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12/25/12 2:01 A

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Calories are at the low end of my range, which is good because my walking was minimal - it was pouring in Auckland, we flew to Wellington, and everything is closed. But I had Thai beef salad for dinner, and DH's side salad, so that filled me up with lots of fresh vegs - yummy!

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12/24/12 12:00 P

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Boy, everyone is up and at 'em today! I have to start by saying, "Mr. President, thank you for giving me the day off." It was an unexpected gift, given the pay freezes, pay cuts, and fed bashing of the last two years.

Today, the SparkCoach challenge is to get 30-60 minutes of movement in addition to my regular workout. MIL and DH are going out in a bit, and that will be my cue to get off my rear and move.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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12/24/12 10:41 A

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Good morning team! Merry Christmas Eve!

DH helped me wrap presents last night. Such a relief to have it done! Christmas day celebration at my house tomorrow so I will be doing a lot of cooking and prep work today. Have my workout clothes on and just had breakfast. Will let that settle then planning on a kettle bell dvd.

A couple lbs on the scale will easily come off over the next couple weeks guys. Don't binge, but enjoy your holiday!

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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12/24/12 10:16 A

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Hello everyone. Today will be a relaxing day for me. We're having BBQ tomorrow so not a whole lot of cooking going on. Enjoy your day.


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12/24/12 10:10 A

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I'm at work today. I baked rolls yesterday for Christmas dinner which will be at a brother-in-law's place. They also do Christmas brunch. After work today I just need to do some laundry, make dinner and rest before church. Call at 10, recital at 10:30, service at 11. Tomorrow will be a no tracking day. Merry Christmas everyone!

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12/24/12 10:02 A

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Happy Christmas Eve Team! emoticon

May you all enjoy family and friends and stay on track at the same time.

I'm starting off my exercise part of the day walking with my 83 year old neighbour and Bessy my fast walking border collie. We still have a bit of snow, but it has warmed up enough to get out and not freeze to death! My cold hasn't developed into anything major, thank goodness for that!

And.. for Christmas Eve dinner, I'm cooking up a nice fillet of sockeye salmon.

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12/24/12 9:57 A

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another day of snow blowing, cooking, and preparations for the arrival of 3 kids, one daughter in law, and 1 granddaughter - all fast asleep now. we had to drive 7 hours to get them and bring them home (should have been no more than 5). glad to be safe and sound for now.

wishing all a wonderful holiday!

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12/24/12 8:55 A

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Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! I'm working hard to enjoy myself without totally going off the rails. Thank goodness for the Mardi Gras Challenge to help keep me focused on staying within my maintenance range. Have a good one!

My name's Tina. I lost more than 90 pounds between March 2010 and March 2012 and have been keeping if off ever since. Had a baby at the end of April 2016 and am working to get back to my pre baby form, or at least as close to it as I realistically can!

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12/24/12 8:07 A

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Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas eve!

Warm Wags from Kitty, the Creepy Freak!
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12/24/12 7:28 A

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Jane, I LOVED reading your post! It is so full of energy and verve - it was the perfect way for me to start my Christmas Eve!

I've not been doing very well with my eating the last few days. We have out of town guests and somehow I've let entertaining be a reason to eat WAY off plan. Time to get that under control!!

Have a BLESSED day everyone!!

Marilyn in LaGrange, GA (EST)
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but the realization of how much you already have.

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12/24/12 7:23 A

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12/24/12 7:21 A

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Good morning!! Good for you, Jane, sounds like a great day. I'm past the stage of getting "lost weight" compliments--it's an adjustment, because the affirmations for maintaining the weight loss have to come from me. We are at MIL's house for the Christmas Eve festivities that are to start later today.

No scale for me; hoping to go for a walk with daughter and granddaughter today before the crowd gets here.

Merry Christmas Eve all!!!

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12/24/12 7:15 A

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emoticon Have a wonderful holiday! emoticon


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12/24/12 6:52 A

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Holy cow, it's CHRISTMAS EVE!

My trip to New York has been FABULOUS so far. Yesterday, my family and I walked to church and I got to shock the heck out of some of the folks I know from there (in a good way, since I had always been fat when they knew me). Then my brother, sister-in-law, the nephews and I played in the snow a bit before lunch, having a snowball fight and me pulling the boys in their sled (and I was able to do it a LOT more than I would have been able to before!). After lunch, my sister-in-law and I did about a 4 mile walk around town, and then went sledding with my nephews on one of the university campuses, and had a BLAST. We capped off the night going to a nearby town for some Christmas light displays then wrapped gifts while my mom made Christmas cookies for her friends and neighbors to be distributed today. I'm looking forward to helping her out later today.

I also weighed myself this morning on my mom's scale. It actually said 158.5! REALLY? Guess I need to start eating a little more...

Time for me to get my ST session done and hopefully a cardio DVD. Hope all of you have a FANTASTIC Christmas Eve! :)


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