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7/4/19 8:11 P

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Jamir, mild IBS is probably the easiest to deal with of all possible outcomes - just pay attention to what you eat (as well as stress levels) and you'll figure out what foods work for you and what sets off your stomach woes. And of course it changes as you get older, but by then you'll be a pro at detecting what foods work for you.

Donna, enjoy Vancouver Island - such a gorgeous place!!! I hope the weather improves for you - bit chilly and damp still!!!

Econlady, great cookies!!!!

Nell, you're standing up for the rights of all of the condo owners more than you're being the bad guy. Think of yourself as SuperNell!!!

Bess, I'm so sorry you've lost another friend. We're of that age, I suppose.

Larissa, some of us are further from maintenance than others - but this group helps with not gaining, which is a start.

Maree, your boat time sounds wonderful.

It's cloudy and chilly, so I'm making it a rest day. I've been walking every day this week, but I want to avoid crowds and such. So, reading, catching up on email, and such. I shopped yesterday and bought food for today, so I have my nutrition accounted for. I'm just hoping we can see the fireworks from our balcony!

"Dance as if no one is watching."

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7/4/19 1:28 P

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Welcome, Rissa, and congratulations to you!!
Happy Fourth of July, folks!

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7/4/19 12:29 P

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Good Morning everyone and Happy Independence Day

I slept so good last night and even slept in. I rarely do that. That's how tired I was. Today is pretty low key. No plans until a picnic at 6 with our brothers and sisters in Christ. I do need to go pick up a few things at the grocery store and I thought I would go to the Firework stand too. We can also enjoy the fireworks of our neighbors. We'll make it a fun day for Michaela. She's much more relaxed that she's been. And she smiles and laughs more easy

You can all call me Bea that's a little easier than Stiggymt

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7/4/19 11:03 A

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Happy 4th to those of us here in the US!

Just a quick drive by from me. The scope went fine - too fine. Doc says that there is no narrowing - even though that was seen on the barium Xray when the barium pill got stuck and took awhile to travel down my esophagus. So...yay? There was some gastritis, and he took a couple of biopsies just to be sure there aren't more serious issues, but he's not concerned. I do almost certainly have IBS. Mild, comparatively, but annoying. And small bites and lots of fluids while eating. I do have a bit of a migraine from the come down from the meds. Started last night and is hanging on. I tentatively took off work for tomorrow, so we'll see.

The guy took off yesterday to babysit me, but has to work today and Saturday. He and dad (who was the real MVP driving me home yesterday as the guy had to be home to give the dog his insulin which my parents are not comfortable doing) with a bit of an assist from me got the rebuilt frame upstairs and in place. So we have our king bed. Slept pretty well last night.

Rissa - I hit goal, was there for awhile, but health issues, stress and such have me up higher than I'd like. This group has helped me from totally spinning off the rails. You're in the right place.

Hope you all have a good one!

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7/4/19 10:58 A

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Hi all it is not my 1 year anniversary. I will have to go and check on this. I thank it is around 5 or six years
Happy July 4th everyone
I am doing this on my phone as we are on the ferry heading to Vancouver Island. We will be visiting friends and family for a few days.

Donna from Surrey, BC, Canada
Pacific time
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From my friend Besshale.....maintenance is as much work as losing but we get to do it in cuter clothes.

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7/4/19 10:25 A

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Good luck Nell!

Below is my homework. We were play8ng with a new technique that causes the sinking into the icing. Since the gel has gold sparkle, the imprint might sparkle.

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7/4/19 9:27 A

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What a terrible day for a funeral, though he may have like the idea of fireworks. The Romans used to stage gladiatorial games at funerals.

@LARISSA238 Welcome!

My son is finally realized how badly he'd been snookered. He so wanted to be nice, that woman told him it would just be for a week or so while she looked for a place to live. We now know she was thrown out of her previous place because she threw out the owner's furniture to make room for her own. He came home from work one day to find that she had brought a truck in and unloaded all her possessions, he just didn't know what to do. She kept telling him it was temporary, he wanted to believe because it was easier. I'm happy to be the bad guy, I just wish he'd told me sooner.

Not much on today here, it's too hot for DH to go outside safely.

Reston, Virginia (DC suburbs)

No one ever got up in the morning wishing she'd eaten more the night before.

Original Goal: 114. Current old lady goal: 106.

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7/4/19 7:31 A

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Welcome 'Rissa - you ll love this group. And all of us know the bounce up after goal experience. I think, if this group wasn't called what it is, it could be named the Never Give Up Group. Hope you are all better now.
Maree - yippee for the quiet morning on the houseboat.
Kellie - big hugs to you with your tender heart. Enjoy your run
Stiggy - what a moving situation for your friend. And Happy Birthday Grandma! hmmm. my own grandma would have been 124.
Donna - hope you enjoyed your swim
Econlady - what a lovely "homework" assignment
Nell - well - all that talk about rice had me making some for dinner last night. Yup. 20 min for white
Msann - keep up the good work
Toni - so - are we going to get rain? If we do, you'll probably get yours an hour or so before I get mine. It does look awfully cloudy here.

A prominent member of our community - and an all round nice man - died in a car wreck on Sunday night. His funeral is today at 10 and I expect there will be 500 people there. My son is coming early to be able to attend. I don't expect to get inside the church - which holds, probably 125 people, so I won't hurry to dress. We'll just be present to swell the show of concern and support for the family. The widow is one of The Hundley Girls - that group of 5 amazing sisters I spoke of a couple months ago.

It will be weird to go to a funeral on a holiday and then go home and welcome guests, especially since pretty much all the local guests will have been to the funeral and the out-of-town guests won't know who this guy was. Let us hope that at least we won't have Mr. Thunderstorm as a guest this afternoon.

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7/4/19 7:06 A

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Hi all! I'm new, and I'm really proud of myself. I just got in about an hour of exercise on the floor and weights, something I've never done at home before. I've always had to go to the gym despite having a yoga mat and weights. I was close to my goal weight of 160-something, and then got sick in March and gained a lot to be in the high 190's. I joined this group for support to lose some more, and then maintain once I get back to my goal weight. I was so close, but I feel so out of control and I don't want to lose it!

~Rissa, AKA Diane
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7/4/19 6:45 A

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Good morning! Happy Independence Day!

Happy to be here on the houseboat, drinking a hot cup of coffee. Just Scamp and DH are up with me and I'm enjoying the serenity of the quiet morning.

Donna, congratulations on your one year anniversary of reaching your weight loss goal!!

Bess, yaaaaaay for "lights on" in the studio!

Hope those with plans of get togethers with family and friends have a wonderful time!!

And that any rain showers don't last long.

Hope all have a great day!!

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