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6/14/17 3:00 A

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The issues you have described will likely reduce when you have lost a fair bit of weight. For me it took about 50lb weight-loss before my bloods because normal. I have never had a problem with BP, for which I was very grateful.

You mention being on the Ornish Diet. Is it possible that you are not getting enough protein into your food? It generally suggests people eat vegan, and for a lot of people leaving all meats/fish/poultry/egg can leave a person feeling hungry. The other thing that you need to ensure is that you are getting enough fats into your diet. This type of diet is often very low in fats, but healthy fats are good for us for health and also for helping to keep hunger at bay.

Do you weigh all of your food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker? If you don't I strongly suggest that you do so because then you will see if/where you need to tweak.

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6/13/17 10:09 A

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Do Not Be Discouraged. All things are possible.
I don't agree with the once on meds always on meds. You can do it with diet and lifestyle of course. Doctors often do not see beyond the medication. Some think that they can just toss a pill and make it all better. It is hard work - changing the way you look at food and what you put into your body.
Do some research on what side effects the STATINS have on your body. You will choose GOOD FOOD over Statins every time. I have seen people nearly crippled by them and then given more pills to offset their pain. It is a vicious circle.
You might want to read this book...Full of wonderful EASY suggestions on lowering your cholesterol...

I am sorry for the loss of your father. My prayers are with you and your family.

People lose weight at different rates. But YES diet and exercise will get you to your goal at a rate that is right for you.

Hang in there.. Get all the information you can.. There is a ton of it here on Spark People and know that there are many of us with similar problems that are fighting a good fight to be HEALTHY AND HAPPY. We are here for you. emoticon

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6/13/17 9:22 A

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I don't buy once on meds always on meds for folks in our situation. Here's the deal, you largely have lifestyle diseases. Change your lifestyle and you can reverse your diseases. The key is you have to desire your new lifestyle and the "sacrifices" it may entail more than anything else. So don't be discouraged, look forward to a new lifestyle; look where you're current one has gotten you?

I put the term "sacrifices" in quotes because once you embrace your new lifestyle (healthy foods & exercise) you'll realize it's no "sacrifice" at all. I am RX free and loving it! I don't miss milkshakes, fried chicken or sweets one bit.

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6/13/17 9:07 A

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Saw the dr. yesterday and found out that simvastatin is not completely controlling my cholesterol and it is still too high. Also found out that the diuretic I was taking for my BP is not lowering it enough. To make matters worse, my blood sugar was a little elevated back in April. The good news is that (blood sugar) is based on April blood work and my diet has changed since then so maybe it will be OK. She (the doc) says I should feel hopeful b/c all these new problems--BP, cholesterol, blood sugar are "diseases of obesity" and can be reversed. I guess she should know: she's lost 150 lbs. herself with a good 75 to go. I've been eating like a pig the past month. I've started on the Ornish diet and it seems to make me hungry all the time. I've been more concerned with working the program rather than portion control or losing weight. And I've lost 6 lbs.! It was probably more like 8. I went completely off diet this past week when I went to my dad's funeral--Mexican food, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, you name it. It can take me a month to lose 5 lbs. but I can easily gain 2 lbs. in a weekend. Has anyone out there reversed high cholesterol and BP by losing weight and exercising? She says it's possible but I have a friend who says that, once you're on medication, you are on medication for good.

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