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8/26/07 1:46 P

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I don't think you need to weigh yourself. That is a personal preference, and if it makes you crazy then it's probably better not to do it. You are monitoring your progress w/ the clothes, and it sounds like you may still be losing weight if they are looser, so you really may want to try to up the calories gradually. If you are exercising your body needs the fuel. You need to feed your muscles if you want to tone up. Try to at least eat at the bottom of your range, and I think most of us here try to mix up our calorie ranges thru the week, sometimes eating at the bottom, sometimes at the top and often in between.

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8/22/07 1:11 P

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thank you guys so much for your responses! i think a really big part of it is the fact that i'm not weighing myself, but before you say i should...i really can't. i mentally cannot handle it right now. i was to the point where i was waking up in the middle of the night weighing myself!

you'd think that by the measurements going down and my clothes fitting perfect/getting a little looser i'd be able to calm down and eat. i think my mind is still caught up in weight loss mode (still focused on the 1200-1550 calorie range, even though i've found i always lost better when eating in the 1400's) even though my body has been in maintenance for a few months!

thanks for reassuring me though that i should be safe with this!

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8/22/07 11:48 A

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The reality is, you would have to eat several hundred calories more to gain weight. It just takes time to trust your maintenance plan, just like it took time to trust that the weight loss plan was really working. I tracked everything the first few months of maintenance because I was so afraid I would backslide. But I am doing just as well now without tracking. It is scary. But you'll get there.

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8/22/07 11:47 A

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I'm in the same boat about finding my calorie range. When I adjusted my weight and goals on SP they said the bottom of my range should be 1700 calories. I think that's just too much for me, especially since I've been eating 1250 - 1450 calories a day for the past 3 months. I read an article on here that said that you should slowly add more calories into your diet by 150-200 calories a week until your body hits the right number of calories to maintain the loss.

It really does feel like a guessing game right now to me....

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8/22/07 8:44 A

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Oh, yes - this is what we all go thru! How to figure out what works and how to keep the weight off and find the balance. You sounds as though you are on track! I have been maintaining since Nov last year and was so thankful to find this team at that time. I have found that as I have weaned myself from tracking every food and every calorie burned, I just have to watch portions size, eat healthy food and continue to lead a very active, fitness-driven life. Yes, I had to track everything for a long time, but now I don't.

When I first adjusted the calories to maintain, SP told me I could eat up to 1700 and I felt that was too high. What I did was to just eat at the top of the weightloss range most days. I knew that I would be okay to go over on my calories if I was eating there, so that's what I did. It worked out well and I truly think I am going to be able to maintain for life!

Best to you and you learn what works for you!

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8/22/07 8:26 A

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It's been really hard for me to adjust to the new calorie range, since I was so used to trying to keep it at 1200 for so long while I was losing. Now my low end is 1450. I've been surprised how much I can eat and still maintain. Remember that a calorie deficit is only necessary if you're trying to lose, not maintain. So especially with the amount you're working out, you shouldn't worry about gaining with that range. I haven't even been able to workout as much as usual (only 3 times in the past week and a half) because I've been sick, and I'm still maintaining. You'll get used to your new range in time. :)

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8/22/07 7:11 A

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I have been where you are and it does feel crazy, and hard. But you will relax a bit as you get used to it and find your range. You could try to add in more lean protein too. It will help up your calories, keep you full and feed your muscles without a lot of fat. Tuna, canned chicken, low fat string cheese, low fat dairy of any variety will help as well as bars with some fiber too. Even some egg whites and veggie prodcuts for breakfast to get you burning right at the start of the day.

I have my calories burned set to 2500 and usually do 3500+. I like the cushion just in case too. My calories will probably scare you. They are 1600-1950 and some days I use every one. I vary my days to keep my body guessing what it will get every day so that it keeps burning. I do have date night on Friday and don't worry about it anymore. As you progress you will find a balance and get used to it. I couldn't believe I could have the amt of calories I saw the first time and it took a month to kind of crawl up to those ranges. I hit around the lower end most of the time and some days have a hard time getting there. Last night I had to eat ice cream ( or anything else) to get to my low end. I made sure I did since it was a cardio day and I burned 800+ calories. I have my profile open if you want to sneak a peek at how I eat. Just disregard the fact that I have ice cream almost every night, lol.

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8/21/07 11:36 P

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it sounds like you are making yourself crazy :-) when you are really doing great. If you weigh in once a week or every other week, and watch how your clothes are fitting, you will do fine. Maintaining at 125 - You are doing great!!

If that is the calorie range that SP calculated for you, it is probably just fine. Don't go below it, or your body will go into starvation mode and start gaining again!!

Especially as much as you are exercising, you need to eat enough.

Good luck,

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8/21/07 11:28 P

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i'm trying to maintain at around 125 (give or take a few) and have done well for a few months now. i have not weighed myself at all this month (i was becoming too obsessive again) yet have kept up with tracking and exercising and measuring.

i have my calorie range set for 1/3 pound per week loss while burning 750 calories per week. i only put 750 as a cushion in case i have a lazy week or if spark's estimates are off being that i don't use a heart rate monitor. on average, i burn an estimated 1500 or so calories per week though. using 750 as my goal gives me a range of 1370-1700.

i've been eating in that range, and i measured myself today for the first time in weeks and provided i measured correctly, i have gotten a bit smaller.

my problem is that i am so afraid that if i continually eat within my range that i will get fat. i always tend to have a day where i drop below 1200 to make sure that my average calorie intake is around 1370 but not above.

my goal really isn't even to lose any more weight...i would really like to tone up which is another reason why i'm staying away from the scale. if i gain muscle my mind will take it as a fat gain and i'll go spiraling down.

i'm just curious as to your opinions on my calorie range. does it seem high for someone trying to maintain/tone up? or should i calm down a bit?

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