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12/3/12 3:56 A

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Climbed a volcano, burned about 1500 cals - probably ate too much, but I figure after hiking up and then down, I probably needed it.

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12/2/12 5:01 P

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Had a wonderful run with a new running buddy and an old running buddy yesterday. Of course, I wiped out all the good that did with an overindulgence on cookies after work, but am doing better today. Just lacing up and getting ready to head out on another run this evening early and am on a plan to do at least one mile every day this month. I can do that much even on the treadmill and that will get me at leas ten minutes of fitness everyday, so, that's the goal for this month. Will try to get on a training plan for a half-marathon and also to maintain, if not lose a couple of pounds this month. If I can accomplish that much, I'll be happy with the progress.

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12/2/12 4:29 P

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Well, I had an interesting day. I went for my usual Sunday morning run and ended up taking a tumble a little over 3 miles into it. Walked to the ER, which was about 2 miles from where I tumbled, with blood dripping down my legs and face (scraped up my knees a little on my palms and along my right temple). I'm sure I looked like one hot mess, but I got to the ER, and got looked at. Fortunately, there was no damage other than scrapes in the afore-mentioned areas (was worried about my noggin more than anything - wanted to rule out a concussion or some sort of other more serious head injury, especially since I'm on blood thinners), and so I walked the rest of the way to the gym where my car was parked. I freaked out some of the staff there (::snicker::) and then headed home.

After lunch, I had this nagging feeling going on...I had to finish my run. So I headed back to the gym and ran another 3.2 miles. The ER doc said that I had no restrictions, since it was just scrapes and a little bit of bruising and swelling around my right eye, I didn't see the harm. It felt good to finish up my run and come home.

So no boot camp or yoga for a few weeks as my knees heal, since some of the stuff we do in those classes is on my knees. No swimming either, since they don't want people in the pool with open wounds. There's always other stuff I can do for exercise, so I'm not worried. :)

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12/2/12 12:42 P

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The recipe link worked when I just copied and pasted the URL. HAKAPES, it looks wonderful, though I don't think I could possibly eat only a one inch square! Please keep sharing Hungarian recipes. emoticon

Well, yesterday I "ate like a normal person" and was therefore about 1000 calories over. I had a small breakfast since my husband had to go in to work, then a late lunch out, where we ran into family who'd already ordered, so I didn't have time to think...a messy burger and garlic fries. Later we went to see a movie (Life of Pi...pretty, but too book-clubby for me. I didn't think much of the book, either.) and then had milkshakes on the way home instead of dinner. In spite of that, my weight this morning is lower than it's been all week. emoticon

Goals for the week: More walking. More real cooking, even if it's "cook once, reheat several times".

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12/2/12 10:43 A

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The exercise vibe inspired me too, gotta do something physical today, it helps with the mind, body, and spirit.
Have a function tonight, haven't seen these people in a while so lots of fun to come.
We are doing a minor house renovation, hardwood floors and it is stressing my husband out, he is a crazy man and he is stressing me!!!
Send positive thoughts my way this week, please!

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12/2/12 10:25 A

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Brooklyn, you inspired me, too. I jogged a little last night, and so far my wonky knee isn't complaining about it.

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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12/2/12 10:24 A

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Good morning!

Going to get on the treadmill after breakfast. Sunday is my grocery day. I have my meals for the week planned and will get everything bought. Family dinner planned tonight for MIL's birthday. I love having everyone over and making a special meal for birthdays.

Great work on the race Brooklyn!

I'll make it to the moon, if I have to crawl.

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12/2/12 9:31 A

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Good morning team! emoticon

...still taking care of my throat...lots of tea and TLC. emoticon for your concern yesterday. I know I am a newcomer here to this team, but I appreciate your reaching out.

Off to singing this in Worship today:

Looking forward to resting today, but I am planning to run emoticon too later this afternoon ( cardio aids me sometimes in healing when my body is very cool)
II love to run....and I'll take the hills today.

BROOKLYN_BORN - How emoticon that your church wont the team trophy!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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12/2/12 8:53 A

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Off to church in a few minutes- then I have a shopping day planned with the BF may come too- he hadn't decided yet as of last night :)

Have a great day!


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12/2/12 8:53 A

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Good morning everyone!

Warm Wags from Kitty, the Creepy Freak!
Central Time USA

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12/2/12 8:49 A

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Oliver, I got an error message when I tried the recipe link. Dunno if the issue is with SP or not.

Sue and Brooklyn, you have inspired me. I actually jogged a little this morning. Well, more than a little for me...over half my 3.8-mile route. I had not jogged since September, so I probably should have taken it down a notch, say, day 1 of C25K, but I felt good, so I jogged as much as I could and power walked when I needed to (mostly on the steeper hills). Now on to ST.

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12/2/12 8:22 A

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Again I took the effort and type-in a home-made recipe for precise calorie tracking.

I added a photo and full instructions to make it usable by everybody.
It's moderate in calories.
Here it is!

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Paris/Vienna time (GMT+1; during Summer: GMT+2).

Just step-by-step. It goes a long way!

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12/2/12 7:34 A

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Our church won the team trophy in yesterday's 5K! First time ever! My time didn't have anything to do with it since they only take the fastest 5 times, but I'm so proud of our "runningest church in town." Our ages ranged from 7 to 70. My 32:15 was 27th out of our 45 finishers, the 2nd oldest woman on the team and 2nd in my 65-69 age group. There were only 2 of us - Ha, ha. As Woody Allen said, 80% of life is showing up.

No workout planned today, but I will be singing this afternoon in our choral society's Christmas Concert.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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12/2/12 7:13 A

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oh my, people are getting off to a late start - i slept in here in the pacific nw, it's 4 a.m.!

saturday was a great start to the new month, weight was actually down a pound from the start of november, and i am at the low end of my range - exactly where i want to be this month, of all months. i'm trying for a new streak of ST, just simple, something, anything - and the first day is done. we headed north to run in what we hoped would be crisp snow, but the temperature hovered just above freezing. not quite sloppy, but hard to get traction, even with ice bugs. we cut the walk to 4 miles, and walked the last to start the month with 5. nutrition went really well - we were still full from lunch so ate just a light meal in the evening, which is probably why the morning weigh-in was so good. it was movie night, we saw a classic - katherine hepburn and spencer tracy in adam's rib - i had no idea it was a "women's lib" movie!

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