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7/23/15 8:27 A

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I take a statin drug & have always had problems with them, terrible muscle cramps...Since I had a heart attack, my cardiologist won't hear of me stopping them & every time I do, my level soars up to 275...I take magnesium for the cramps, & take Co-Q10 for the liver (300 mg). I also take Red Yeast Rice & eat a plant based diet. Even with all that mine stays above 200. I do not know what the answer is!


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7/21/15 7:14 P

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I am never surprised when people report 'weird' reactions to cholesterol meds.. The book CHOLESTEROL DOWN.. puts it pretty simple...10 steps... You might enjoy this link. It spells it out and you can always pick up a copy of the book at Barnes and Noble or local book shop

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

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7/21/15 5:44 P

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I was on statin for years but started getting cramps in my legs so bad I'd scream some times. Felt like my muscles would just rip in two. So I've stopped. I still get cramps (I have kidney disease) but they aren't very painful, more of a nuisance.

I haven't looked at that diet you're on yet but I've never heard of one that doesn't allow you fats. The body needs them. Since the FDA has said diet doesn't influence cholesterol levels in the blood that much I'm surprised your doctor would put you on such a rigorous diet.

But if you read how the liver puts out and takes up cholesterol you'll understand why eating things like oatmeal, pectin, and plant sterol help lower blood cholesterol levels. In fact, there are cholesterol lowering pills that don't have statins in them. I can't believe your doctor hasn't talked to you about them. Have you read what WebMD and the Mayo Clinic has to say about it. There's a lot of good info there.

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7/21/15 3:52 P

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I have been on every statin drug invented, I end up with the same result within 36 hours!.
Medical professionals, have no suggestions, and I've been to many for opinions! My liver makes cholesterol like a factory on overtime!
Liver transplant might fix the problem, but then with my luck I'd be unable to take the anti rejection drugs!

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7/21/15 3:13 P

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What are your symptoms? I suggest having your doctor change the pills to another maker as your body will react differently to different ones. I started cholesterol medication for the first time a few weeks ago. On the message board I asked if anyone got symptoms, A few suggesting taking COQ10 that you can buy over the counter if it effects your liver.

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7/21/15 2:33 P

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I have an unusual and perhaps fortunate problem, I cannot tolerate cholesterol lowering drugs!
Consequently, I am on a diet where I eat no fat, no oil, no nuts! I try to follow a diet suggested by me Dr.
I walk on average 25-30 miles per week, work 6 hrs per day.
My question is, does anyone have a sure fire method to reduce my cholesterol, currently it's 229.
Thanks, Gray

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