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6/26/15 12:48 A

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Happy pre-Friday!

Dee, from sunny Southern California [Pacific Time Zone]

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6/25/15 3:01 P

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I have no energy to move in this warm weather. I walked the dogs twice and I had to carry my dog back home. He has a heart murmurer. I have been doing my usual washing dishes, and doing the laundry. I also need to clean the house. I made a grocery list and need to buy supplies. Linda from bean town.

Linda from bean town EST

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6/25/15 1:01 P

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Ate on plan yesterday and got in at least 60 minutes in the garden cutting up branches before the trash collectors arrived this morning I actually did more but wasn't sure how active I was the whole time, so logged it at 60. Was also on my feet more yesterday because I did get some decluttering done. If I actually took housekeeping seriously, I could probably chock up some decent fitness minutes.

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6/25/15 9:02 A

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MAREE: Chicken breasts are problematic, especially on the grill. I've brined them the way you do turkeys and that seemed to help.

Yeah, I've got my new rowing machine and love it. I was pretty down hearted about getting back into a maintainable exercise routine. After smearing myself all over the beach road, I got back up on my bike once. It felt like those photos you see of The Great Galzoni walking across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. I just was NOT comfortable. And it's been so hot that walking after sunup wasn't great either. I found a rowing machine that folds and rolls and fits perfectly into a corner of our bedroom. Better yet, the local dealer sells it for $100 less than the manufacturer's current "sale price." It's a great full body workout -- ask my back, shoulders and legs. Apparently I'm not allowed to post a link to the description, but it's the Bodycraft VR200 Pro Rowing Machine if you want to take a peek.

Breakfast this morning was whole grain bread with PB2, which is powdered peanut butter that you mix with water. I like it better than regular peanut butter since I like the taste of peanuts better than I do the oily mouth feel of peanut butter. Two TBS = 45 calories, 13 of them fat. Skippy = 190 calories, 153 from fat. It used to be hard to find PB2 but it's all over the place now; I just picked up a large jar at Costco.

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Eubie Blake
6/25/15 8:56 A

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Happy Friday Eve! One more early morning this week.

Ended up having a very large lunch yesterday. Way more than I needed, but was a rare chance to go to one of my favorite places, so I rolled with it. Wasn't that hungry for dinner, so had toast and grapes. Yoga last night - one of those practices that seems easy and then OMG it's tougher than it looks. Cardio tonight. Still listening to the back and adjusting accordingly.

Crazy few days. Hope that everyone has safe travels and a good healthy day!

6/25/15 8:54 A

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Ate a pice of cake yesterday. It is hard to resist. We are off to a hot Phoenix today. Hard to exercise in the heat. At least it will be light eating

Sunny in Southern California PST

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6/25/15 8:33 A

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Good morning everyone,

I'm SO glad it's Thursday, because that means it's almost Friday:).

I didn't eat too badly over the long weekend with family, but it was nice to get back to my normal eating routine yesterday, and the scale was nice enough to reflect it this morning. I took my walk and did some stretches this morning, and now I'm getting ready to start my work day.

It's supposed to rain here tomorrow and Saturday, but Sunday is supposed to be clear, so we'll flip our schedule around and do our weekend hike on Sunday. Of course, everything will depend on what the weather actually does.

Spark on, teammates!

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6/25/15 8:18 A

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Sounds like everyone is having a great start to the summer!

We got lost walking around today, but found someone who spoke enough English to send us on the right route.

Managed to keep my calories in range, got in extra steps with getting lost. Always good!

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6/25/15 7:21 A

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Good Morning!! WOW! A lot of you have started real early this morning!!

Maree, I will have to check out Clinical Kinesiologist. I use to go for acupuncture. Sounds great for any type of pain.

Su, have a wonderful time on your journey back to Sweden. Sounds fun traveling by ferry to visit your friends.

Bess, Yum, I love Spinach stuffed in Chicken or just about anything. I bake my stuffed chicken in a covered dish and it comes out very juicy and tender..

Toni, Congrats on your steps yesterday!!

I am taking the rest of this week off from running and glad I did. It is storming here in NC.. Thunder and heavy rain. We really do need the rain, so no complaints. Yikes, just saw lightning..

I will be doing a cardio workout and then some weight training. I also will be taking my mother later for her acupuncture treatment.

Wishing all a Great Day!

Sharon emoticon

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6/25/15 6:34 A

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Good morning. Wonderful image you painted here to start the day, Bess. What a blessing to have both the friendships and the place that allows for such magical evenings!

Maree, wow, and I'm so glad you are on to figuring your way out of sciatica.

I had a great step day yesterday - 15 K - and am working on food monitoring. Heading to the lake for the weekend and excited knowing it will be an active time.

Spark on, everyone. emoticon

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6/25/15 6:09 A

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wow - Maree - that sounds wonderful! So glad you feel better. Su - what an adventure - and I love ferry boat rides. My dream trip is to take all the ferries around Puget Sound. A bucket list trip for sure. Toni - I'm going to make it to the gym today. I haven't been in ages - mostly because I forgot on Monday, that my gym bag was in the other car.

I finally made those spinach stuffed grilled chicken breasts yesterday. Easy and tasty but grilled chicken breasts are always so dry. what do you all do to make chicken breasts as juicy as they are in restaurants? The filling was fat free ricotta, a little feta and spinach. My guests and I went out to the swimming beach without checking the tide clock and the canoe was high and dry - but with determination ... of which there was plenty ... we got that baby out on the water and made it across to the beach where we reminisced about all those years when we swam down the red moon path on dark summer nights. She and I share almost a decade of summers. Life is good. Love is better.

Friday eve, my maintainer friends! Friday Eve!

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6/25/15 4:53 A

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good morning from seattle - we are on the first leg of our journey to sweden for the summer. yesterday's exercise added up running around the house packing and cleaning and getting ready to leave, followed by a four hour drive, followed by dinner with our daughter, her fiancÚ and his parents. with more hours in the day, i would have made the 15,000 step goal, but sleep called. still, we came close.

today we take the ferry to orcas island to visit friends - it won't be easy to get too many steps in, but it should be lovely. focus will be on good food choices...

have a great day!

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6/25/15 3:59 A

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Good morning!

Up early because I fell asleep early -- I laid down after dinner and fell fast asleep. DH made Spicey Cajin Turkey Burgers with a package of ground turkey I bought Tuesday at Aldi. He got the recipe from a Dukan Diet website. Pretty sweet of him; they were delicious and I'll have a lean lunch to pack today!

At the chiropractor's office yesterday I saw a clinical kinesiologist. He tested 180 muscles and found about 20 in my glutes, hamstring, calves that need attention and 20 in my right shoulder. Using pressure points, similar to those used in acupuncture, he works on fixing muscles. He worked on the periformus muscle that had been causing so many problems. It is better; we shall see. Next appointment is July 8.

Cardio and cross fit for 90 minutes this morning but it's mobility day. They said it's ok to keep it up; just to avoid heavy deadlifts and certain weighted squats.

Hope all have a great day!!

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