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8/23/13 1:27 A

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Had a great day! Tortis, how wonderful the beach sounds! Plus eating healthy.

I LOVE popcorn, and it is really a low cal, very filling snack. Some time ago, I bought a single serving microwave popper, which requires 1 TBSP of oil, and 4 TBSP of popcorn kernels. I always use olive oil, because it tastes the best

NOW I must find some truffle-flavored oil! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing that suggestion.

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8/22/13 8:54 P

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My workout today was going for a run outside early this morning, then doing 30 min of strength training afterwards with a DVD. Getting ready for a 600 mile car trip tomorrow & again on Monday to see family in Denver, so I won't get another workout in until Mon or Tuesday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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8/22/13 8:31 P

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Hi All, I walked the dogs and went for eight walks today. I feed my daughter's cats. I took Mom out shopping and she fell in the parking lot. I was grateful another woman helped me get Mom on her feet. She was not hurt as she landed on her fanny very slowly because I was trying to hold her up but I could not support her weight. She weighs about 10 pounds more than I do right now. I am able to lift about 70 pounds but not a 132. She is not eating very much and she could be a bit weak. I may have to put her into a wheel chair but I do not know how to lift her in and out of it. I will have to ask my Mom's doctor if she is eligible for hospice. Linda from bean town

Linda from bean town EST

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8/22/13 7:49 P

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Hi all,
Yesterday was a great day. Took Mom to the Dr. And worked out for almost 1 1/4 hours. I good workout always makes me feel great.

I'm on track today with both range and exercise. My weight is a bit high but I still think its water weight. I woke up this morning and I could feel the puffiness in my face. I'm not sure why I'm holding onto water. My sodium isn't high.

That's it for today.

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8/22/13 3:12 P

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In spite of an unexpected chocolate cupcake, I was in range on calories yesterday. My other excitement was winning an exercise DVD on my spin of the Spark wheel. A coworker is out today with a sick kid. It happens!

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8/22/13 11:58 A

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Today's workout:
Cardio, core, weights, two Sparkpeople videos, stretching. A Blogilates video.

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8/22/13 10:00 A

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Love the daily check-in - wish I'd checked it out before now! I made my big announcement yesterday at work and felt the stress just lift off my shoulders. It's just not my problem anymore!! Retirement in January with 6 weeks of vacay still to come makes everything feel like it's right around the corner! Blood sugars and weight are stable this AM, so it's all good.

Stacy, KS

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8/22/13 8:25 A

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Morning everyone! Another quick check-in for me. A bit of a tough week at work, but I'm coping with it pretty well, and still staying on track with my program. Have a great day!

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8/22/13 7:26 A

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Ahh a beach vacation - Toni - enjoy it twice - once for you and once for the rest of us! Good to hear the rest of you are sleeping well and exercising faithfully. At work our software training starts in earnest today and goes on through tomorrow. Then we have a breather while the final migration occurs and Monday we go live with the new platform ... the last week of August is gonna be interesting.

I'm skipping my regular Thursday weight training to stay home and clean the house ... which I did not do last week while away for the wedding festivities. I've invited the trainer out here for dinner and don't want to be embarrassed by all the dog hair in the corners. That will have to be today's workout.

Way way way overate yesterday - but at a new restaurant I had what must be the best sweet potato fries ever. Glad I tried them once. Won't do that again for a very long time.

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8/22/13 6:46 A

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Hello again from the beach. House is full of grandchildren--sleeping at the moment. Nothing like a full day at the beach to send everyone to slumberland. I slept 8 hours straight last night without getting up once. I think it was that 70 minute beach walk on soft sand. A push.

The food has been healthy. I made an odd thing last night for an appetizer. Get this: truffle oil popcorn. It is simply popcorn popped with truffle oil flavored olive oil and than lightly salted with truffle infused salt. It is healthy and very interesting to eat. Who knew we could use olive oil to pop corn?!! Fun. I picked the idea up at an olive oil store.

Feel fortunate to be ending summer enjoying family and summer. Hope the last days of summer are being good to each of you. Thanks for your inspiration that keeps me on track during vacation.

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8/22/13 6:35 A

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Hey hey hey

Happy national be an angel day. You guys are my angels every morning.

I got my deck of cards workout in last night (see my blog) in addition to two 20-min walks and 20 min on the elliptical.

Several errands tonight. Not sure what activity I can get in today. We shall see.

Okay here we go!

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8/22/13 5:53 A

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I'm up, I'm in....

131.4 - Lower today again. Must be all the walking I am doing at work due to budget cuts.



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8/22/13 5:16 A

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Good morning!!

8 hrs of sleep, interrupted briefly to take a couple of Pepto tablets for a tummy ache. I feel good now though. I'm headed out for a 5 mi brisk walk with a fitness buddy. We take my 7 yr old shepherd golden mix for the first 2 dropping her at the house-- the 10 yr old lab can't handle it any more :((.

All is well. A new low on the scale--147.1. I received a compliment on my pantsuit yesterday--was asked if it was a size zero! Ha! It is a 4, but it was nice--just don't come very often when you're a maintainer (as opposed to a loser) lol.

Love hearing about vacations-- looking forward to enjoying that full moon on the houseboat on the river this weekend!!

Hope all is well for all my friends today!!

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