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4/30/21 10:38 P

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Kate, I think your (and your DH's) decision about those friends is very reasonable - and while it may be difficult to say, they do need to know that their decision to not vaccinate is impacting everyone they know, and their relationships.

Bess, your spring green tunnels of leaves sound wonderful!!!! Cool and green and shady!!!

Nell, have you seen any foxes digging in the yard? I like foxes - here, we have armadillos that dig in the yards, and they aren't as cute as foxes.

Cindy, for the children's sake I hope their parents decide to stay together - though if things are tense or they fight all the time, it might be better to separate. Tough choice all around. And we took the train from Vancouver to Quebec and eventually on to New York one year - in coach. Given our ages and the virus, we'd splurge on the room to sleep in!

Kellie, glad therapy is helping - and yes, we all (women especially) need to learn to speak up for ourselves! Too often we grow up being silenced, so it's hard to re-learn that skill.

NancyAnne, my understanding is that having had Covid isn't necessarily enough to build up antibodies, and the antibodies don't last as long as the antibodies we build from the vaccines. With a normal vaccine (like flu, or the smallpox vaccines we got as kids) we would get a de-activated version of the disease. But with Covid, those antibodies (such as having been sick with Covid) only last roughly 4 months. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines use messenger RNA (the stuff that tells our DNA what to do) to not really build antibodies, but teaches our immune system what to do if Covid shows up in our system. The example I read said it's kind of like training a dog what to do if someone invades your house prior to anyone doing that. So that's why having had Covid isn't enough - your antibodies are wearing out, and won't protect you for very long. And that's also why everyone who is getting vaccinated will need to periodically get booster shots, just like we get a yearly flu shot. (And there was plenty of testing - something like 40,000+ people for each shot were test subjects - they started testing the vaccines in May 2020, and that's why things took so long, they had to have X number of people, wait a month, do the second shot, wait a bit, expose them to Covid and see if they caught it, and so on. It took months just to do all of that.) Last thing - your builder is finding out why you don't do business with family - yikes!

Donna, I'm often the last person posing, so it's easy to miss. PNW rain - sigh. It'll clear up in June or July!

Sue, your knit afghan sounds beautiful - I love browns and creams with turquoise or aqua, it always looks like the beach and sea to me! I usually do afghans in squares and then crochet them together, but this design didn't lend itself to that. I was melting under all of it on hot days though!

I finally put the afghan in a plastic garbage bag, lay down on it to get all the air out, and was able to get the whole thing into the large flat rate mailing box - although the box isn't exactly square anymore, it's a little lumpy. As long as the PO accepts it, I'm happy.

Packed all my yarn and art supplies, so my first bag is done. Flattened all my cardboard boxes, into the recycling. Trying to rush through an easy bag for a nephew - supposed to take about 5 hours to crochet, so that's my evening project.

Post office either tomorrow, or Monday.

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4/30/21 5:50 P

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Kellie - I don't find the prospect of getting a vaccination as scary as getting the disease. I'd much rather deal with any side effects from the shot than COVID. Enjoy the "homework-free" weekend!

Phebess - The afghan sounds lovely. I have a knitted one that I made a number of years ago with a similar kind of pattern but all strips are the same width and were knit separately then sewn together. More manageable when making it for sure. Mine has cream strips on the outside edges, tan strips next to them, aqua strips are on either side of a dark brown centre strip. Works with my dťcor - I like earth tones. Happy to say that my arm feels fine today and I'm not feeling fatigued at all. Taking the train across the country seems like a far more relaxing and faster way to travel and quite possibly less expensive than nightly hotel bills and meals. I'm sure you'll figure it out but first you need to get yourself north. Happy packing!

Kate - That sounds like a wise decision much as you don't want it to hurt the friendship but some people just don't seem to understand - or don't want to understand - that this is a very serious disease and they should do what they can to protect themselves unless there are medical reasons not to do so. My 99 year old mother has been vaccinated and is just fine (just the first shot so far). It's too bad your friend feels that way. Good luck telling her - not a pleasant prospect for you at all.

Bess - I just have to house my own music. Our pianist looks after all the "extra" music so that she can put together programs for any new members. People turn in their music to her when they leave the group as well. She has a filing cabinet and another storage cabinet in her basement for that. I've gone over a couple of times when she needed some help getting music sorted and stored in the right spot. It's a BIG job for sure. So wonderful that you could have a lovely visit with your GC. Our spring seems to have been put on hold for a few days although we're starting to see light green leaves popping out on the larger trees - pretty much right on schedule for us. I love the fresh green newness of the trees when the leave have just come out too. Today is extremely windy so I'm glad that we don't have any blossoms on the trees yet or they'd be blown off in a second.

Nell - It's one thing to get rid of unwanted weight in a healthy way - quite another to have pounds you don't need to lose, be dropping away. I hope that you can reverse the trend soon.

Cindy - I hope that all works out for your niece and nephew. Sometimes a bit of time apart can be a good thing but it all depends on the circumstances and may not be the best thing with children. emoticon too.

Donna - Unfortunately you and I share the same kinds of restrictions. Our current lockdown/restrictions last until about May 20th too. I can see our premier lifting them so people CAN go to their cottages for the long weekend because of COURSE he has a cottage in Muskoka (area just north of us)! We'll see. I know people living in the the towns in 'cottage country' weren't too happy with people coming in from the south last year and cases were far lower then. Good news for my kids is that they can register for vaccinations starting May 17th. emoticon I too look forward to hugging people again, talking without a mask, and especially getting back to our singing. Life will get busier than I want it to be at times especially as I'll carry on with my trips to mom's every month and it will be WONDERFUL!!

Been a pretty quiet day here. VERY chilly today for the end of May - temps below 10 C (that's 40s F) with strong NW winds. We've had some "precipitation" floating around in the air the past little while - not too much. Tackled another little space in my storage space today. At 10-15 minutes a day, it could take me a year to get it cleaned out as it stretches along behind one wall of our bedroom and the smaller bedroom next to it. There's access from each room but I'm only working from my end. Hubby has a lot of electronics stored at the other end so that will be his to deal with!
Started a new video workout series today - only 7 in this one so they will likely be repeated unless another series hits my inbox soon!

Have a great evening!

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4/30/21 12:28 P

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Morning all from the rainy PNW. it does have to happen so how can I complain. I will just have to think how fresh it will be out there when the sun shines.

Maree enjoy the houseboat this weekend. It sounds like it is going to be lovely.

Bess, your little granddaughter is sure growing up and I can just imagine how much you are enjoying her at this stage. Little people are so much fun and like little sponges with hiow quickly they learn everything. Treasure those moments as they sure go by quickly.
I too will be very happy when I can hug people once again.

Kellie this will be a year you will always remember and especially how strong you have become. Good news about the restrictions being lifted somewhat

Nell, you certainly don't have room to lose any more weight. I am praying you feel better soon.

Phebess I obviously missed your last post so I will have to go back to yesterdays post to read it. Taking a train trip sounds perfect!

Cindy I sure hope things work out for your nephew and family. Such tough times for sure.

NancyAnne good for you for still finding time for your workouts. As far as the vaccine is concerned I read that immunity from having Covid only lasts a few months. Who knows if that is correct information

Kate we all have to make up our minds what we want to do about being vaccinated then have to live with those decisions and how others feel. I think you and your dh have the right to your choices.

As usual things are still pretty locked down here so not much we can do about it. I think this will go on until at least through the May long weekend so we have awhile to go. Our ICUs are
full right across Canada and until that changes things won't open up here. Pretty sad isn't it.
People are asked not to even go to their second homes or cottages in another community.
So I should end on a positive note and say we are healthy and at least I can go for a walk iand admire the beautiful rhododendrons the are quickly blooming right now!

Donna from Greater Vancouver, BC Canada
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4/30/21 9:36 A

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Workout is done (glutes and arms!), and checking in here, then off to have brunch with my daughter before she officially leaves her apartment here for the last time and goes down to Lexington and her job in the new Rogers and Holland's store there. I will miss her.

Phebe- I've been hearing that those who have had Covid react worse to the shots than those who don't do, because the body is primed to kick it. Unfortunately, I don't have time to do a 2-dose before going to California. So if I get it, it'll have to be the J&J or nothing. I don't understand for the life of my why confirmation that I have had Covid is not acceptable. Would you happen to know the answer to that question? It just seems redundant to get the vaccine after having had the virus itself.
The builder can't get a new Realtor- She's his wife's sister-in-law. And his wife's brother is the investor, I believe. It's a family thing and he's kinda stuck.

Econ- I think if you tell your friend your feelings without making it sound like you are trying to influence her to get the vaccine, she should be Okay. It would sting a little if someone told me they won't spend time with me because of not getting the vaccine, but I'd also understand that people have different comfort levels. Although I would be confused, because aren't you getting the vaccine so that if you come around Covid, you won't catch it?

I'm still very nervous about getting injected with something that hasn't had the testing most vaccines do. Still debating......

Bess- I hope you enjoy those grands! I sure do wish I lived closer to mine.

They are doing the Radon remidation-stuff installment (not sure what it's called). Still stunned the owners agreed to pay half!

Have a blessed Friday, everyone!

Nancy Anne
4/30/21 9:27 A

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Feels good to work remotely after a long week on site. It's a beautiful sunny day. I did my morning yoga flow facing the early sun, got some dancing done to Shine Dance Fitness videos, dug into some work, went for a walk. Now I'm digging back in to move the day along. I'm looking forward to meeting a friend for dinner.

Kate, difficult conversation for sure. I would say, just matter of factly, tell your friend you respect their decision not to get the vaccine but they will need to respect your decision to stay apart. I'm getting stronger with therapy, each of our opinions matters. Easier said than done I know. Good luck!


Bess, yes one more weekend of no homework. I thought I had made a pedicure appointment right after my message last Sunday but I didn't so I'm getting that done tomorrow morning. We'll see how windy it's supposed to be, I may do a run before the pedicure.

Phebess, yes I believe that apparatus the pregnant nurse was wearing, filtered the air in the hood around her face. That sight put my aching feet wearing shoes into perspective!!

Restrictions are going to be easing up here in the Chicago area which is nice. Hopefully, it's the smart thing to do and everyone stays safe!

How did we get to the end of April???!

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4/30/21 8:59 A

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Good Friday morning.

Phebess, thanks for the research info on the vaccines. I remembered reading that the J&J seemed like the best way to go for me, DH, and mama, but I couldn't remember all the reasons why. I know they say it's not quite as effective at preventing Covid, but just as effective at keeping people alive and out of the ICU. And less side effects, and also, I think, better immunity against some of the variants that have cropped up. Mainly, though, it's just ONE----way more convenient, LOL.
And that afghan sounds beautiful, and comfy, too, with cotton yarn. The train sounds good, too, since you plan to get a sleeper car. We did the train clear across the country and up to Toronto back in 1990, and did not spend the money for a sleeper car, which I wish we would have.

Toni, thank you for that good advice. You are so right, and we (my niece and I) talked about that very thing. I wish I could sit down and have that conversation with my nephew. Yesterday when niece dropped the Littles off here she mouthed the words, "He's gone." But then, after work and her hair appointment, she called to say apparently she was picking him up from work. And then he was the one who came in to collect the kids and get them out to the car. Of course, curiosity is just eating me alive! I'm hoping he thought about exactly what you said, Toni, and figured out that having a temper tantrum and walking out was not going to give him or anyone else a good future. But, of course, I don't know yet if he decided not to leave. I do know that Little#1 spent the late afternoon (while sister was napping) drawing a beautiful picture that said "JOY" and "Mom and Dad" on it. I saw them looking at it in the car before they left. If that doesn't melt their hearts and make them think again, I don't know what will. It made me a bit teary.

Bess, I'm so glad you are enjoying pre-tracking! It really does help! At the moment, since I am in my goal weight range, I'm trying to find the best net carb number for me. Atkins has you try gradually raising the number by 10 grams a week or so till you find the right amount that lets you maintain, but not lose or gain. However, as the net carb number goes up, the fat gram number comes down, and I'm finding I feel hungrier. Also, I'm having trouble fitting in as many calories as I need while keeping within the suggested ranges for the macros. So that's what I'm playing around with these days. It's a novel problem for me, trying NOT to lose any more weight.

Which makes me think of you, Nell! I guess that's the one downside to being slender: no extra padding to carry you through emergencies! Sure am hoping you get over this flare up SOON!

Well, my time has whizzed by, and I've got to go. I am a hugger, too, so big HUGS to each of you on this team. Blessings on your day!


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4/30/21 8:11 A

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Good morning. My weight keeps dropping no matter what I do. It's one of those things you dream about until it actually happens. The reality is awful.

Econ, I wouldn't hesitate one second about not staying with someone who isn't yet vaccinated, or at least has had the first shot. It's not like even a month ago when shots were hard to come by.

NancyAnne, I am surprised you didn't have a lease to cover the time until you closed, that's standard practice around here. All obligations are spelled out, no constant negotiations. Just a couple more weeks!

The cicada brood is getting ready to erupt. I have holes all over my yard where impatient foxes are digging to get the nymphs a little early. In a couple of weeks we'll be overrun with big, loud bugs.

Reston, Virginia (DC suburbs)

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4/30/21 7:15 A

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Maree - I'd definitely like to share my celebrating with you. Especially the beautiful spring landscapes everywhere I go these days. Have the best time this weekend at the houseboat. Has it warmed up enough to go swimming yet?

Kate - I sure hope you get some good sleep tonight. And I bet your niece would love some cookies from Aunt Kate.

Phebess - oh that train ride just sounds wonderful. I've ALWAYS wanted to do that. I sure hope it happens. The afghan sounds gorgeous.

Kellie - I am a hugger too. It does feel lonely - especially when you bump into someone you used to hug all the time and you sort of back away from them, for fear you'll actually hug them. And then - some folk, I just hug anyway, virus be danged. So now - a weekend coming up with No Homework? How good does that feel?

Sue - oh my yes. We used to house the community chorus' music in the library and check it out to groups that wanted to borrow it. What a lot of work that was. I hope you'll be able to do a Christmas concert this December. Hooray for your BiL and prayers for swift surgery and swifter healing for your sister.

Nancyanne - well that is good news about the radon remediation. And great to have a closing date in sight. I'm just sending you lots of prayers for things to fall in place for all of you - Mom included. I had to chuckle - most of the women I know love cutting grass because it stays neat for almost a week - unlike housecleaning - which lasts only minutes if you have pets or children.

Donna - why did your DH have a bad night? And did you both get more sleep today? I hope so - and yes - I did cut the grass. The yard is beautiful right now.

Toni - I love your advice to people thinking of divorce. You really do end up losing half of your world. Of course, each person needs to make her own choice but I do believe that children pay the biggest price when parents split. Even amicable splits, where new spouses try very hard to help things along, come at a price. Ask the lady who knows.

Cindy - most of the time grass cutting is DH's job and as the summer wears on it'll go back to him pretty much permanently. But this year, with all the pretty new grass needing attention, just when the sailboat needs attention too - and when there are small things I don't want to be accidentally mowed - I'm glad to take on the job. Prayers and hugs for your niece and nephew and littles.

Nell - I hope today is easier for you.

Shoutouts and yoo hoos to the rest of the team.

We had the best visit with TheGrands yesterday. Da Pwincess is speaking absolutely appropriately for a 4 year old and, though I didn't get a chance to ask her mom, I suspect she's speaking Romanian just as well. It's as if everything clicked this spring. And it's so much fun to hear what she has to tell you, now that you can understand her. Her brother is still all about granddaddy and tools. DH is taking up the old pier and our son wanted some of the planks to build a bridge to a little creek behind his house. We have lots of treated lumber so he can get as elaborate as he pleases.

We're still at the height of spring with green tunnels of tree leaves down almost every bend in the road and dappled shade sprinkling all the lawns. I love this time of year and we drove the whole way with the windows down.

The club year is winding down - but it ends in a big bang of a picnic in 2 weeks. A member has opened her home for the gathering and I'm visiting with her today to make lists of things we need to bring so she'll have the least amount of burden on her shoulders. The picnic will be at my house next year so this will be a good rehearsal for me too.

Pre-tracking just one day ahead seems to be really working for me. The scale is again moving in the direction I want it to.

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4/30/21 6:23 A

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Iíve got insomnia again. I didnít tell a friend that I wonít share a hotel room with her because she wonít get the Covid shot. Itís not easy and I dread it. Itís one of the reasons hubby will no longer stay at their house the next time heís in town filming. She needs to know it will effect our relationship.

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4/30/21 6:13 A

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Good morning! It's Friiiidaaay!!

It's beautiful outside already, humidity has subsided and there's a bit of that morning chill. Sunshine and warm weather ahead and I'll be joining DH at the houseboat after work.

I'm sure there's videos of backsquats out there, Toni. Basically a barbell on your shoulders and then you squat. Yesterday was 4 sets of 10 reps, stressing good form over lbs.

Dealing with a challenging beneficiary yesterday and today. I won't go into the details. Ugh.

emoticon to all that need them for the challenges being faced today, praying for the wisdom and resources to meet them, and celebrating with those enjoying good times!!

Hope all have a great day and stay healthy!

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