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12/16/12 10:00 P

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Good evening - just another hectic day and ate WAY too much at lunch, but hopefully the light breakfast and fruit and veggies for dinner will help offset the damage. On the bright side, all Christmas shopping and wrapping is done and cards are written and off except for the last two getting mailed tomorrow and one Angel Tree gift getting purchased and dropped off tomorrow. Good thing with all the services that I will be doing lighting for and the practices, work, a couple of runs and a couple ab classes. That will pretty much fill up the week. Hope you all have a chance to enjoy what is left of the season.

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12/16/12 8:20 P

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Good evening fellow sparkers! Enjoyed a great touching service at church this morning followed by a delicious brunch w/my dear family. I also had a great nap this afternoon. Likely going to regret it later buI had gotten up way to early this morning to laze around w/my kids before church.

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12/16/12 4:39 P

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Another good day - cals in range, lots of walking.

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12/16/12 3:03 P

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Hi, everyone. I'm feeling grouchy and mean this weekend, and it doesn't take much to set me off. I know I'm still experiencing emotional distress, but poor DH is bearing the brunt. I couldn't find the folder of Christmas letters I printed out, so things went flying while I searched before I gave up and decided to heck with Christmas cards. Went to a club Christmas brunch and managed to be quite good, considering the buffet spread. Lots of veggies on my plate left little room for much else, and dessert was two small, chocolate-covered strawberries (half dipped) instead of the huge hunks of rich pies and cakes. Will be going out again this evening, so I'm glad my choices for one meal were good. Also got in a good, fast walk this morning. Just want to get a handle on this anger.

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12/16/12 2:38 P

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Good afternoon everyone!
I slept til 11:00 today! I couldn't sleep til after 1 am- maybe that's why- or maybe the sugar binge I had while making holiday goodies yesterday. I didn't let it get too out of control though, thank goodness. I ended up being only a little bit over target by the end of the day, so I feel pretty good about that.
Planning to go to my parent's house this afternoon to visit them- my brother and his kids are there too. I definitely need to get out of the house today:)


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12/16/12 1:50 P

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I've done very well this weekend. I met friends for lunch yesterday and had prelogged my food. It kept me from getting something else. I'm having dinner with friends tonight and will do the same thing. I stayed in my calorie range yesterday and I plan on doing the same today!!!


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12/16/12 1:14 P

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Howdy, everyone. We had the church Christmas program this morning. It included a nice brunch. I'm fixing a simple lunch then we go to the high school concert. This is the final performance I'm involved in this season. Early tomorrow we fly to AZ for a few days with my parents. I look forward to seeing them and having some nice weather for running outside. I plan to fix most of the meals, so I should be able to stay on target with eating. Will try to check in from time to time. We'll be back home Thurs. afternoon/evening.

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12/16/12 12:36 P

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I was over on food yesteray because of my grazing lunch at a housewarming. I ate what I wanted but did manage to stop myself when that little voice was saying, "Just one more." when I was already full. Lots of sodium, my ring and the scale tell me so. Also, I dreamed I was drinking glass after glass of water. Today I think I'll make that dream come true!
I was awakened early by the sound of a cat hacking. I got her out of the laundry basket and most of the way to a hard surface floor before she horped. So I cleaned that up without turning the lights on. My husband? Sleeping the sleep of the just. Then when it's time for him to meet his buddies for an early tee time, he bounds out of bed, fresh as a daisy. Not fair at all.
Good luck Catmagnet! Remember, it's just a date and and experience. And if nothing else, a good story to tell! Best of luck to all with your party eating!

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12/16/12 11:17 A

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Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a great day!

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12/16/12 10:58 A

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Carol and others with big holiday parties to attend, my attitude when I go to them is "I hope they at least have salad or veggies." I don't view a party as a party for ME, to eat what I wouldn't normally have.

Jane, I hope your date at the museum goes well. That's a great setting for a first meeting.

Making gift spritz cookies and doing the laundry is on the agenda today. Yesterday was gift wrapping. The pups are doing really well with their training. Fewer accidents all the time. And I'm fine-tuning my weight. It went a little low yesterday, but I was able to nudge it up a tad.

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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12/16/12 10:35 A

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Goodmorning fellow maintainers,
I'm enjoying my morning with coffee and Sparkpeople.. I love having this ritual now and it is helping keep me on track!

Everyone sounds super busy with Christmas coming up very quickly. This year no one from my family is coming for Christmas, so It will be super quiet for us, thus I won't have to worry about all the sugery foods. And, I'll have lots of time to stay on my exercise program, which I really enjoy.

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12/16/12 10:11 A

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Good morning!

Eating breakfast and drinking coffee. I have my dinners for the week planned and will go grocery shopping this morning. Had a great week on food/fitness and even got caught up on some housework.

SIL has gained some weight over the last year or so. She's on SP and is exercising really good. She's gonna come over this afternoon and we will work on a meal plan. I'm super excited!

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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12/16/12 9:50 A

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Tis the season! I hope everyone has a wonderful day/evening with all the various celebrations! We will start our day at the Farmer's Market - I love the rainbow chard that is in season, and the honey crisp apples are still so good. We have a holiday party to attend tonite, as well. I have already volunteered to be the DD which will save me some major calories. One more week before I begin Winter Break - I am so looking forward to some time I can dedicate to fitness and working toward these final lbs before maintenance!

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12/16/12 7:47 A

Wow! Fancy stuff! I hope you all have a great time. I don't usually get on here on Sunday morning, we are preparing to leave for church but I decided to check in, It is a commitment to keep. We are having our Granddaughter come home with us to decorate our Christmas tree and we will listen to Christmas music and laugh and probable bicker at bit and it will all be fun. Turkey and noodles (it's her favorite) and I will load up on veggies so I can carefully measure those noodles! Have a great Sunday, we are going Christmas caroling from church tonight and it is our first time joining in with the caroling so I am very excited. Cookies and hot chocolate afterwards. One cookie and probably no hot chocolate. Have a blessed day!

Kathy Jane

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12/16/12 7:43 A

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Looking forward to a walk today - not sure at what point of the day that will happen but it will. Be happy, Pat

I believe in myself, I am a strong woman. I will reach my goals, I will live my life with integrity and intention. I will set a good example for my daughters and my son. I will be a woman that makes my grand children proud when they look at pictures of me long after I've left this earth.

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12/16/12 7:30 A

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Good morning!

I'm about to walk to the gym in order to do my run, but wanted to check in first.

With the SparkPeople Motivator title and everything else that has been happening, I think I buckled a bit under the pressure of actually succeeding at something, which is why my food wasn't so good the past couple of days. It's a feeling I'm not entirely used to, so I'm focusing on just getting back to basics and although I'm thrilled that my journey is inspiring to people, I need to put the blinders back on and just focus on what I need to do to keep healthy.

My date is later today after church with the nurse I've been talking to. We're meeting at an art museum in order to see an exhibition of porcelain. I love the decorative arts, so I'm looking forward to it. Been also talking to another gentleman who's a local teacher, so we'll see how everything goes.


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12/16/12 6:14 A

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good morning! i've been slacking off on tracking, but weight was down this morning, beginning to wonder if maybe i've got it down now, what i can and can't eat, and still stay within range. we've been walking all week since our last run monday, going to try to get a run in today. and ST - have slacked off there as well... need to get back on track.

have a great sunday and good luck meeting those challenges!

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12/16/12 5:48 A

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Good morning! I have a retirement party to go to today; it's being held at the governor's mansion. Woo hoo! Should be interesting. I appreciate hearing how all my team mates cope with challenges that come with attending these special events. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!

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12/16/12 5:40 A

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Good morning! Brunch sounds awesome. Have way too much fun. Great day yesterday. Our Seminarian was ordained a priest. There was a food filled celebration after. Tons of pastas, and desserts. I am pleased to say that I stayed on plan.

Christmas party at the neighbor's today. It is really an event. One more eating challenge, but I will have a low cal snack before I go so that I may avoid the hunger that starts me going off plan.
Have a wonderful day. Carol

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12/16/12 5:07 A

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Good morning, Team. Sunday it is. We are going to brunch with friends. Eggs benedict is my go to brunch order. If Hollandaise is on the side--a litte goes a long ways for taste--I can stay in cal range. We are going to a lovely place, and the conversation will be good. Looking forward toi it.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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