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11/12/12 7:21 A

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Rough week-end nutrition wise, but oh, so much fun! Time to get back on track and serious about the fitness and eating now. Glad I have this one more day off to get my head together and get caught up from the weekend of fun and games. Absolutely swollen from all the salt, so hoping some of the 2 lbs is water.

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11/12/12 6:36 A

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Going out in Fox Forest woods this morning.

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11/11/12 11:38 P

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Attended a moving Veterans Day church service, then walked an 11K volksmarch on Bainbridge Island, WA.

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11/11/12 4:49 P

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Only walked 7K yesterday, it was a slow day since I got in so late the night before.

Ate in range, surprisingly - DH brought home cookies, but I was good and only had a few. Well, 1.6 portions. I consider that good.

Keeping warm with tons of tea and walking!

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11/11/12 2:28 P

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Thanks everyone for the greetings yesterday! I don't like beating myself over food but when I got off track, my body doesn't like it and I don't like it either. The run I did yesterday was great! Once I got warmed up in the cool air. 40 minutes in a 5K, for me since I'm not a runner, that is good! It's an accomplishment to me that I need to remind myself of. The problem happened when I knew I needed food for lunch, and instead of around my usual (yogurt and fruit or so) had a beef gryo. Tasty, yes. Made me feel like I wasted the morning, yes that too. I actually went to the gym that afternoon for 30 minutes of cardio. Mental games are quite a trip.

So I plan to get back on track, still always doing exercises but it's the food I gotta deal with. Going to start this off great well into Thanksgiving! Gosh darn it!

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11/11/12 12:13 P

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Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served. Please enjoy your day.

Too those who haven't served, if you are in the US - thank a vet today. Doesn't matter what your political view all, every vet gave up part of their life for the American Way of life.

All gave some but some gave all.

Warm Wags from Kitty, the Creepy Freak!
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11/11/12 11:22 A

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My FIL's memorial service was yesterday. It was a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. We're starting to get life back to normal, bit by bit. Funny how the world doesn't stop when a loved one dies--you still have to do laundry! My weight is up a couple pounds over the week, but I hope that most of that isn't "real" and will disappear when I get my eating back to normal.

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11/11/12 10:48 A

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Tortise, I had to laugh at your comment about getting up with the chickens. I woke up with the chickens, rolled over in the bed and watched the Sun come up and then took another short nap before actually getting up and dressed for Church.

It was a beautiful sunny morning, but now is becoming overcast. I will concentrate on some laundry chores and cleaning out the refrigerator this afternoon.

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11/11/12 8:00 A

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Good morning!

I'm about to take off for my run this morning, but wanted to check in.

Didn't get around to the housekeeping, but will make sure I get that done today after church. However, I DID end up spending three hours shopping yesterday between spending about $200 on new clothes (most of that was tops), including a pair of SIZE TEN pants....a size I haven't seen since high school! I did a happy dance and almost cried right there in the fitting room at Stein Mart when that happened...

Had a great time at my 3 classes yesterday at the gym, and I was definitely ready for lunch when I got home! I love to dance to Latin music, the guy who teaches the cycling class is always a lot of fun, and yoga is an awesome way to center me, so it was definitely worth it for me to spend Saturday morning getting sweaty, then strong and flexible.

OK, enough procrastinating, I'm off for my run. Have a great Sunday, folks! GO STEELERS!


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11/11/12 7:13 A

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Good morning! It`s going to be 70+ degrees today! Hubby and I plan on putting outside decorations up while it`s nice out, but not lighting them till after Thanksgiving. Yesterday was a terrible eating day for me. When Hubby is home he wants all kinds of goodies and eats his meals plus snacks and always brings me something because he thinks I need it too. Amazingly, I did lose .4, not much but at least no gain. We went through all our Christmas decorations and gave what we didn`t want to daughter. I did put some up in the house but not the tree. We start now because it takes a good week or so to get it done and they way I want it. Happy Sunday!

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11/11/12 7:13 A

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11/11/12 6:49 A

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good morning - i "slept in" today, set the alarm for 3 a.m. (if i sleep later on sunday morning, i can't get to sleep early enough on sunday evening to be able to wake up at midnight for work).

i've been struggling this week, slipping up with spark. mainly slipping up with nutrition and my weight is slowly creeping up. i'd hate to think where my weight would be if i had not gotten in my 35 miles. i woke up this morning, thinking i need to recommit to spark, maybe set a goal of 100 spark points daily. and i hit 25 points on login wheel - and then on the bonus wheel, too. did spark know i need a little extra motivation here?

have a great sunday!

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11/11/12 6:42 A
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Good morning! I've been up a while, too, and I sometimes wish for those "slower" times--before cell phones. With the 15 mo old gr-daughter here, I decided to get the shower, etc out of the way before she is up and at 'em. Whew! Do they have a "Fitness" entry for keeping up with those little munchkins? Yesterday was a fun-filled day, 70 degree temps and sunshine so lots of outside time and just watching closely -- stair climbing, the big attraction.

More treat foods than usual yesterday. I bought a new scale, on Bergner's Bonus sale, so I need to study and get it set up. More stuff to monitor, I guess.

We're having company today, so my routine will be off, but I'll try to make the best of it, keep indulgences to a minimum and enjoy myself. I hope you all have a great day. Thanks for all the motivation each of you supply daily!

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11/11/12 6:26 A

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I love it how the first one "up" starts this check in topic (-: I got "up with the chickens" this morning, excited for Sunday and time to read, write and plan for the week. As handy as everything being open on Sundays is, I sort of miss the days when the world shut down once a week. I try to take it easy on my own. I usually end up relaxed, cooking a bit and sitting down to watch a little football with my husband. Sliding in a bit of exercise too! Have a good Spark day, Maintainers!

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