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Maree, that's what Toni's boxes look like, those beautiful wood and glass boxes for jewelry! Toni, if you glass them in, you can use them like greenhouses all winter!

Toni, we have a surplus of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes as well. We'll take them on the road with us, but it's nice knowing they aren't as necessary as we originally thought!

Bess, your studio sounds like such a lovely place to spend your days! And what a nice time with your little grandson!

NancyAnne, blinds or curtains are a must - between privacy and keeping out the morning sun, they qualify as necessary!!! So yes, stand up for yourself on that one! Once you're all moved in and unpacked, you'll be happy - but moving is definitely high stress. And yes, the issue is the landlords opting to rent regular apartments/houses only as short-term AirBnBs rather than regular long-term rentals. They charge more with AirBnB, so they make more money in busy seasons.

Cindy, that's adorable that Little 1 spent part of his birthday money to buy a Ken doll (and car!) so he can play with his little sister! And after studying the driving manual earlier this winter, he knows all the rules of the road, right? (Just the idea of that makes me laugh all over again.)

Nell, I'm glad Esme is doing better, wish you were too!!! And the housing development we're currently staying in has that six months or more clause for the owners, so they don't rent with AirBnB at all. The concept was good for people with a spare bedroom or kids who moved out - but one place we stayed in, the owner had divided normal bedrooms into what looked like stalls, just to fit in more beds and make more money. People took advantage of the concept, and AirBnB doesn't visit and inspect every location. I'd rather stick with small local hotels, knowing that local people are benefiting from our dollars. (Or whatever currency.)

Kate, sometimes instructors don't really know how to teach. So frustrating, especially when it's something you really would like to do. There used to be some Spark videos that had Bollywood dancing, and those were fun workouts. You might be able to find some videos online that you could use if you really want to continue.

Donna, I found that it helps me to drink 10 or more glasses of water (or weak tea, or herbal tea) through the day - I don't know why, but it helps me lose weight. Of course, it means either shorter walks or walks near bathrooms though! And in St. Thomas, we often couldn't find decent tomatoes, so I'd just chop up an apple instead. Oranges or grapefruits work in green salads too. Actually, berries or grapes work well too. I'd give bananas a pass though, LOL!

Kathleen, where do you live with bears that close to your house? That would freak me out too!

Sue, I've seen knitters have their needles confiscated on flights, as potential weapons - so maybe don't try that. I can't do anything in a car, can't even read the map for more than a minute or so. But trains - perfect place to crochet, knit, write, work on the computer. Love train travel!!!

DH and I have gone back and forth looking for a place to stay near the manatee area - he doesn't like chain hotels, I don't like noise or unclean anything. He wanted to stay in a place but even he commented that they didn't have a single positive review. I finally convinced him that no, we don't want to stay in a place like that. So we eventually compromised on a smaller chain hotel, good reviews, clean, pool for him if he wants, king bed. It'll be fine, it's just two nights.

Other than that, walking, crocheting, and a cloudy but warm and humid day. Rain is possible tomorrow and very likely for Sunday, so we may end up staying in for those days. Though I keep thinking I'd like to see the birds and the dock in the rain - these are water birds, maybe they hang out in the rain as well.

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Cindy - That is quite the egg story and you know good old Art Linkletter always used to comment "Kids say the darndest things!" emoticon Caramel is one of my daughter's favourites - and mine too. I'll be tucking into some Salted Caramel or Caramel Crunch (can't remember which I purchased) tomorrow as my Muskoka Maple is gone aside from a few beans. I drink just two mugs a day but it is a BIG mug so probably the equivalent of 3-8 oz mugs.

Phebess - Yes I do like keeping my hands busy and knitting does go well with watching TV or even travelling long distances in the car. I haven't tried knitting on a flight - not a whole lot of elbow room sometimes or space in general. Certainly makes sense to change up the menus and take advantage of produce on sale.

Toni - The little things that that we took so much for granted and we suddenly couldn't do because of a pandemic, I think are and will be treasured more as we get back "to normal". Some places are much further ahead in that regard than others. I'm still looking forward to the day when I can gather with friends and not have to be 6 ft away and masked. Our summer temps can vary but temps in the 70s and 80s are pretty normal. It can get hotter - ito the 90s - and sometimes be a bit cooler. Normal for this time of year is temps more in the 50s and we've been much warmer than that the past couple of days. Enjoy dinner with the neighbours.

Bess - That's great that your area has been able to vaccinate so many people quickly. Part of Canada's problem is not being able to produce our own because a couple of previous governments (about 20 years ago) shut down plants that manufacture drugs and vaccines. There is one being built - has been in the works for a while - and the present government (different political party) is pushing to get it built quickly. Having to be dependent on supplies coming from elsewhere has slowed down the process at time. Our provincial government has become reactive rather than proactive is dealing with the pandemic which is becoming frustrating for so many. Amazon is great for getting almost anything so I hope that you get your picture hooks soon so you can hang those lovely works of art! I started knitting for my great nieces years ago until my sister finally said she wasn't sure they wore what I made much and she didn't want me taking time to knit for them when they weren't going to wear what I sent. I have knit for my GS - he LOVES the Christmas sweater that I did for him a couple of years ago, but at some point he won't want to wear sweaters that grandma has knit. Mostly I knit for me.

Nancy Anne - Privacy for sleeping - especially if there are neighbours nearby - is important so I don't blame you for going ahead and getting the blinds so that they can be installed! My sister too is left handed but it's actually mom and I who have gotten along maybe a bit better over the years and seem to have more of the same taste. I know that mom is not kind to my sister at times these days (not the way mom ever was but because of the dementia) and it's hard on her. Sometimes my sister thinks mom resents them living there but if they weren't there, mom wouldn't be either! I hope that things get done and you can find your excitement for the move once again but the days before the move for everything to be done, are quickly disappearing.

Nell - That's good news about Esme - NOT good news that you are still feeling unwell. Something needs to give soon - this has gone on way too long again.

Kate - So sorry that the belly dancing didn't turn out for you because it could be so much fun with a more understanding and accommodating instructor.

Donna - Sorry that you're struggling with the scales so much. For me tweaking the diet a bit (replacing whole grain bagels and nut butter with egg whites, spinach and mushrooms on sprouted grain toast for example) and eating more slowly helped me to eat less and get things going because I was eating more than I needed. Have your checked out Pahla B's Weight loss over 50 (5-0) plan which advocates eating the right umber of calories consistently, exercising moderately, drinking the right amount of water, managing your mind and getting the right amount of sleep to lose weight consistently. I went through the process just to get an idea for calorie budget. Sometimes we just have to be patient but I do know, as one who seemed to be "stalled" for a long time, how difficult that can be. I hope that you can find a solution.

Kathleen - I'd be going elsewhere to walk too if bears were around! Best to walk in an area where you can feel safe and don't always have to be looking over your shoulder or checking the bushes along the side of the road.

Overslept a bit this morning - must have been the very dull skies outside after a few days of sunshine - so delayed the workout until early this afternoon. We had rain in the forecast but haven't had much - just a brief shower a couple of hours ago and the indications of a bit of a shower on the deck this morning. We seem to be back to sunshine now. Better go get my workout clothes out of the wash and hang them up. Enjoy your evening.

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Sorry about the abbreviations ( NANCYANN - Eat Like A Bear = OMAD)

I was up early and out the door. I went down to the local park for a morning walk.
If I haven't mentioned this before I live in the country and I don't like walking alone around my property because we have a lot of black bears here. They are so quiet you wouldn't even know one was behind you - so if I am walking alone I go down to town and walk. It is about a 30 minute ride.

When I came home i started a pot of tomato sauce. I like to make it in big batches and then mason jar freezing. I just finished up the last jar of tomato sauce that was made from last years garden tomatoes.

That Mississippi Pot roast is not to everyone's liking because Chuck roast is a fatty cut of meat. But it is an easy recipe and very tender when finished.

LYNCH - If you are working out that could make the difference on the scale. You know that muscle is heavier than fat. Try measuring your waist and hips monthly - you may have lost inches instead of pounds this week.

Okay Time to do some laundry.

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Morning all, we are in for a day of rain but that is ok. I can keep myself busy indoors.

Kate not everyone likes the same things, thank goodness. I think i would prefer a spin class too. You can’t get much better cardio than that either. All gyms are closed here. It feels like this is never going to end. Our DIL who is the teacher in the family had her first shot of Phizer yesterday. She is thrilled! Just maybe we can see each other soon.

Nell, good news Esme is behaving so far. It really is time for you to start feeling better. This just seems so wrong to me that you are suffering so much.

NancyAnne I can imagine how much your planner has helped with the move. Being organized sure helps with the stress. I hope you don’t have any issues with the blinds. Let’s hooe the countertops are installed in time. One thing you won’t be cooking for a few days while you are moving.

Cindy those Littles are sure entertaining aren’t they? Out of the mouths of babes!!! Now you can add another project to your list.....making doll clothes. Where will you find the time.

Phebess your salad does sound delicious. I think I will make one for lunch today. We have only hot house tomatoes here right now and won’t be enjoying the field varieties until late summer. They are the best.

Toni, enjoying a hogs trip with friends and dinner later sounds perfect to me. We are so far away from doing anything like that. Enjoy your perfect day!

I am struggling with the scale. I really am not doing anything different except for my gym workouts. I will have to give this some thought how I am going to make the scale move the other way. Is this still considered maintenance?

Enjoy your Friday everyone!

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From my friend Besshale.....maintenance is as much work as losing but we get to do it in cuter clothes.

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Cleaning ladies will be here in about a half hour, so 8 have to be quick.

While they are here I go for a very long walk.

I hated belly dancing Monday night. The music was too loud and I was having trouble understanding her. I told her it was too loud, she asked if everyone else could here, got a yes and ignored my comment. I almost tripped with some of the steps and stopped and watched and everyone else was getting it and she was moving on. I picked up my stuff and left. I’m not planning to return. I am a klutz and the steps are harder for me. I’ll go back to spin.

I’ll catch up later, but i needed to get it off my chest.

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I'm feeling really bad again this morning. I'm hoping my digestive tract will calm down enough so I can safely go to the grocery store for an hour. I managed to eat cream of wheat for breakfast, I hope the nausea eases soon. I am swollen up like a balloon from the cortisone pills, another discomfort.

Esme has peed in the litter box a few times since I brought her home, and I haven't seen any poop around the house. I am hoping the worst is passed. She is more like herself today.

NancyAnne, I bought a new townhouse long ago. New houses come without window coverings, an expense young homebuyers really had to reach for. We had a VA loan on that place so the builder appraisal didn't allow any "additions" to the stock house. We had to nail sheets over the windows until we could get blinds. I swore I'd never buy new again, and I never have. If you pay cash for the house (some people do) there isn't a lender to have an opinion. I think everyone has second thoughts about a move as it gets closer and the stress ratchets up.

I am so glad that condo associations in Virginia forbid AirB&Bs, though that wasn't on anyone's radar back when documents were written. All founding documents have to have minimum leases of 6 months, or lenders won't lend. Temporary housing depresses home values, there are whole communities that have been ruined by temporary housing.

Cindy, I doubt your niece has any idea what "sue me" means, but she must have heard it. She got the context right!

I guess I'd best try to get to the grocery store.

Reston, Virginia (DC suburbs)

No one ever got up in the morning wishing she'd eaten more the night before.

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Good Friday morning.

I'm back to normal, checking in early. I like it much better than nighttime, when DH has the TV on. This is the only time of day the house is QUIET, with just the white twinkle lights giving their soft illumination to the living room. Ahhh....

Lately the Littles have not been spending much time upstairs in the playroom. They prefer to bring whatever they're playing with---currently they're on a big Barbie doll kick----and make a huge mess all over the downstairs. It's not fun to wade through, but it IS interesting to listen to the conversations their dolls have. Little#1, the just-turned-8-yr-old boy, actually spent some of his birthday money on a Ken doll, and a Barbie car, and the two Littles have had so much fun playing together. Yesterday we took a walk over to my next farm neighbor's, and she gave me some fabric remnants (I got rid of mine when I downsized to just the main floor of the house a couple years ago), and loaned me some doll clothing patterns. So, if I can find any "spare" time, I will be making some clothes for the dolls.

Thanks to all who gave me interesting facts and info and personal opinions on fitness trackers of different kinds. I will start the decision process. Maybe when I go to Costco next month I'll know what I want...

Sue, I did get some flavored coffee this week when I went to Winco. Caramel flavor. I forgot how good it smelled!! And it IS delicious, but I still don't like it without cream and stevia. However, I can be very satisfied with only a tablespoon of the homemade creamer, instead of 1.5 tablespoons, so that cuts the amount a bit (since I drink---gasp!---5 cups a day!)

OK, rats, it's almost 6 already, so I've got to go. Prayers for you Nell, and for you Nancyanne!! And I hope everyone on the team has a terrific day!

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Good morning! I’ve been up since 3:30. Yay.

I had a mini-meltdown all alone in the basement this morning so that I wouldn’t wake my husband, then made the decision that I am going and getting blinds for the master bedroom and asking the builder if we can install them today, realtor be darned. She wanted to wait on that, as well as asking if we could put a few things in the house, until after counters were in. The counters have yet to even be delivered and we are down to the last that we can install blinds, because it’s about to hit the fan with the moving stuff- We won’t be able to get down to the house after today. So I’m purchasing them this morning, and then the builder doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to approve us installing them. And the realtor’s about to be okay with it. Call me odd, but privacy when I sleep is a need for me, not a want. It’s already bad enough we could very well be moving in without counters or a kitchen sink. I’m not living without the ability to have privacy when I sleep.

I’m beginning to considering regretting this move. All the excitement left days ago and now I’m just going through the motions because I have to.

Kellie- If you are reading this, before I forget, I want to thank you for the suggestion of the Passion Planner. I requested one for Christmas. It has been very handy in this move! Not only for scheduling all the stuff that needs scheduling, but also for keeping a list of prayers in the back. Normally I have several pieces of paper with my lists and schedules floating around. To have it in one cohesive (and attractive!) place has been a real blessing.

Kathleen- I figured out what OMAD and 2MAD are, but what is ELAB? And thank you for the recipe!

Nell- Crossing my fingers Esme behaves herself! And I’m glad you aren’t that sick, either!

Sunny- I’ve had only good experiences with AirBnB’s, except for once when I didn’t pay close enough attention to what the accommodations actually were. My husband would like to purchase a separate property to rent out and use for extra income. I said “We’re moving, in part, so that I won’t have to spend so much time cleaning. Now you want to purchase a property that I will not only have to clean frequently, but drive there to do it?” Yeah. Not happening. I wouldn’t mind the idea of renting out the bedroom/bathroom in the basement, but he doesn’t want people staying in our home, which I can respect.
Your weather sounds idyllic! Ours has been beautiful lately, but we haven’t been able to eat outside as we usually do because we didn’t bother getting the patio table and chairs out due to the impending move.

Sue- The sourdough rye was delicious- Nice and sour, which I love. I don’t know if I’ll ever figure out how to get it to have vertical oven spring like I see other bakers do.
I had to chuckle at your “left handed mother teaching right handed daughter” comment. I had the same thing growing up! Maybe that’s the reason I was no good at knitting/crocheting and don’t like it. For years I swept and vacuumed (rather inefficiently) left-handed. My sister is left-handed. She learned things much easier from Mom. They also got along better.
Your time disappearing for yoru husbands games reminds me of when my husband watches The Walking Dead. Err….. no thanks!

Cindy- Your egg story was adorable! She probably doesn’t even know what “suing” is- Just something she heard.

Phebe- Okay, I see. The landlords of the apartments are renting AirBnB instead of traditional leases. The way I read it, “regular” AirBnB owners, with places in or adjacent to their residential property, were somehow creating a shortage. That, of course, made no sense. We’ve never rented a proper apartment as an AirBnb, so I had a hard time envisioning anything different.
Your salad sounds scrumptious!

Toni- Enjoy the drive, yoga, and dinner! A nice social day for you!

Bess- Seems we posted at the same time! I'll check out the Fitbit website after we've settled. And I'm envious in a good way that you have precious time with your grands living close by.

Helllo emoticon to, Maree, Kate, Donna, and anyone else I missed.

I’m off to buy some blinds and inform people about their installation. Good grief, has this been stressful lately! Not at all what we’d hoped for, and we won’t even own the house when we move in it, completed kitchen or no. Focus on the positive. Right? Trying………

Have a blessed Friday!

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Nancy Anne
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Maree - Sometimes life really does get busy - and maybe sometimes more now that some areas are opening up a bit. How much working at home are you dong right now? And woo woo this is the mother/daughter weekend, isn't it? While Pawpaw takes DGD hunting?

Toni - you social butterfly you. And those garden boxes really do remind me of the glass jewelry boxes in gift shops. At least, they were in gift shops when I was a young girl. I hope you have some ruby lettuce one of those beds. As for babysitting, I always go to their house. All their familiar toys and things plus it always puts me near the better grocery stores if I want to pick up something special.

Phebess - what a yummy sounding tomato. We don't expect to have really tasty ones till July but the grocery store's very small cherry type tomatoes do have quite a bit of flavor. As for clearing the Enchanted Forest - we'll either wait for Randy (the hunter) to do it or DH and I will have to do it together because a saw is involved. I'll pull sticks out of the way if I can whenever I'm in the woods but DH will do the heavy work. I can still walk over most of the Enchanted forest.

Cindy - What a gem of a story about Little #2 and what a wonderful curious mind she has. You've really fostered that wonder - they're some lucky little things! Glad you got some sleep

Sue - Every place is doing it's best to roll out the vaccine but I'm very proud of our county and our local health system. The hospital vaccinated not just staff but volunteers - who haven't been able to volunteer for ages. And if, over the last 5 years, you had you'd seen anyone in the system, even if just for a mammogram, you were eligible for a vaccine. I don't know how they got such a supply of vaccines but they really have gone the extra mile. I tried knitting as a young girl and gave it up as too boring. I picked it up again in the mid '90s when the novelty yarns showed up - and did a lot of knitting for about 15 years. Now, mostly I just knit for The Grands.

Sunny - How right you are, this maintenance journey really does require all the tools we used to get here and then some. Perhaps an extra dose of patience. How wonderful to get to dine out in a garden setting. Enjoy!

Kate - hope you enjoyed the yoga. Where do you go when the housecleaners are there?

Nell - still sending you healing prayers.

Kathleen - woo woo thank you for the recipe. We love pot-roast here and this one sounds tempting. DH loves chilis in beef dishes.

Donna - Hope you got out in the pretty weather yesterday. And you can be sure - I did enjoy the grands. I'm so sorry your husband can't engage in conversation any more. I know that must feel very lonely. Big hugs to you.

Nancyanne - just in case you haven't looked at the fitbit website - they actually do have a pretty gold mesh wristband for the Inspire. fingers crossed the counters get INSTALLED toot sweet.

Yoo Hoos to everyone else on the team.

the carpenter showed up just as I was showering to leave yesterday so I stayed long enough to move everything in the studio to the middle of the room so he could install picture molding all around the room. DH and I stained and sealed it a few weeks ago and it looks so nice. I kept meaning to purchase picture molding hooks and, of course, forgot to - so I still can't hang anything but Amazon is quick. I'm out in the studio right now, after having put everything back in its place. It's kind of fun to watch morning come in this window rich space. It's a cloudy rainy day (weekend, actually) so everything is green and grey and soft.

I spent most of the afternoon with the middle grandchild while Mama took the infant with her to have an afternoon with just her daughter. My son was on a short day yesterday so we got in some happy visiting too. I feel so blessed to be close to this darling family I can visit often.

Today my 2 mile walk will probably be i a rain coat. But first - a manicure!! Yippee.

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April 9

Good morning! Slept long and deep last night, ahhh, felt great. Heading to my Friday yoga class in a few hours. Four of us go together. All of us are vaccinated and frankly it is just a little thrilling to hang out with four women for 20 miles and chat away. It’s the little things.

Maree, The garden enclosures DO look like jewelry boxes, now that you say it. Perhaps my veggies will be jewel-like!

Phebe, when did hot and humid sneak in? I’m still thinking of you, our friend in a coat while living in FL! And yes, the ‘have-you-fallen’ feature on the iWatch is a great feature. s

Cindy, I am cackling at your four year old niece saying ‘sue me.’ Kids say the best things.

Sue, what is your temperature range in the summertime?

Sunny, I am so glad I have been to the Desert Botanical Garden. This is high season for that, right? I hope your lunch visit is terrific. Until then I didn’t really appreciate the beauty of the desert. I’m curious as to the vegetables you can grow and the season you have. Will herbs be a challenge? I always think of many of them as heat sensitive, but WDIK!

Nell, hope that medicine is kicking in.

Kathleen, thanks for sharing your IF routine. I’ve tried it but decided it was not my best method. We’re all a bit different and what I love about Spark is how we can find the pieces of our personal ‘puzzle’ and get healthy.

Thanks for all the kudos about my DH’s garden cages. They really work in the space they are in. That stone wall promotes some early and mostly frost free growing. We will be harvesting lettuces I put in last fall in a few weeks. They were slow to develop over winter but now in these spring days they are coming on quickly.

Donna, I enjoyed The Survivers. What’s The Kindest Lie about? Sounds intriguing.

NancyAnne, laughing with Donna about ‘been there, done that, burned the tee shirt.’ So fun and funny!

Bess, did you have a great time with your grands yesterday? Is it easier to watch them in their own home or at yours? Do both of them have nap times or just the little guy?

With two social events today—yoga and a dinner with some neighbors—it feels like a new kind of normal. Grateful and curious about how the days will move forward now. Hearing that surfaces are not as dangerous as we thought does leave me with quite a few Chlorox Wipes to use up, I must admit.


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Good morning! It's Friiiidaaay!

A first for me--I didn't have time to read all of yesterday's posts; most but not all.

I love the garden boxes, Toni. They remind me of jewelry cases and look like they would be very convenient to use. Bon Appétit!

Big cardio day at crossfit class today with the rowing machine, mostly, sprinkled with jump rope and some other moves. Time to get dressed and hit it!

Hope all have a great day and stay healthy!

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