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12/12/12 8:48 P

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LEB0401: Hurray for low calorie density foods! Not good to be too low on calories, but a nice surprise when you think you're overeating and find out you haven't! I'm feeling frazzled. Work is still busy and shorthanded, I had many things to do this afternoon before heading for choir practice. Already thinking about tomorrow--cleaning the house for the housekeeper (I don't know anyone who doesn't clean before the cleaner comes!) and baking cookies for a recipe exchange party at work. My "secret santa" gave me some cookies today but I was noble enough to bring them home to share! emoticon

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12/12/12 4:16 P

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Had a good day yesterday. Today I started the day with a soothing and relaxing bath, loaded the car with our suitcases and now hanging out with our stuff while dh is on the phone business meeting. I learned how crazy busy his business trips are. I am looking forward to seeing our kiddos tomorrow. No exercise planned for today other than walking around the airports.

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12/12/12 11:27 A

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There's a lot of positive comments below. That's good to see.

I splurged on treats yesterday but still came within calorie range. Missed the mark on protein and fiber... drats.

I'm getting excited for Christmas, which is unusual. I'm usually bah humbug, grinchy Grinch. We brought a new puppy into the family a few weeks ago and she's giving me energy and revealing things about myself and my family (including the family kitty) that is amazing me.


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12/12/12 11:20 A

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12/12/12 11:16 A

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I weighed in one pound below goal this morning too! Had such a sturdy portion of squash with supper last night that I didn't have room for my usual ice cream treat. Have a lot of little things on my agenda after work today- need to cook up a new batch of quinoa, bake more Christmas treats, get to the Y for ST, stock up on a few grocery staples again. I hope I can get everything accomplished that I want to tonight before I want to crash :)

Glad things are looking up for your dad, Barb.

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12/12/12 10:34 A

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Good Morning everyone and a better morning it is. Finally I'm starting to feel better and can get back to exercising a bit harder.. when my arthritis flares, I have to really tone down the exercise to a slower pace, but better slow than none at all, especially with sore joints and body!

Everyone is doing so well and I enjoy reading your daily posts. emoticon

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12/12/12 10:33 A

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Happy Sound Check Day! (Testing...12...12...12)

I did a spin class last night and some heavy duty strength training this morning (yes, including hammer curls as well as concentration curls) and will be headed back to do some cardio tonight. Then I have a few things to do around the apartment until bedtime.

The knee is still oozing a bit, though the scab is shrinking. I'm still hoping that it will be completely healed (or at least small enough to cover with a regular band-aid) by the time I head to New York next week, so I can still get my runs in. Fingers crossed!

I'm feeling a bit sluggish today, but hopefully that feeling will go away soon.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday today!


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12/12/12 9:33 A

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Hi everyone,
It's been about a month since I've posted. Kind of a rough few weeks. On the plus, I went to record my weight this morning and it's the same weightI recorded on 11/13, so Yay, I'm maintaining! I still haven't reached my "goal" yet, but being 1.4 above it isn't so bad either.

Thinking I'm going to have to make an appointment to talk to a doctor about things, though. I think I've been focusing too much on my weight. I obsess about how I look, because in the mirror, I think I look huge. I was taking daily pictures of myself to see how thin I looked, but I'm not sure that's healthy behavior.

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12/12/12 9:24 A

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Good morning, team!

I had a pretty good day nutrition-wise, got all my water and then some and worked out. I'll call yesterday a success. Now to just repeat.

Scale is hovering a little higher than I like, but I know why and how to reverse that.

Have a fabulous day!

~Christie in NC

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12/12/12 9:14 A

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Scale still on the downward trend. Beginning to wonder if my maintenance number is a little high.

Ran 2.25 miles last night (trying to get mileage back up after a break from running) and boot camp class this morning. Nutrition is going beautifully.

Its going to be a doozy of a work day. Taking deep breaths...


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I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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12/12/12 8:42 A

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Morning Everyone :)

I just got a surprise on my nutrition tracker... I ate a whole pound of jambalaya for dinner last night, thinking I had just enough calories to fit in the second bowlful. Well, I just entered the recipe and tracked my dinner and I was over 500 cals short yesterday! Whoopsie.

O, dear Nutrition Tracker
Your wisdom doth keep me thin
I shan't sup without your guidance again!

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12/12/12 7:34 A

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Good morning to y'all. This is really early for me, but there's a full day on schedule so I needed to get up earlier than usual to get ST done.

Thanks for all the prayers for my Dad. He is doing well for now. The catheterization they did determined that the problem is not a blockage. He is having an atrial flutter issue. He will return to the hospital on Thursday morning when they will do some laser work to help the atrium work better. Your continued prayers are appreciated!

Oh, yes, 12-12-12 - the day some say the world will end. Have a great day anyway. I plan on being here tomorrow.

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12/12/12 6:23 A

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good morning! we didn't arrive where we're spending the night in seattle until it was almost time for me to get to work (midnight here is 9 a.m. in sweden), and i had to grab a couple of hours of sleep first before brain would work, so a late start to my work "day". we took a very short walk with pelle before a looooooong day of errands and car riding. got a LOT done, including an hour of errands done on foot while DH was at the dentist, so i still managed to get in 7000 steps, which is not bad, plus i had done the runner's workout already, so i can be satisfied with that. nutrition - well, if you don't stop to eat and forget to bring snacks, healthy or otherwise, and have lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 8 pm, i think the calories had to be ok.

today will be more errands, but fun - we saw DS#1 yesterday, and will see DD today. haircut, shopping etc.

and making good choices! happy 12 12 12!

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12/12/12 6:06 A

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Good morning?

Guess it's a day to think in dozens! 12-12-12 indeed!

Had a sweet weigh in this morning, a pound below goal. I love it when that happens!

Decorating our tree today, after yoga class.


Hope everyone has a great day!

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12/12/12 2:07 A

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Not enough walking (more rain) and probably a bit high on cals - but makes up for two days of lots of walking, I guess.

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12/12/12 1:30 A

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Good morning! It's just after midnight. I crashed after my super stressful day at work yesterday; slept from 6:30 to 10:30, but then woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so I just finished writing out some Christmas cards. My weigh in yesterday was on the low side--yaaay! Fitness routine and nutrition on track.

So today at 12 noon, there should be some celebration, right? 12-12-12 at 12:00. Hmmmmm. What are some good ideas? A 12-pack, uh no. A dozen of something--flowers? eggs? jumping jacks? miles?

Hope you all have a great day!

p.s. Prayers for your dad, Barb.

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