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10/13/12 7:04 P

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Sorry about your day....

I wasn't terribly happy with the gym scale. I've been teetering on the top end of my maintenance #'s (instead of in the middle or lower end). Today it showed where I don't want to go.
Don't know if I should "mix-it-up" or "endure" through the winter months. I'm lucky to maintain a steady number from Nov. - March.

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10/13/12 6:25 P

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Just having a bad day. Trying not to turn to food but pasta sounds so good right now.

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10/13/12 5:19 P

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CELIAMINER Fantastic! Way to go! What a milestone - YOOHOO!!!

Things have been much better this weekend - a physical therapist helped me out with some exercises this morning and he was very optimistic compared to other sources. I needed that! Also the exercises felt good - something new for me because use to being painful. So am starting to build a team- need this in several areas- and am hopeful to be able to reach some physical goals. Even if they are long range, to know it is possible is a good feeling.

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10/13/12 12:37 P

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Celia - Congratulations! What a milestone! You deserve to be very proud of yourself.

Last night we attended a HS football game. 2 grandsons are in the band and one big surprise - the older one was on the Homecoming Court! That never happened to me in HS.

This morning we had to get both of them to the bus for an out of town competition. Mom & Dad are away with child # 3 at another event.

So my run/walk afterwards was shorter than planned. I got 5 miles in, but by then it was noon and I was HUNGRY. I usually workout about an hour after breakfast. Maybe I'll go out again mid afternoon.

Have a good day everyone.

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10/13/12 12:18 P

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emoticon Celia! I think it's really hard to know, starting out, what your ultimate goal weight will be especially if you've been heavy all your life. It's different than if you were slim and then gained. You then KNOW what you "should" weigh. I didn't lose as much as you, but I still revised my goal twice. When I started I said I'd be happy to get back to 125. When I hit that I thought, "Maybe I could sustain 120." 120 came and went and I realized that the goal I'd dreamed of since I was in junior high--115--was attainable.
Sue--You left the state and fall weather came in! It's going to be a damp and blustery weekend. A good day to soak some beans, I think.
I did better on nutrition yesterday since I finished my treat blackberry pie. I'd been feeling like I'd been over all week, but looking back see that it was only those two days. No loss so far this week, but knowing my body it may come tomorrow.

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10/13/12 10:14 A

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good morning - or aloha! from molokai! haven't been online as much - well, i have been online because work has decided to get back to full speed, even though i am in hawaii. i don't really mind because it has been much too slow for 3 months, and since i mostly work at night, i still get to go out and play in the day.

yesterday was my first run since the half marathon last saturday (it is hard to believe i was shivering waiting for the start in 30-degree weather a week ago now!). the first three miles went great, the last fizzled, but i'm glad i only went for four.

nutrition has evidently done well - i'm back down at my bottom weight, 102.4 this morning (and this is usually not my lowest for the day). we've had the most delicious salads - i opened and rinsed a can of beans, then put them in the fridge to marinate in balsamic vinegar. one night i made a napa cabbage salad with peanutty dressing (and the beans), and the other a kale salad. there is a fantastic organic farm on this little island, so the fridge is stuffed with veggies.

we walked the beach twice and i'm amazed at how much stronger i am now than when we were here in january - we made it all the way down to the end (3 miles) without becoming exhausted, as i have in the past. i love walking along the edge of the water.

hope everyone has a great saturday!

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10/13/12 8:57 A

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Good morning. Congrats on the 80 lb loss! That's awesome! Something special about hitting those "round" numbers!

For my workout this morning, I'm headed to the County Animal Shelter where I volunteer to walk (run) dogs for a couple hours. The pit bulls are probably the most challenging. Usually it's my arms that get the most workout, since these dogs have rarely been taught manners. Always leave there with the hope of adoption for these furry creatures, as I already have 2 dogs and a cat.

I've had a lot of company (and leftovers) which showed up on the scale Thursday morning, so I'll be a little more careful this weekend. I find the posts of my teammates here provide me with the needed motivation! I'm very grateful!

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10/13/12 8:55 A

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emoticon Celia!! Celia's doing happy dance!! emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I did well last night, eating dinner out according to plan. UNTIL we stopped for an after-dinner "digestive" at the local pub, and their glass crock of pumpkin pie vodka would not let me alone. Still came in on track with my calories and dropped two pounds this morning.

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Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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10/13/12 8:43 A

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Celia - emoticon on getting rid of 80 pesty lbs.

Happy Saturday everyone,

Just couldn't sleep this morning, so now I am camped at the computer drinking coffee. Today we have GD's soccer game, it is fun watching 5 year olds running around and sometimes making a goal for the other team.

Have errands to run and going to DD's house for dinner.

Make it a healthy day!

Every day I am on the verge of making slight changes that would make all the difference in my life.

If you wait, all that happens is you get older.

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10/13/12 8:34 A

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Good Morning all! Congrats on the weight loss CELIAMINER!
It is a cold crisp morning and I am looking forward to finish cleaning up my veg garden and winterizing it.

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10/13/12 8:07 A

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Woohoo! Congrats to you!

Walked for 1 hour yesterday. Eating was so so, I am away so it could have been much worse. Hope to walk at least one hour today.m

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10/13/12 8:01 A

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Good Saturday morning, all! Today I hit a milestone when my scale read 140 on the nose, 80 pounds less than when I started this journey. May have to revisit my maintenance weight, since 140 is 5 pounds below my target. I'll let it ride for a week or two to see what happens.

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