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10/29/12 10:46 P

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Today I did really well! I plan to hike tomorrow.


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10/29/12 5:28 P

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Heading off to New Zealand, will do the best I can with jet lag and airport food for a day.

More later!

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10/29/12 4:10 P

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Not too much to report here. Hangin' steady at 148. Ate within range all weekend.

Had dinner on Saturday night at my aunt's house. This aunt, a couple years ago, had told my mom that she was "shocked" at my appearance. I didn't live near them at the time and only saw them maybe once a year. This was when I was 200+lbs. My aunt is a very sweet lady, and means well, and was mostly concerned for my health, but after my mom had told me that, I was really bummed out and didn't even want to go visit them because I felt ashamed. Now I live an hour away from them, so I see them more often. I purposely wore my skinny jeans and boots that make me look extra smaller LOL She mentioned more than once about how good I look, and was happy I was at a healthy size again. So, that was a nice little boost. I don't get a lot of people in my life telling me I look good all that often (boyfriend, I'm looking at you!).

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10/29/12 2:58 P

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This weekend, I got sick with a cold. I'm feeling a little better, but dealing with a sore throat and feeling like this big glob of mucus is stuck in my throat and won't get out. I picked up some Kroger brand Mucinex DM on my lunch break, so we'll see how that goes. I still ran and did some stuff on the recumbent bike yesterday, but my lungs were definitely hurting. This morning, I went for a swim instead of boot camp, and my lungs thanked me for it.

Going to create my own circuit training routine tonight, so hopefully, that will help get this cold out of my system and get me wiped out enough to go to bed early tonight. Unfortunately, talking just isn't in the cards today, so I can't call my mom for her birthday (one of two birthdays this week in my family), but she gets it.

Lost 2.4 pounds this week so far. Part of it was probably because I didn't eat as much on Sunday, because I was sleeping a lot and focusing on the Steeler and NY Giant games (I'm a Steeler fan, but I also cheer on the Giants, because my dad's a Giant fan...though I won't next week!).

Food's been good, and I'm trying to calm down a little on the exercise, but it's HARD, because I love everything that I do. I'm not a person who does well with the happy medium. Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually, I'm sure.

Back to work I go. Have a magnificent Monday, everyone!


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10/29/12 11:19 A

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Quick check-in as work is crazy today.

First of all, thoughts and prayers for all in the path of Sandy. It's very windy here, but that is all we'll get from her.

Today is a starting over day for me. I've been lazy, and it has to stop NOW.

Have a great day!

~Christie in NC

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10/29/12 11:18 A

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Not a day to be outdoors unless there's an emergency. It has been raining since last night and the storm drains are all backed up from fall leaves. The wind and rain won't really begin until later this afternoon. I guess we'll know this time tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone. For those of us who lose power, see you all online when it is restored.

Reston, Virginia (DC suburbs)

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10/29/12 10:15 A

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I wasn't very ambitious yesterday. We went out for lunch but it was disappointing. One of those meals when you say, "I want a do-over on those calories!" At least it was late enough that we just had snacks instead of dinner, leaving me in range for the day. This morning I'm still lightly under goal. I'm hoping to get to the bottom of my range before we get solidly into the holiday season. Stay safe, everyone!

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10/29/12 10:08 A

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Last I weighed I had gained 4 pounds, some of it due to constipation (sorry TMI) . I had binged 3 times in the preceding 10 days. I have to get out of this bad cycle. Been depressed and going after comfort food...sweets. Can't believe there's a bundt cake mix and pan sitting on my counter that I'm telling myself my hubby would like. Why I even bought it is a mystery. I've had sweets on my mind, I guess.

I''m a witness at court this Thursday. Have to keep focused and find comfort elsewhere. Maybe I should blog about this.

I'm sitting here in my workout clothes, trying to motivate myself out the door.


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10/29/12 9:22 A

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Storm is even supposed to effect Lake Michigan here in Indiana. Hope everyone out East is ok.

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10/29/12 9:16 A

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Having moved down to Florida from New Hampshire, and with family in Mass and NJ, we're watching the storm closely and praying for everyone in its path. My office in Boston is closed for the day, while it's a bright, sunny fall day here.

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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10/29/12 9:01 A

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Laura, congrats on your virtual 10K, and thanks for the good thoughts about Sandy. We are waiting for the storm at home, since transportation, schools, and government closed based on the forecast. I'm happy for that, because I could just see getting into work, having the storm hit, and THEN having transportation shut down. The Metro and the commuter buses have wind limitations, and I rely on them to get to/from work. So far, we've just had lots and lots and lots of cold rain, but Sandy has taken the turn toward the coast, so we're waiting to see what happens.

As for the weigh-in, oops! Two weeks of special events and travel took their toll. I waited to let the water weight go, so I'm fairly confident the remaining extra 3 pounds are solid. Time to get back to my routine.

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10/29/12 8:18 A

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Morning All,

To everyone in Sandy's path, I hope you and yours stay safe thoughout this 'perfect storm'. Gosh, I don't miss hurricane season! Here in Atl, we're enjoying our first cold snap, temps in the 40's and tonight is supposed to be the first frost of the season.

I ran my virtual 10k yesterday! Woohoo!! And lawdamercy, I'm achy this morning.

We ended up eating Little Caesars for dinner and I went over my calories, fats, sodium, and cholesterol. But oh well, with the run I ended up with negative net calories. I'll just eat cleaner the rest of the week.

Fredericksburg, VA

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10/29/12 7:57 A

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Well, yesterdays 10K was a bit slower than I had planned, but truth be told, I hadn't really trained well, but I was still a minutes longer than I had hoped. Have another 10K in two weeks and then we'll see where I'm going on the training. Weight is staying pretty stable at mid range, but would like to get down toward the lower end before the holidays. It's going to be touch though. Baby sis is coming into town next weekend for a figure competition (which shouldn't be TOO bad since she watches her diet pretty close - except for one huge celebratory meal after the competition....chicago pizza, beefs, and cheesecakes). Then the next weekend is my birthday and two other sisters, plus my running club and bible study group are all planning to treat me. I took a couple extra days off and made it a long weekend in the hopes that I can get some extra fitness in to offset the "damage" and space out the gluttony. The plan is to have a little extra treat with each person(s), then get in the extra fitness to minimize the collateral damage. Off course then Thanksgiving is two weeks later, then the holidays are upon us. Luckily, I do most of the Thanksgiving cooking and the family has come to appreciate some of my leaner offerings.

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10/29/12 7:29 A

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Good Morning! We have heavy rain this morning but the worst of the wind will not arrive until tonight. We are expecting up to 8 inches of rain today. Hopefully the electricity won't go out. I don't plan to go out today. Will use the treadmill or maybe WATP

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10/29/12 7:02 A

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No sleep last nite, worried about family riding storm out and living across street from bay on an Nj barrier island. Bad winds here, no rain yet. Winds of 80 -90 MPH predicted for later today along with rain. Will try to head to gym this am if it is open.

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10/29/12 6:37 A

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Happy Monday, everyone! I'm proud to say that my pre-holiday lean out is working and that I'm officially under the mid-point of my goal range. I'm going to keep this up for a few weeks then ease back in maintenance mode for the holidays (with a few more treats along the way). I'm hoping this will give me more flexibility over the holidays without stressing that I've gone out of range and need to be more aggressive after the holidays are over. My goal is to finish up the holidays still in range, even if it's at the higher end. For me, that would mean success. Hope everyone's week is starting off well!

My name's Tina. I lost more than 90 pounds between March 2010 and March 2012 and have been keeping if off ever since. Had a baby at the end of April 2016 and am working to get back to my pre baby form, or at least as close to it as I realistically can!

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10/29/12 5:52 A

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Up early this morning with the intention of staying on track. Kayaked and walked over the weekend and ate well. As the weeks pile up in maintenance, so far so good. Tracking my weight makes me stay on it. For me, it is a necessary life practice.

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10/29/12 5:39 A

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time to get back to sparking - we arrived home yesterday evening, and though i am fairly certain once the water weight of travel is gone my weigh-in will be ok, i broke all of my rules as soon as we got home - snacking while cooking, a glass of wine i should have turned down, potato chips, nuts, too many crackers, desert... ah well. now it's time to get back on the spark nutrition wagon. we kept up our miles while we were gone, and nutrition was ok considering all the restaurant meals on the trip, but this is not the time to come home and slip into bad habits - that's what always precipitates the upswing of the yoyo.

not this time...

thinking about everyone on the east coast - stay safe!

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