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Maree, 38 sounds crazy for May - is that normal for this time of year for you?

Bess, sounds like wonderful celebrations, between your Mother's/Grandmother's day and the upcoming birthday!

Nell, I'm glad we missed the cicadas! I'm sure it's an amazing sight, but it has always sounded like one of the Passover plagues to me!

Toni, always fun getting ready for a trip! And Colorado - time with your son again!!!!

Cindy, you and your home schooling may be the stabilizing force in the Littles' lives right now - I'm sure you are helping these young kids in ways you can't even know!

Gill, someone on another team posted a link to Coach Nicole's new venture - she has an art degree, and has been designing and renovating older homes! You can find her online - here's a site with some of her work: / (She was always my favorite coach!)

Donna, yay for sunshine! Are the lilacs and rhodies blooming yet?

NancyAnne, yay for finally getting to the closing, and I hope all goes smoothly tomorrow! And that your mother is doing okay!

Sunny, I hope you're resting now and enjoying the clean house!

Sunny, it was interesting to drive from Florida where the governor never quite followed the national advice on restricting activities, back up to New Jersey where many things still are being restricted. It helps that people are being vaccinated, but there are still pockets of virus cases increasing - and some of those closings and restrictions would help slow the spread!

Well, busy day. We unpacked our car, and I went through some of the things I left here, such as sweaters. It was cold enough that I wanted a nice warm sweater. Well, turns out the slacks I ordered last fall that were snug then are now quite loose - but I know the next size down is often snug in the waist. I'll work it out, but I have a lot of things to go through. I'll likely mail some things back to my brothers for storage so we can fit everything else into the car.

DH needed more computer repairs, so I drove him out to the repair place again - I'm not sure if BIL and SIL are accepting that DH is less able to do things, or what. But BIL drove him back out to pick up his computer once repaired. SIL modeled a variety of ensembles for the Bar Mitzvah on Saturday - the boy's mother, BIL's daughter and thus SIL's stepdaughter, requested that women wear dresses and men wear suits so it makes this a more formal occasion, even if we're all going to be sitting outside under a large tent. Anyway, I helped SIL pick a dress and blazer combo that look good, will be warm enough, and that she's comfortable in. Plus went through her shoes to coordinate. (Yes, I'm sort of the family fashionista on both sides, LOL!)

Still lots to do, but we have several more days here. I'll pace myself.

"Dance as if no one is watching."

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5/10/21 6:44 P

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Hi all! quick check-in. I just received an email from AARP with upcoming events. Calling all AARP members that enjoy Kristin Hannah's books... A Conversation With Author Kristin Hannah, Tuesday, May 18, 7:30 eastern time.

Glad you found your way Phebess! Donna, how wonderful you enjoy wine and laughter with friends!

I need to get back on the next maintenance challenge. I've been bouncing up and down between the same four pounds the last few weeks.

Digging into homework. Catch up with yas later!


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5/10/21 5:16 P

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Phebess - Good to know that you have safely arrived at your destination. I hope that you slept well!

Maree - Still chilly here - the hibiscus plants came inside again and will probably spend the next couple of nights indoors until its starts to warm up again close to seasonal Wednesday or Thursday.

Bess - How sweet to hear your grandchildren. My grandson usually pops on to say hi but doesn't always hang around long. I HATED baseball going back to an elementary school experience - I'm not athletic, was never into playing sports particularly so I would never watch baseball but I was asked to accompany a group of student helpers to a Jays game about 34 years ago and it was kind of fun. Then our son suddenly took an interest in baseball and the Jays when he was about 8 years old so one year we took him to a Jays game and bought him some gear as his birthday present and that was okay too. I have so many people in my family now who like to watch the team so I don't mind watching even on TV but the game experience is always more fun. Will have to do something with the sweater here - haven't done that yet. Will probably lay it out with a damp towel over it as it's all acrylic yarn. I too like colour - much more interesting and I really don't like the current trend to paint everything grey - not a colour I care for at all for decorating.

Toni - Always lots to do to prep for a trip if you're going to be away for a week or two.

Cindy - I'm sure you will do all that you can to provide a safe place for the Littles. That weight never seems to come off as easily as it appears, but it will disappear if you stay on track.

Gill - One of the joys of retirement - not having to go out if you don't want to unless there's a specific reason like an appointment. Interesting that Mother's day is tied into Lent in the UK. That would mean it's on a slightly different day each year depending on where Easter falls.

Donna - emoticon for sunny weeks! We're supposed to be sunny too and finally getting warmer by Wednesday and Thursday! And how wonderful to be able to have a visit with your family! That really makes the day special! Ah the wisdom of Mr. Rogers. So true!

Nancy Anne - So glad that the closing is imminent! I would think that wiring that amount of money would be more nerve-wracking than writing the cheque for the house purchase which is what we've done on both of our purchases.

Sunny - That does sound like a pretty perfect Mother's Day!

Had a nice chat with the pianist for my choir a short while ago. I haven't talked to her for a while so it was great to catch up - all part of my "social connection" challenge for this week. And I switched winter dresses, skirts, sweaters out of the closet and moved in the summer stuff. It's still chilly today and windy - never mind that hubby decided that we should have windows open! It's only about 50 degrees out there - not much more. Not window opening weather for this gal unless it's for 5 to 10 minutes.
My evening was quiet and today is back to the same pandemic routine. Our restrictions apparently are being extended - were supposed to end at the end of next week but that won't be happening. Can't say that I'm surprised. One of the things the pianist and I talked about was being able to gather choir members together for an outdoor visit which we did once late last summer but I think it'll be another couple of months before we can even think about that. Eventually we'll be able see friends again but it's just taking so long.

Have a good evening!

Orillia Ontario (Canada - Eastern Time Zone)

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Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle. - John Watson

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5/10/21 2:11 P

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With your busy schedule, a quiet Sunday must have been very nice.

Breakfast with family and the Chicago River what a treat for Mothers Day. You make me want to plan a trip to Chicago.

It takes a while to get a house set up and I find we are still rearranging things. It is so sad about your mom but at least you are going to see her. What a lovely memory of a Mothers Day. Being able to use the pool from May through September is a positive thing for living in the desert.
My DH was hysterical about wiring money also. It all worked out.

And now it's Monday again and we are into the second week of MAY, what happened? I loved being part of planning and putting on big events as long as everyone pitched in. I volunteered for a non-profit music organization who put on a series of music events to raise money to help the music programs in the schools and to bring in professional musicians to do classes. One of the really big events was Izhak Perlman what fun and great music, and Chris Botti was a lively event.

NELL You are probably ready for a little warmer weather.

A very nice mothers day with your DS and F-DIL, she sounds like a really nice person. It is important to help the Littles feel safe, it must be hard to watch them get caught up in the difficult situation.
I understand the weight being up, the son in law made a great breakfast but I was up today like you and it will probably take a few days for the body to let go of the weight.

Great that you could talk with your family, it feels good to make the connection and catch up.
My DH reminded me that the northern part of the island is really far north and can get much colder than the southern part. I still do some of Nicoles videos too

Getting together with the neighbors really lifted your spirits. It is important to you that you get out and do social things and your walks, it is difficult watching your DH withdraw. What a nice surprise for you, the kids visiting and thank goodness for FaceTime.
The quote from Fred Rogers was really great and it is important to remember that love is a part of the journey, especially as you find yourself climbing uphill.

2BDYNAMIC Have a great week!

PHEBESS Hurrah to the end of this part of your journey.

It was a lovely full Mother's Day with brunch at the DD's house, a few quiet hours at home, the DH took a nap. The DD and family came for pool time, a BBQ and then I had a nice phone call with my sister after they left

Today is clean the parts of the house that the cleaners do not do.

Sunny in Phoenix, AZ AZTime

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5/10/21 2:05 P

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Sue- No oxygen for Mom so far. Shes definitely short of breath, but we arent certain shes actually short of oxygen. Its just a guess.

Bess- Thank you so much for the prayers! And what a joyful week it sounds like you will be having, starting with the enthusiastic well wishes by DPs.

Nell- We are looking for Cicadas this year too, I believe. The cold weather has the flowers on hold.

Cindy- I have read with heartache whats going on with your niece and nephew. I am sure the littles will look back and be grateful for the loving care you gave them during this time.

Gill- I love the old-fashioned picture. Right up my alley!

Donna- Im thrilled for you that you got to visit with family and get hugs! Its the little things that make Mothers day so special, isnt it?
Thank you for recognizing this is a hard time for me to leave. You are always very intuitive that way. Its harder for Mom, though. Im truly grateful Im available to go.

Hello to everyone else!

Legs, chest and HIIT was this morning. Tomorrow is closing. Hubby is getting the money wired over as I type. He said its nerve wracking- Its a significant amount of money and he says he doesnt want it accidentally sent to a Tibetan monk in outer Mongolia. emoticon Will be good to finally have our names on this house.

Have a blessed Monday, everyone!

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5/10/21 11:20 A

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Morning all and it looks like we are in for a sunny week. I am looking forward to doing some gardening and golfing this week.

Mothers Day included a surprise visit from our kids with a lovely short visit outside on the patio. The sweethearts brought a lovely potted plant and fresh oysters for a little treat. It was so good to actually give them a hug. Also had a nice chat with my granddaughter while I was walking and puffing as I did a big hill. So nice to catch up with her. Later we had a FaceTime with our oldest and his wife. So a good day even if I had to make dinner.

Cindy I know you will have those few pounds gone in no time. Also as fat as the Littles are concerned having a safe place for them right now is so important.

Nell, always thinking of you each day and hoping you are feeling just a tiny bit better.

NancyAnne yeah for finally having the closing finally happening. Also sending prayers your way for all the worry with your Mom. I am sure she is happy knowing you will be there for support whatever is needed. I know it is a tough time for you to be leaving home.

Toni enjoy getting ready for this first trip in awhile. I can just imagine how excited you are to see the lovebirds. Lots of fun things to look forward to with them.

Bess I loved your YouTube video. You are such a good storyteller. Those Grands can watch you anytime they want. What a techy Nana.

Maree I hope those hiking boots get lots of use very soon. Thinking of your Dh as he starts his new job. Isnt it exciting!

This following wrote was posted on my email this morning. I thought it was appropriate to share.

Love isnt a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like 'struggle.'

Fred Rogers
Ah, Mister Rogers, the wholesome father figure whom generations of kids grew to cherish thanks to his regularly shared nuggets of wisdom. He had so much good advice, in fact, that he filled an entire book with it, called You Are Special: Words of Wisdom for All Ages From a Beloved Neighbor. In this quote from that book, Mister Rogers tells us that love isnt effortless. You can care about someone easily, but to continue to care about them as they grow and change and sometimes cause pain takes some work. But some things are worth working for, and when it comes to love, its almost always worth it to put in the effort.

Donna from Greater Vancouver, BC Canada
Pacific time
EL leader, Fall 2019 5% Challenge
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an art, but a habit. - Aristotle

It's only when you have the courage to step off the ledge that you'll realize you've had wings all along. Gail Lynne Goodwin
From my friend Besshale.....maintenance is as much work as losing but we get to do it in cuter clothes.

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5/10/21 8:56 A

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Morning all!

We have another very blustery day here. There is scaffolding up outside the flats, and on the house opposite - all wrapped in their plastic sleeves to make them more visible etc - and boy do they make a noise! It's like being at sea with the sails flapping all the time! I find the sound of wind exhausting; I left a holiday early once because the sound of the wind rocking the beach chalet was just draining me of energy! If you ever wanted to torture me, just play the sound of wind knocking things around!

I have no urgent reason to leave the house today (hooray for retirement!) so I'm staying indoors! No dressing up in coat and hats today! I am going to do a Pilates session for neck & shoulders, as my neck has a crick in it today. And, I might manage to do something else later - perhaps resistance band workout (I might even check out dear Coach Nicole's videos - I miss her - she was sweet and good).

Hope you are all safe and well.

Hi Cindy - we must have posted at the same time - I'm totally with you on this one:-

"But I love being slender and hate being fat, so it's worth it to me to be careful."

Even a few pounds extra after a celebration or splurge make me feel very podgy and self-conscious - I HATE the feeling!

Interesting to hear that Guatemala have Mother's Day on 10th May. In the UK it's always the fourth Sunday of Lent - so linked to the church calendar, but secularised now, obviously (thank you Hallmark!)

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Monday again already! And so light at 5 a.m. that I don't bark my shins on things on my way to the light switches! Spring is sure my favorite time of year, with all the flowers and birds and green everywhere. It really helps to lift the spirits.

It was fun to read about the different ways (and memories of ways) you all spent Mother's Day. Today is May 10th, which is Mother's Day in Guatemala. They don't go with the "always on a Sunday" rule, it's just the 10th no matter what. My DH lost his mom to pancreatic cancer a couple of years or so ago, so I feel blessed to still have my mama. I am so grateful for all she taught me, and what a good mother she was (and still is) to me. DH has not-so-good memories from his childhood that haunt him on a daily basis, and I had just the opposite: good and loving parents. Very thankful!

Wish I had time to sit and chat with each of you individually! I sure enjoy reading about all your activities, and joys, and sorrows, too. Even though I don't mention each of you by name, I am thinking about you. And I thank you for being a safe place to share a little of my own joys and sorrows, and thank you for your prayers.

I'm hoping this will be a good week with the Littles. Their life is in turmoil right now, so I really want this to be their safe space, where they can feel stable and secure and loved.

On the maintaining subject, I was up 1.5 pounds yesterday after the delicious meal my future DIL made me. But I ate on plan yesterday, and at a lower net carb level than what I have been doing, and hoped to see that come right off. Nope. Today I was another .5 up. I know it will be gone in a couple of days, but this is why I have to be so vigilant with tracking and staying on plan. I gain weight SO easily! But I love being slender and hate being fat, so it's worth it to me to be careful.

OK, gotta go. Love you all, and wish you a great start to your week!


On the adventure of maintaining my goal weight for the rest of my life.

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Hey everyone, Good Morning!

I am whizzing around packing up to go to the city for the week in prep for leaving for Colorado on Saturday. But will check in later in the day. Meanwhile, time to launch the week. Wishing everyone a good start today.


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5/10/21 7:19 A

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Good morninig.

It's another chilly morning here, so unlike May. The temps will postpone the cicada emergence we are all waiting for.

NancyAnne, this is the week!! It's almost over!

Back later, not much on today.

Reston, Virginia (DC suburbs)

No one ever got up in the morning wishing she'd eaten more the night before.

Original Goal: 114. Current old lady goal: 106.

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And now it's Monday again. Cloudy right now with a slight chance of rain but then sunshine the rest of the week.

Maree - hooray for new hiking boots. And for your DH's first day at the new job. We're all cheering for him. Hope you like the video.

Phebess - sleep baby sleep. So glad you made it safe and sound. I really do want to take that ferry ride one day.

Sue - I love your mother's day memory. My son's birthday is May 12 and sometimes it falls on Mother's Day. I actually do like to watch baseball if I'm there in person. Not so much on TV. And please share a photo of that sweater once it's blocked.

Nancyanne - that's good news about the house and closing date at last. I can only imagine how hard this is for you and your sister and mom. Just know - I'm sending you prayers for strength and grace.

Gil - Aren't 4 year olds the greatest? My granddaughter is 4 now and we have so much fun together. She's really who I started making the storytelling videos for. How exciting that you'll get to see them soon.

Kellie - You get the award for kindest mother on Mother's Day. And honestly - being able to do for those we love is kind of a gift, isn't it?

Donna - How nice the weather gods gave you a sunshiny day. I hope you enjoyed your walk.

Cindy - that does sound like a splendid Mother's Day. Especially the news that your nephew is shouldering on - making plans - not giving up. It's good to hear he has friends helping him find his feet in the work world. Work can give such a sense of value to a person. Well - you are all in my prayers too.

Sunny - I actually know why I agreed to take on the club responsibilities - so I don't feel like I got myself into a mess - or at least, not without knowing I'd have my frustrations. And in fact, putting on big events has always been something I like to do. If I had known there was a job called "Event Planner" that's what I would have gone into when I was young. So this picnic/party will be fun. Filling out reports? Not so much. And I will NEVER accept the post of treasurer. I have to laugh, though, because I was talking to the treasurer who told me the immediate past president had a President's Manual she was supposed to give me last year. That she didn't explains a tremendous lot about why I took on the role and why it was so frightening a year ago. After a year, though, I'm pretty comfortable with it and am actually looking forward to next year. And I am afraid I'm in your DH's camp. I wanted color - not grey or blue or "calming" colors. I don't need calm. I need gorgeous. Dog proof gorgeous. LOL

Nell - it really warmed up yesterday after that chilly dawn we shared with you. Hope your day grew sunnier too. and that you found something to eat that didn't hurt your tummy

Toni - it makes me smile just to think about your trip too. We're going to want lots of photos.

Yoo Hoos to everyone else on the team.

Some years Mothers Day is so low key it's indistinguishable from other days of the week, some years it's a party. Yesterday was not planned to be very festive but we were graced with a call from DaPwincess shouting Happy Mother's Day - and Happy Gandaddy from Da Pwince. What could be cuter? DiL was sleeping late for her celebration. None of her children are good sleepers and she is definitely not a morning person so getting to lounge in all morning is better than dinner out for her. Even the new baby let her sleep.

Wednesday is son's birthday but he's working that day so they'll come here on the weekend - looking for my special crab imperial recipe. Lots of festivity in my life this week.

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5/10/21 6:11 A

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Good morning!

It was so nice to hear about all the gatherings and family contacts over the weekend.

We, too, had a very chilly weekend and the low temperature last night was 38°. I did not cover the plants. I think some of the flowering plants had only a small showing of flowers due to the cold temperatures, but that's okay.

DH and I shopped at a sporting goods store yesterday afternoon. He found two pairs of work pants and I got a new pair of hiking boots. I wore them around the house the rest of the day.

Not much else to report here. I'll circle back to Bess' story link. Backsquats, goblet squats (with a kettle bell) and box jumps on the crossfit schedule today.

Hope all have a great day and stay healthy!

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