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12/8/12 6:49 P

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Wow, Thomasina, I'd never heard of esophageal spasms till a few months ago, and you're the second person to talk about them. My massage therapist also has them, and the docs treat hers with botox.

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12/8/12 12:15 P

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Thomasina, I hope that esophageal spasms aren't as painful as they sound! Ouch. CatMagnet, that's one of the lessons we all have to learn--our bodies like to mess with our minds! Actually, some scientists say that the digestive system is our second brain, since the enteric nervous system has more neurons than the spinal cord. I didn't get everything done I'd planned to yesterday, but I did quite a bit. In spite of the Costco hot dog for lunch, this morning I find myself on the right side of my goal weight for the first time in months. emoticon

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12/8/12 10:44 A

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Good Morning maintainers. It sounds like everyone is doing well and some getting very busy with the Christmas season sneaking up fast!

I'm feeling quite a bit better this morning after the last esophageal spasms bout, but they do wear me down as they make eating and exercising difficult. Hopefully they will stop for awhile!!

This is my 3rd week in maintenance and I'm still losing, so I'm upping my calories another 50 to 100 per day and see how that goes.

Have a great day everyone!

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12/8/12 9:38 A

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Good morning!!

Per usual on the weekend, I'm up early and the rest of the house is sleeping. I love this time. I sit at the computer drinking my coffee with no fighting kids or bossy husband. Ahhh...

Today is going to be the last pretty day for a while. The plan is to go to the park for a run (I don't do that very often), and then quick trip to the grocery store. We are having a poker/UFC night at my house tonight so I will do some light housework and cooking. Hoping to sneak in a nap this afternoon before everyone gets here...

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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12/8/12 8:43 A

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A mouse nest?? Now that's something I never would have thought of, Sue.

Great job breaking 130, Kitty! emoticon emoticon

I'm hanging in there close to goal myself. I swear that part of it was just setting that goal and being determined to stay there.

Off to a writing workshop this morning and no idea what we'll do the rest of the day.

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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"Everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be."

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12/8/12 8:17 A

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Morning all. I'm down to 128, I finally stopped trying to break 130 and now it happens!

Warm Wags from Kitty, the Creepy Freak!
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12/8/12 6:45 A

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12/8/12 6:42 A

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Okay, guess I'm a little tired this morning. I could swear that I posted my morning check-in, but on what thread, I couldn't tell you. This month is just too busy!!! Maybe that will keep me from having time to put too much food in my mouth - LOL! Tomorrow is the first of the Christmas parties of the season, another one on Monday (that's the dangerous one - and the only one I will allow a little extra latitude). Plus, I will be doing lighting at services every weekend through full time caring for finding time for eating trying to keep my head above water taking care of the house...etc etc etc. NO cookie baking THIS year. Just need to be extra mindful that I am getting my sleep too. Being overly tire is my biggest trigger to overeating - especially sugar! Dangerous combination!!! PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!

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12/8/12 6:26 A

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It's about quarter after 5 here and I'm waiting on laundry to finish drying after hanging my running gear. I do my housework at the strangest times!

Anyhow, I'm getting set for the Ugly Sweater 5k Fun Run this morning. Picked up my packet last night, and so I have my Sam Adams pint glass, the Santa hat, my beer tickets (though I won't use beer but I need my calories for nutrition!), and of course, my fake mustache. emoticon It's going to be as big if not bigger than the Turkey Trot, I think, and should be a TON of fun!

I also ended up talking to one of the prospects from Match on the phone last night for over an hour. He's a nurse in the Critical Care unit at the OTHER major hospital in the area (though he's interviewed recently for a position at a hospital in the system that I work for, so we'll see...), and although he can be unbearably cocky at times, it's been with a self-deprecating sense of humor, and I've been able to keep him in check. We'll see how it goes.

Had a carb craving last night that I succumbed to, but was still in range. Been hovering around 164-165 pounds this week, so I think my body is settling into its new set point. This could be as good as it gets, but you know how it goes...I say that, then I have another dramatic weight loss. I really should give up on trying to figure out what my body is doing! lol

So a lot going on this weekend between the fun run, Christmas shopping, the new guy, work that has to get done this weekend for some of the hospitals I'm responsible for, and hopefully FINALLY making a dent in my big clothes. I'm getting REALLY sick and tired of seeing all of those in my bedroom, and I need to really just buckle down and work on that.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!


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12/8/12 5:47 A

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Good morning! I am glad it is the weekend. I went for an hour walk yesterday and it felt great. I am really being consistent with everything right now and it is paying off. Looking forward to a holiday party tonight with good friends.

Have a wonderful day, Maintainers! We have all done great work this year!

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12/8/12 5:31 A

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good morning! woke up to snow yesterday, not too much, just pretty and white and fluffy, so we scrapped the morning run and took a beautiful walk in the snow instead. i wore the fitbit for the first time, and it decided that i had climbed about 34 flights of stairs because of the hills on our walk! doctor's appointment to get my blood drawn for my thyroid - first time i did not become a human pincushion, could be because i drank about 3 glasses of water beforehand. then straight from the people doctor to the car doctor and more walking while waiting for a mouse nest to be removed from the vent system that was blocking the defrost air. dinner was at a really nice restaurant, and weight is really not good today, but there is no way i ate *that* many calories, so it has to be salt... at any rate, it will keep me on track for today!

have a great saturday!

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