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8/26/12 9:59 P

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Good luck on your first semester! My first semester was so busy and overwhelming that I gained 15 pounds. I also start tomorrow but over the summer I worked a new plan of action so the story doesn't repeat. I totally changed my eating habits and go 6 days a week to the gym. Hopefully i can keep it up!

Good Luck again!

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8/5/12 1:46 A

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My first day of class is August 27. I am a 1L, so I have orientation the week before. As a 1L, I obviously have no idea the world of terror and hard work that's in front of me.

So, I have set some very small goals for the first semester--I have it set at very very slow weight loss, but honestly, I'll be thrilled if I don't gain. Bright spots: I don't have a car, so I will walk at least 20 mins each day from my apartment to the school. So that's something. I also have my own place, so the kitchen is all mine and food is up to me (first time I'm living without roommates!). I don't live very far from the gym and I live just off some awesome running trails, so I'm hoping to keep going with my exercise. I'm really aiming for balance and health.

If I can do it my first year of law school, I think I will be able to do it through just about anything. Here's hoping!

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8/4/12 6:56 P

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My first day of class is Aug 20th but I will be on campus the week before that for orientation as a mentor. I'm starting my third year. I am really happy with my schedule because I get out of class by 3pm on two out of three days of class. My plan is to run the track on my lunch hour on Mondays, and the days I get out at 3pm I'll run after class on the track. I'm lucky at Pepperdine to have a track just down the hill from the law school campus that has a beautiful ocean view. No excuses of "it's dark out" or "don't have time." I also plan to make a salad for every day of school on Sundays and take my lunch with me so I don't make a bad lunch choice (free pizza!). I'm also going to keep my Sat/Sun yoga date with my bestie. When you have to meet someone at yoga it helps make you go, and then we study after yoga at a near by coffee shop so we don't feel too bad about spending 1'30" doing yoga!

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8/16/11 1:42 A

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My first day of classes isn't until Aug 31st so I'm gonna squeeze as much out of my summer as I can! I'm not mentally ready to get back to school yet. I'm still in Kenya for another 2 days and when I get back to New York, we have on campus interviews, Moot Court Board orientation and a retreat for my scholarship. I'm gonna go on a short vacation w/ the beau to relax a bit before the mayhem begins.

I think my plan for this semester is to stay active on Spark and really watch my eating. I've gotten into a pretty good workout routine of running and circuit training over the past couple months so I'm not too worried about exercise. I AM however worried about all the food temptation in New York (pizza, bagels, really good vegetarian good, etc). I want to finally reach my goal weight this fall and sail into New Years just maintaining my weight. I'm going to track my food and aim for at least 5 days a week of cardio (1 hour each time).

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8/15/11 11:24 P

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i really want to make short workouts a part of my daily schedule, and sort out a meal plan for myself before classes start. i'm itching to start class so i can figure out how to stay on top of everything while getting sleep! i'm a bit nervous about finding support at the law school, but i'm going to keep my eyes open.

plus, of course, i'll be putting all your advice into practice!

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8/15/11 10:57 P

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Hi Group! Some of you have already started back with classes, and some (like me) will be starting next Monday. My co-worker that I have been walking with each night (also a law student), just asked me to help her train for a 5k. I am excited. Tonight was our first night running and she did really well! We also printed out a schedule for a 6 week training program and coordinated times to keep working out during the school year.

I always do a lot better with working out when I have someone to hold me accountable! I am a little worried because I am going to continue working during school (something I did last year), but I am also chief justice for our moot court team and have a lot of administrative responsibilities added to the mix. Additionally, I am taking classes that I am not too thrilled about because they are prevalent to the bar exam. Hopefully I will stay on top of things!

What are you plans to stay on track this semester, and how was your first day/week back?

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