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2/10/11 7:27 A

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I've just accepted the fact that I will have extra skin in my tummy when I'm done. I was 320 lbs at my heaviest, I was fat ALL my life, and I keep all my weight there. Oh well!

I have a friend who lost over 150 lbs over the course of a few years. She did a LOT Of strength training and I think it made a difference. She definitely had extra skin (she was like me, very overweight for her entire life prior to the weight loss...) and I think at some point it's unavoidable. However, I watched during the course of last summer when her "batwings" shrunk by at least an inch and a half. I don't think she had lost a lot more weight over the course of the summer, but had rather just kept up with her strength training and let nature take it's course. I was just starting my fitness kick so I have to admit I paid close attention to her skin- watching it spring back was really encouraging for me. I no longer worry about my own skin nearly as much!


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2/6/11 10:23 P

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I lost an outrageous amount of weight after my last baby. A lot of it was because of all the fluid I had while pregnant. (I had toxemia.) Once the baby was born I dropped almost immediately 50 pounds. (but I had gained a great deal as well.) I had drastic skin hanging in the front, but now that I am loosing weight the slow way, exercising, and drinking lots of water I can see some of it going away. I will definitely look into the Omega-3 and fish oil. What can't hurt could also possibly help! Thanks for the info and together we will make it!! =)

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2/6/11 11:00 A

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I once tried slim4life. They gave you a bunch of pills to take, and one of them was an Omega3 pill. I didn't know what it was for, but they told me it was to help with skin elasticity. l would try to find some cheap omega3 or fish oil pills at walmart or something. Or maybe finding a multivitamin with high levels of omega3 to help lessen the amount of lose skin.

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1/24/11 1:28 P

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I've been wondering the same thing, thanks for posting this thread!

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1/23/11 6:38 P

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From what I gather there's several different factors that contribute to loose skin/avoiding it. Some you can fix, some not so much.

First, the things you can't change:

1) Age. The younger you are, the less likely you are to get loose skin. Unfortunately you can't go and change your age.
2) How long you've been overweight. If you've been overweight for 6 months to a year you have a better chance of avoiding loose skin than if you've been overweight 20 years.
3) How much you have to lose. Obviously, the more you have to lose the more likely you are to get the loose skin.

NOW for some things you can control:

4) How fast you lose the weight. The slower, the better.
5) Drinking water. The more water you drink, the better.
6) Method of weight loss. If you do it just by food you're more likely to have loose skin than if you do it with exercising, especially strength training. Muscle seems to help a lot with this.

I can't control the first 3 at all, so I'm working hard to make sure I do 4 5 and 6 right, so hopefully I can avoid the dreaded loose skin.

Good luck!

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1/23/11 3:52 P

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I've lost 102lbs over the course of a year, and I have drank LOTS of water (we are talking over 100+ ounces a day but then again I exercise a LOT) and I don't really have any loose skin issues. I do have some batwings but they are getting better as well as my stretch marks aren't as bad anymore either.

A fellow member at Curves wanted surgery for hers, but the doctor told her he wanted her to drinks lots of water and take time to see if it goes back on it's on.

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1/13/11 9:41 A

I read that it can take up to 2 years for skin to adjust to a large weight loss. Losing it slowly definitely helps the process. It mostly depends on genetics and how much weight you have to lose (how stretched the skin is to begin with) becuase it is based on collagen/cellular structure. Things like making sure you are hydrated/moisturised keeps skin healthy and at its best but wont prevent loose skin. Exercise gives toned muscles and reduces jiggle under the skin, but wont firm the skin itself or reduce the amount of skin you have that once covered a larger body.

My plan? First worry about getting the weight off in a healthy way. If I can maintain my loss for 2 years and the loose skin has not improved, or is making life difficult in some way, then look into getting it removed!

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1/12/11 11:52 P

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I had pretty bad bat wings when i first started and noticed that as I started losing weight they were getting more offensive. But then I looked the other day and they've firmed up a bit. You definitely need to allow your body the chance to keep up with you.
I completely agree that the health benefits completely out weigh the aesthetics. Having said that though I wouldn't rule out surgery if it's a problem when I reach my goal

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1/10/11 10:45 P

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I am also just starting my weight loss journey...again...but i take msm. Its a vitamin that is suppose to help make your skin firmer. Not a miracle pill i am sure, but couldn't hurt. If it works great!! If it doesn't, it didn't hurt a thing. Just google it!

And yes, i feel the same as runtofindme, i will deal with the excess because i have 120 all together to lose because the rewards of losing are so much greater!!

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1/3/11 10:57 A

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I also have this concern. Especially with so much weight to lose. I hoping that with plenty of strength training/toning that I can prevent some of it. But I completely agree with RUNTOFINDME, being healthy at this point in my life way over weighs the extra loose skin.

- Amy

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1/3/11 9:01 A

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There are things you can do to help like drinking water, daily moisturizers, and toning but it depends on how much you have to lose and your shape before losing. You can't expect to lose 200 pounds and not have lose skin but if you are only losing 50 pounds your not likley to have extra skin. I refer to my arms. I had bat wings before I lost any weight and I have now lost 125 pounds and still have the said bat wings. They are not going to go anywhere no matter how much I moisturize, tone or water I drink. But this is what you have to remember...heart disease, diabetes, stroke, social outcast, uncomfortableness in your own body or healthy with a little extra skin. You pick:)

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1/3/11 5:04 A

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This is relevant to my interests. I keep thinking with how big I am that I will have loose skin no matter what...not to mention the stretch marks.

But yes! Lots of water, lots lots lots. Moisturize daily and maybe try Bio Oil like I am? I still plan to save up and get *covered* in tattoos. heh

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1/3/11 3:14 A

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I have heard time and time again that you have to lose weight slowly. I dont think that is the only way though because I have known a handful of people who lost a lot of weight fairly quickly through the use of LOTS of working out and they did not seem to have the loose skin issues of my one friend who did the low carb diet and lost a lot but did not do much strength training at all or toning exercise throughout, or my cousins aunt who had gastic bypass but again, no toning. I think toning exercised and strength training along with lots of water could certainly help things..oh and cocoa butter!

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1/2/11 11:27 P

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A friend of mine who lost 100 lbs over the course of the last 2 years says the best ways are to be sure you're losing the weight slowly and organically (1-2 lbs a week), and to drink lots and LOTS of water to help skin maintain its elasticity. That's not spoken from my personal experience though - I'm still at the beginning of my weight-loss journey. Hope that helps!

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1/2/11 10:17 P

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is any way to lose weight and prevent having the loose skin afterward? Any examples of techniques or exercises?

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