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3/22/13 3:56 P

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Hi All, Happy Friday to all. I am hungry now but I can not eat. I need to take a pill on an empty stomach. I will be drinking water. I need to take the doggie outside again. I walked with my doggie four times a day. Today is a beautiful sunny cold day and we walked for an hour already. Best wishes on your journey. Linda from bean town emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/22/13 3:40 P

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Hi everyone! Happy Friday to those of you not retired yet, like myself.
I got in a beautiful trail walk this morning and plan to do some free weights when I catch my breath.
I'm on day 5 of cooler 1 Clean Eating plan (difficult) so I am very proud of myself and the scale is very happy with me.
After day 7 I will slide right into cooler 2 plan. YaY! more fruit! I needed a kick in the pants.

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3/22/13 3:33 P

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Good Afternoon. I got in circuit training and zumba. I am working on good food coices.

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3/22/13 1:49 P

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Happy Friday to all! I am up a pound and a half from where I want to be, getting back to basics, trying to get my lean protein in first then the rest to follow.
I think my wine isn't helping with the weight loss or maintance for that fact.
Going out to walk my two miles while my husband overdoses on basketball!
Have a great weekend

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3/22/13 12:43 P

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I did better nutritionally yesterday and this morning after bootcamp I cleaned the car inside and out. Enjoying having dh working from home today since he just got back on the red eye. Worked on the taxes until late last night. Going to finish hopefully tonight.

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3/22/13 12:41 P

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Sick with a chest cold that set in Wednesday. Not feeling well and will probably skip much of my exercise routine again today. I thought that yesterday but still managed to get in some weight lifting and house cleaning despite much of the day on the couch. Raw and raspy in my chest and just not up to par. I don't get sick often and aggravated with this disruption of my exercise goals . . . that are just getting underway.

Good news is I got on the scale today and weighed 130! My lowest weight ever. I didn't eat as much yesterday but still not much below normal--I just wasn't hungry (now that is breakthrough---I am always ready and able to eat!) Just 5 days ago I logged a whopping 139.5 after a big weekend meal of pizza. I don't expect the 130 number will stick around long, but it is cool to see. My activity increased with my exercise program getting underway, so I may have to adjust calories to not lose anymore. . . now, that is a good thing!!!!!! I am making a resolve that I will be disciplined enough to stick with it this time.

Have a great day! (I'm going to get some orange juice and find the couch. Ugh!!!)

Update! NO MORE Wiggle room on my weight! Still figuring out how to keep balance and stay in charge. Staying active but could step it up again.

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(I'm STILL getting
there . . . )

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3/22/13 11:50 A

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Bought an Active Link yesterday--charging it up at home now, will get it set up when I get off work, and I'll be good to go. ST@Y today after work. Scale is creeping back down again toward my goal weight!


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3/22/13 10:20 A

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Good morning!

Well, today's my dad's birthday, so I made sure to email him and wish him a happy birthday (he's in Colombia on business until tomorrow...and no, he's not a drug dealer! emoticon ).

I had a mediocre run with my running group last night. My hamstring kept tightening up, so I ended up walking it off and stretching a lot. It's still bothering me a little today, but at least I don't have another run scheduled until Sunday.

Nutrition wasn't so hot after dinner, but I'm doing better than I have been. Tonight is a little work on the elliptical, then grocery shopping, then the weekend. Looking forward to it!

Have a FABULOUS Friday, folks!


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3/22/13 10:06 A

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Good morning and happy Friday! As expected, my weight is up after dinner out with my sisters-in-law, but it was worth every ounce! My final concert of the season is this evening with plans to go out after, so I'll keep that in mind at dinner time. Looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow.

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3/22/13 8:24 A

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Wow you all are up early; I slept in since it's my day off. I'm happpy to report that after averting the binge yesterday, I feel normal thiis morning. Whew! My back feels good, but my ankle is complaining, so I'll need to wear my air cast and be careful woth my activity. The scale tells me that one more vacation pound is gone as well. Hooray!

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3/22/13 7:45 A

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Good morning team! SO glad I found and joined you all a few months ago. It was one of thosse seasons in life where life was turned upside down and watching the scale creep up and not having time to exercise and do the things wanted and needed to remain where I wanted to be would previously have gotten me down so far that I would've given up the good fight and be well on my way to where I was before I found Spark. But you guys kept me encouraged to see that season through and finally, now that things are smoothing out and I am getting back to a better routine, I am within a half a pound of my goal weight range. Despite a crazy schedule yesterday....left the house at 3:50AM and didn't get back until 7:45PM and alot of need to eat outside of the house and too many tempting goodies, which I managed to leave alone....I had one of my best days nutritionally in a very long time. No fitness, but the day before I did circuits and burned almost 300 cals and tonight I will have a short kettlebell class and then ZUMBA, so I think it will balance out. Just a little general soreness, but it feels good. Saturday I work in the morning, so I may take a day off to rest and then Sunday I will have the chance to do a long(er) (hopefully 4-5 miles) before church.
Thanks for being such great examples to me and encouraging me to stay on track!

"Success is the result of what you do when the Woo Hoo is all through....."-ON2VICTORY (Robert)

"The miracle isn't that I finished...the miracle is I had the courage to start." - John 'The Penguin

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3/22/13 7:07 A

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Good morning team!

Nutrition was spot on yesterday. Did my strength training while watching tv with DH and then a 10 minute SP cardio video. Got up early this morning for a run. Will try to get my taxes finished up today and maybe clear off some other work from my desk. We are ditching the kids at their Nanna's for the evening and playing poker. WOOT!!

Everyone have a great Friday!

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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3/22/13 6:32 A

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It is impossible to hang out on this thread and not feel motivated to exercise! Thank you all. I am quite sure I have not been doing enough dancing in the kitchen! I love to listen to music while I cook so I am going to get with the dancing program!! And thinking about all of us kind of movin' with the music makes me LOL! Dancing Sparks!!

Safe travels, Celia.

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3/22/13 6:17 A

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Yippee it's Friday.

which sounds so silly since I love my job - but I love my weekends just as much. For that matter I love my Thursdays too. That's when I go in to the gym early and do strength training with a Personal Trainer - a retired fireman who understands exactly how to motivate me. I don't do well with a flung down gauntlet but give me a little praise and I will try twice as hard Next Time. he's always encouraging so I keep pushing. Often, when I leave the gym I am pretty much wiped out for the rest of the day. Alone, I can't seem to push myself that hard. Some of this is inexperience. I don't know the *feel* I'm looking for when I work out solo so I back off from the exertion. Also - some of these exercises I won't do without a spotter. But yesterday I wiped my own self out! And it was wonderful.

Working on a goal to be able to do 25 deep push-ups.Yesterday I did 2 sets of 8 and they were not very deep - but I do see progress. a month ago I could only do 2 sets of 3 and I barely lowered my body at all.

Dance on, my spark friends!

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3/22/13 6:14 A

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Happy Friday!! Dancin in the kitchen is a great thing, just did it yesterday myself!

It was so sunny yesterday that I came home from work a little early, changed and went out running. I ran 3.9 miles in 32:15. That beats my time from last Saturday's 5K by over two minutes. I guess the sunshine helps along with not being in the middle of 2200 people.

Two walking breaks at work today, then a little elliptical and arm work then relaxing!

I hope everyone has a very positive Friday! Safe travels Celia!

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3/22/13 5:22 A

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TGIF!! Good morning all! 8 hours of sleep. Yaay! Wishing you safe travel Celia.

I'm looking forward to a visit from DD and Granddaughter Saturday afternoon; family gathering that evening.

I'm off to the gym for 30 min elliptical and 60 min RIPPED class. Tonight there's a Girls Night Out hip hop class--I'd really like to go (learn some new moves for dancin' in the kitchen lol).

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

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3/22/13 12:51 A

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Yes, Toni, my last day to join you from hot, humid Bangkok. My flight will leave Saturday morning here, but it will be Friday evening at home. I have a very tight connection in Hong Kong, so no chance to login from there (unless I miss my connection). If all goes well, I should walk in my door just before midnight Saturday night. I really need to get to the hotel gym today and get in a vigorous workout to prepare for all that sitting.

Bess, I love that you dance in the kitchen when no one is looking. I do that, too!

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