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10/22/12 2:49 A

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I think I did well nutrition wise - had some internet problems, and am only now catching up.

Also, about 40 min walking. Plus better nutrition choices (like Mongolian Beef and brown rice at the Asian restaurant, instead of Peking Duck).

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10/21/12 6:04 P

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I totally played hooky from everything yesterday! I know I was bad but I had fun and felt good. Now back to my daily fitness and tracking.

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10/21/12 1:03 P

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Oh em gee was yesterday a horrible (but awesome) day for eating LOL. Started out w/ brunch with BFF and had steel cut oats (which I'm sure were cooked with butter), and some house made sausages. Also had a kir imperial which is my favorite drink ever (champagne and chambord). Then did antique shopping and then headed up to friend's house for a little dinner party... I ate so much cheese and pitas and crackers and hummus and salami... THEN had the actual dinner which was a delicious trout cooked in a butter herb sauce with sauteed spinach, then dessert of chocolate fondue!

So I guess it could have been worse but I really felt like I overindulged on all the appetizers... like I could have stopped right there and not even eaten dinner. I was sent home with both goat and gorgonzola cheeses w/ crackers. So today I'm taking it easy, going to make a big pot of soup after I go to the store, and will just munch on that and my cheeses, since both kinds are actually not too bad.

Weighed in at 149 today.

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10/21/12 12:09 P

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I would have gladly slept until noon today, but that never happens! Yesterday was spent in the kick-off for my women's choir, with much singing and a pot-luck lunch. I didn't do too badly as potlucks go, but it's still impossible to track. Expecting FIL to go home from the hospital today, but unless they get him LOTS of home care I don't think he'll be there long. After a stressful week I feel almost like I'm waking up, suddenly realizing things that I've let slide. I was relieved to find that the forgotten eggplant that looked a bit worse for wear was still good. I'm roasting it to make babaganoush. I'm singing for church this morning and husband is playing in a symphony this afternoon, so it won't be a day for involved cooking.

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10/21/12 11:59 A

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you are so right!!! Now that I have let myself slip, everyone says how good I am looking now. This is while my body is yelling at me no! No! I feel awful! It is so true are they jealous or think you should be fat.
Anyway I am going to bed early so I don't munch myself back to being fat!
Remember all of us our bodies will tell us when we are over eating or hungry not our eyes!

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10/21/12 11:19 A

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Morning all! We're having a really lovely weekend, now that fall is definitely here in SW Florida. We've got the windows open, and a lovely breeze is blowing through the house--the opposite of what we used to do up north!

Zennith, prepare yourself to start hearing things like "You're too thin! Are you sure you're eating?" (mums can get away with the blunt approach) or (quietly, to your hubby) "Is Zennith all right?" Pay no attention! Your mum will be harder to deal with, but to all who say these kinds of things to you, reply firmly but pleasantly, "I feel better than I ever have in my life. I plan on being around a long time for my kid, and I won't have diabetes or high blood pressure." If you're feeling especially feisty, try "My doctor said I'd end up bedridden if I didn't lose the weight." It's up to you what your goal weight is, and you're going about it very sensibly.

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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10/21/12 9:56 A

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Morning everyone,

Had a great time last night, boy they made home made ice cream and from scratch brownies with chocolate sauce...oh my was it good and the munchkin sure got hyped up about 1/2 hour after eating the sugar. Each of the GKd's made me a it

Today it is rainy(started early this AM) and it is supposed to be off and on for the next 2 days.

Already have laundry going and need to stop at office depot for a few supplies, like printer ink, another 3.5" binder etc.

We were sent home with enough food for another dinner: shrimp scampi so I will toss a salad and be done with it.

See you later

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10/21/12 9:23 A

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10/21/12 9:04 A

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good morning, maintainers! our days in hawaii are winding down, but after reading phebess' comment yesterday about crossing a snowy mountain pass in washington, i am not looking forward to greeting winter. we'll have a reprieve, going home via san diego for a conference.

meanwhile, saturday was shorter in terms of exercise - the morning walk was a bit of a short hike to the beach. we dared the waves, which were calmer than usual and swam, but i was glad i had left my glasses on shore - one wave got me real good:-) nutrition went well, and weight this morning was good. today is our last full day before we have to start packing monday for an early departure tuesday. run scheduled for this morning when daybreak arrives...

have a great sunday!

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10/21/12 7:46 A

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Hi, thought I'd join you and check in today.

I've just got back from two martial arts classes, great lessons but I'm stiff from the weekends seminar. Baby was tired and grisley, so she sleeping in my husbands arms before we walk to my parents for Sunday dinner. My mother thinks I'm too thin (do all mums think this?) so it'll be a challenge to convince her I do eat without letting her overload me with food and desert.
Home tonight then to get the baby bedtime routine done before cooking breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and maybe sit back and crochet for an hour - keeps my hands busy so I don't snack so much!
Hope everyone's having a great Sunday - enjoy :-)

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10/21/12 7:02 A

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I finally hit the wall yesterday. Work was BUSY and the person scheduled after me failed to show up, so I was late getting out. In addition, because we were so busy....and I was stressed, I wasn't able to take my breaks so I didn't eat on schedule. Thankfully, I keep pumpkin seeds on had to nibble, but maybe had a few more than I should have. They did keep me from eating EVERYTHING in site when I finally did get a chance to take a break. Wanted to drive up to the main church campus for the message last night, but by the time I got out of work, I would have been late and I was beat so I just went home, cooked dinner for me and sis and got to bed a little early. Still a little tired today, but after church today I will have a little down time and maybe will be feeling more rested after another good nights sleep.

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10/21/12 6:30 A

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Good morning, Tortise (and everyone else)!

About to go on a long run, then church this morning. Thinking about maybe going to the local sports bar to check out some football action this afternoon (GO STEELERS!), but we'll see. Got my ingredients prepped last night for my 4 bean chicken chili, so that's going into the slow cooker between my run and church this morning, so I have something yummy to eat during "The Amazing Race" tonight. They're headed to Dhaka, Bangladesh tonight, which should be interesting, since my dad spends a bit of time there every year as the current World Bank air quality consultant to Bangladesh.

I ended up spending some time both in the woods and at the zoo yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, and I had a great time just relaxing and people/animal watching while getting some walking in. On the way home, I also found out that the other art museum in town is going to host an exhibition of all sorts of porcelain starting next Sunday, so I now know what next week's excursion will be. :)

Well, I'd better get a move on if I'm going to get everything accomplished! Happy Sunday, everyone! :)


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10/21/12 6:23 A

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In goal range and looking forward to kayaking with my husband today! Good morning, maintainers!

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