I am a mom of 2.5 yr old twins. I was fat before the pregnancy so this is not all in relation to just the twins. I have always carried the bulk of my weight in my belly. I am 5'11 with no but and chicken legs!!! I started my weight loss journey January 2011 at 202 pounds and am now hovering between 159 and 162 depending on my eating for the week. I was a smoker and couldnt even fast walk a mile and now I can make it 5+ miles running!!! I try to stick to 1800 calories and am fairly successful at it most days but do eat a lot of under 100 calorie snacks or atkins type chocolate things to get by.... I work out 6 days a week and sometimes twice a day..I do interval running sprints and weights and on the days I do two workouts, I do a bootcamp type class at the gym. Food is my issue and I have definitely cut calories to lose what I have lost but am nowhere near perfect!!!

So what I need to hear from moms of multiples or people who have had a very fat stomach and lost weight: IS IT EVER POSSIBLE TO LOSE THIS BELLY? Not necessarily to get 6 pack abs but just no bulges!!! My belly is huge and flabby---and I know it is not all skin but I feel like nothing is happening with it...I know I cant spot reduce but do situps in addition to the weights and cardio. going down another 400 calories seems to be the only thing that could work but will it? I dont know if I can either! I feel like I am just barely getting by on 1600-1800 a day. I love the rest of me now like I never have before...but I want this belly gone! please give some stories or motivation that it can be done. Im feeling desperate and just ready to give up. I know this isnt the answer!!!! any suggestions on diet, specific exercises? Thanks in advance!

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