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4/12/21 7:10 P

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Cindy and Sue, I missed your comments yesterday! Cindy, I hope that nasty migraine goes away - but it sounds like you have all kinds of birthday events lining up - yay! So nice you could spend time with your daughter! And yes, children don't always follow their parents' path or wishes - but letting her know you love her, whatever her choices, is the most important thing.

Sue, yes, clean hotels are a must for me, especially right now! I want to know that everything is clean before I walk in the door!

Maree, glad to hear you're seeing your dr today! I'll watch for the report of your visit since I have some of the same lightbulb flash moments occasionally - and yes, only when things are dark.

Bess, I'm trying to picture a 4 yr old clothes horse - she sounds like so much fun! And not the Twilight Zone - more like you and your friend are just on the same wavelength!

Nell, just sending you lots of get well thoughts! Can you talk to your dr and see if this is normal, or if you can keep some meds on hand for the occasional flare ups?

NancyAnne, of course the buyers' painters can't come on your moving day - what were they thinking????? (I always want to smack some sense into people's heads when they ask questions like that. I never do, but the thought is there!)

Donna, hope you had a lovely walk full of springtime flowers!

Kate, have fun with your cookie! Hope it comes out to your satisfaction!

Sue, I just looked it up - in the US, roughly 10 to 20 people each year are struck by lightning inside their houses each year while using the shower or washing at a sink or even while using the toilet. Weird, I know! But especially in older houses with metal pipes, the pipe can conduct electricity. So does water. Even our Center for Disease Control recommends not showering or washing dishes during a thunderstorm. (I think the warning came from our parents after a hurricane in New York - the power was out, my sister and I were sent to get jugs of water from a shop in town. We passed a downed power line on our way back, and stayed away from it because the ground was very wet - my older sister learned about that in science class. Anyway, that's when our parents gave all of us a big lecture on electricity and water and storms. Our father was a science major in college at the time, and he had all kinds of stories about this issue for us.)

Toni, have fun at your dinner party!

I had the weirdest experience last night - I was sound asleep and had one of those scary dreams. In my dream, something happened and someone was doing something to prevent me from breathing. In the dream, I kept screaming "I can't breathe!" (And yes, my dreams often incorporate parts of current events into them. I'm way too empathetic, and it comes out in my dreams.) Anyway, DH woke me up saying I was calling his name - but when I woke up, I couldn't breathe because my throat was both parched and clogged from post-nasal drip. It was frightening! I had to get up, cough out some stuff, and drink some water before I could talk. And yes, I'll try to mention this to my dr and my asthma dr - they always ask if my asthma wakes me up at night, and this sure was it!

We leave tomorrow for our manatee visit, so I need to get my stuff together tonight.

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4/12/21 4:34 P

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Almost evening here and I am rushing about prepping for a dinner party. Remember those? I am so out of practice, but am moving along...

See you tomorrow!


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4/12/21 3:52 P

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Phebess - I missed your post yesterday but I think the storm that you got, also knocked out the Jays game in Dunedin, that hubby was hoping to watch. I don't think there's any truth to the idea that lightening will be attracted to water pipes but I suppose it depends on where the pipes are located - inside or outside walls.

Maree - Glad that you are going to have the eye looked at even if the symptoms have abated. It's not worth risking your eye health.

Bess - I can wield the DPNs too if needed but it's not a matter of impressing - more a matter of necessity because I have no other option. My wide array of needles doesn't always cover every possible need! Yup, getting those boots cleaned up, sprayed so they're ready, and stored back in their boxes in the basement was SO exciting! emoticon emoticon Lovely to have a day all to your self. I get an hour - sometimes a bit more, once a week when hubby goes shopping but even at the best of times, he rarely goes out so afternoons to myself are a rare occurrence. Enjoy!

Cindy - Sorry to hear that the headache kept you from enjoying a lovely day. emoticon My FIL seemed to be subject to occasional migraines and our daughter seems to have the same problem but they are infrequent thankfully. There are lots of ways you can teach the Littles doing fun things. I kept my GS for the first week that our schools were shut down last March, before there was any online learning organized or even links to work sent out by teachers. We did some reading, spelling and math every day but what he enjoyed most were the experiments that we did. We did a couple of nature walks and counted things that we saw, later making a bar graph. Cooking, making things are all great ways to incorporate math into fun activities. Have fun! Kudos to you for pretracking meals too. I could copy and track my breakfast everyday because it really doesn't change much, but I rarely know what I'm having for lunch, especially days ahead, and hubby makes dinner so that is often an unknown until he starts to cook!

Nell - Wise to have insurance whether the house is paid or not. It's just too costly to replace everything should tragedy strike. We even used to have contents insurance on apartments we rented early in our marriage. I wish you could get some relief from this illness. This is just going on far too long.

Nancy Anne - emoticon They want to come in to start painting before you've even moved out?? Absolutely NOT is right! Nothing wrong with letting them come in to do an assessment - that's not too disruptive and will just take a short time. What are the new owners thinking - or maybe they weren't! I do hope that the stress dissipates as you get into the move, that all goes smoothly and you have countertops sooner than you think.

Donna - Hubby switched to the Masters for a while too, especially when the Jays game was postponed and I think called off. I don't find golf very engaging to watch for long stretches of time but I know you used to golf quite a bit and no doubt appreciate the intricacies far more than I do. Enjoy your lovely day! Our temps are headed in the other direction - or at least cooler than they were.

Kate - Good luck with the cookie. You want it to be the best it can be I imagine when it's for a competition.

Well there's absolutely nothing exciting going on around here on this cool, dull day. Not really raining but it has been a bit drippy. More rain predicted for tomorrow - of course - because I have an appointment downtown in the afternoon. It is was going to be like today, it would be fine walking but the possibility of rain is higher. My optometrist is about a 20-25 minute walk because it's at the far end of the downtown section, but if it's cool enough, and I think it might be, I can haul out the old Koolah coat again. Gee the last time I was walking to an appointment downtown about 2 and a half weeks ago, it was raining too! Lucky me! emoticon

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4/12/21 1:37 P

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Maree Iím glad you are seeing the ophthalmologist.

Cindy Iím glad your migraine is gone. Pain killers donít help me with headaches. I use CBD cream for joint and muscle helps me. Mine come from my neck so apply it yo my neck, shoulders and jaw. Also, helps me sleep when my head hurts. Enjoy the pecan pie.

Nell I feel so sorry for you.

Nancyanne what did they think you were doing on your last day? The painters starting is ridiculous.

We also have a paid off house and insurance. We have a rider that if someone hurts themselves on our property and sue us, the insurance company covers it. Iím not sure how well it works and I hope we never find out.

Iím struggling with a cookie that didnít come out right. Iíll fiddle with it today and maybe start a new one tomorrow. Itís for a contest.

Take care!

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4/12/21 12:11 P

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Morning all, it is a lovely sunny day and out temps are suppose to be rising this week, finally.

Nell, I am so very sorry you are still feeling so awful. Is this normal for your disease or should you be calling your doctor. I,canít imagine feeling like this for so long. Sending big hugs your way.

Cindy finally your migraine is gone. I think it would be a good idea to have a fun week the Littles. I bet they would love to help make Dadís birthday treat. Enjoy the nice spring weather with them. They do deserve a spring break and you too!

NancyAnne the countdown is here. I hope all goes smoothly with the move.

Bess, enjoy your alone day today. It doesnít happen often once we are retired.

Maree good to hear you will be talking to your optometrist today. I have all goes well.

I didnít get out yesterday as I ended up watching the Masters. Dh and I really enjoyed it. I guess you would have to be a golfer to enjoy watching it on tv. I did a few things around the house so I did get a little exercise thank goodness. Today I will definitely make time to get outside. We are actually suppose to get some real spring like weather this week.
I hope everyone has a good day

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4/12/21 10:12 A

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Our realtor texted this morning- The new buyers want to know if painters can come over this evening or next to take a look at what they need to do, and is there any chance they could come in to patch holes and lay down paper to paint on Wednesday, the day before closing? Yes to the first, and heck no to the second! Thatís the day the loaders come. Simply impossible. I was thinking ďTheyíre just NOW asking about this?Ē

Cindy- I think you have described the feelings of every person who has raised adult children who donít follow the values taught to them. My heart aches for you. And of course you love her, regardless! They are our beloved children, even though they may disappoint us.
Your birthday plans sound lovely to me. And so glad you have your sister coming to look forward to!

Hello to everyone else. Much to do today. I wonít be posting for the next few days, most likely. Itís really starting to hit the fan!

Have a blessed Monday, everyone!

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Good morning.

Maree, an optometrist would send you to an ophthalmologist. You don't want to risk a detached retina, which has a really long recovery time.

Happy Birthday to your nephew, Cindy! Poor guy, this would be his second pandemic birthday.

Bess, my house is paid for so I don't have a bank requiring insurance, but I still carry it. Who thinks their house will burn down, but it does sometimes happen. Without insurance, it's a double tragedy.

I am so exhausted, I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.

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4/12/21 9:11 A

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Good Monday morning!

Just checking in real quick, without time to go back and read the later posts yesterday. Hopefully I'll have time, but for now, I had to start my day checking in with you all and saying hello, and wishing you a good week.

Maree, sure hope the optometrist has good news for you! And I'm glad your weather improved.
Bess, I love those daffodils that have that narcissus scent! But the big yellow jonquils are still my favorite.

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful here, but I had to keep the blinds closed most of the day, and didn't go outside at all until evening, and then only to put the trash out for collection. Blasted migraine made me miss a beautiful day! This was a long one, 3.5 days, but I think it's over now, so I'm glad about that. Hopefully it'll be the only one this month.

Today is my nephew's 29th birthday! I'm going to have the Littles help me bake him a pecan pie, his favorite. And I'm leaning towards a light week, schoolwork-wise. We never seem to have time to get to other stuff we want to do, like make doll furniture and clothes, or cook, or do experiments. I'm feeling like this might be a good week to just do a timed multiplication test each day, and read a book, and then call it good and do some of the other fun stuff. We never did Spring Break, so maybe this could be ours.

And I've just got to add that, although it's been time-consuming, it is SO worth it to get those meals pre-tracked. Little by little I have been experimenting and tweaking meal plans so that now I have quite a few that I like really well, and then of course it's easy to copy them onto a different date and keep rotating through them. I now know everything that I will eat from now through Tuesday next week. And I admire those of you who can do the fasting thing. I do not like fasting! I like my 3 meals and 2 snacks a day! But thankfully when it's all preplanned, I still maintain or lose weight. (My snacks are generally celery and peanut butter, or mini peppers and a bit of cream cheese, or cheese stick and almonds---no more big handfuls of peanuts and chocolate chips! That was what was sabotaging my efforts before. Too addicting, and too many carbs!)

OK, really got to go now! Mama to get ready before Littles arrive!

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4/12/21 8:06 A

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Maree - Good to hear you'll talk to an eye doctor today - and that the symptoms have abated already. But you only get the one set of eyes so extra caution is always wise. It does sound like you had a lovely Sunday.

Sue - LOL - I don't use double pointed needles any more except when I want to impress people. I'm glad I learned, though. I love your idea of excitement - at least - I appreciate it.

Phebess - I love the way DaP is so full of imagination. I also love it that she is a clothes horse like her Nana. We're going to have a lot of fun when she's old enough to operate a sewing machine. Hope you got a walk down to the dock.

Cindy - I'm so sorry about that headache. Hope it's gone for good now. And I like your plans for birthday celebrations, especially after a year of minimal contact with loved ones.

Nancyanne - I checked. You can still buy Geritol. Thinking of you on Moving Day Eve.

Donna - The late daffodils are all that's blooming now - most of them are smaller and many of them have pink or peach cups. And they have that strong paper white narcissus scent. So what did you do yesterday that felt different?

Kellie - it's ALWAYS good to hear from you. 2 more weeks and you can dial down the homework.

Nell - that young family had insurance because the bank requires that. The removal takes place this week and she has a contractor hired to rebuild. I asked if that felt exciting but she said she was so worn out she just felt empty. But she put it this way "I'm sure the glass will fill up eventually." Hooray for you and for Esme! Let's hope you don't have to go through another bout like that.

YooHoos to everyone else on the team.

DH had to be woken early today and shooed out of the house so I'm doing everything later. I also have a meeting in town at 10 but then I have an afternoon of sunshine and green grass all to myself - with dogs. A funny coincidence - I dreamed about a woman I know last night and when I woke up she'd sent me an email asking if I'll help her on an art project. Yeah - I hear the Twilight Zone theme song in the background.

Enjoy this glorious day everyone.

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4/12/21 6:05 A

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Good morning!

Thanks for all the concern with my eye; it seems better, floater reduced and light flashes were only visible when I was in complete darkness and seem to be gone. I will check in with my optometrist this morning.

A good day yesterday. We spoke with some dear dock neighbors and then came back to a clearing forecast that finally brought lots of sunshine. I was able to weed the flower garden and do some shopping for a new hedge trimmer and some shirts for DH.

Great to hear from you, Kellie. And from everyone else on their day. Time to dress for crossfit class. Hope all have a great day and stay healthy!

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