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10/8/12 4:29 A

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10/8/12 2:12 A

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Busy weekend too - cals about 20 over today, balanced by a walk through the woods. Not as long a walk as I'd have done normally, but my dad is 87 and not speedy.

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10/7/12 5:48 P

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Busy weekend here also. Plans got thrown off so I wasn't able to get my run in this morning, but I did take a walk this afternoon. Ate 2 frosted cookies at 250 cal. ea., but they were good and I've been good so what the heck. I didn't eat all 12 like I could have. There are still some left. Hopefully the boys will take care of them tonight.

Busy week ahead too. First though is a run tomorrow morning before it gets windy. Then I've got to get my housework done. Tues. I have a Dr. appt. so that will chew up my morning. I'm gonna throw some shopping into that trip.


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10/7/12 5:40 P

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Two pretty bad days nutrition wise, but today, I'm trying to remain calm and get back on track. Going to relax a bit and do some reading and aside from doing lighting at church this morning and cleaning out the fridge and cooking dinner,this afternoon/evening, I'm not going to push myself. From experience, it will only backfire and set me up for ruin this next week. Waiting to hear from friends how the marathon went. It was COLD this morning! Glad I wasn't running it, but I'll get my turn this coming Sunday and then two Sundays after that (but a much shorter distance).

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10/7/12 5:22 P

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Busy weekend with family - 2 grandkids to watch in soccer games, 2 more in a marching band competition. Church activities. Balsamic Root veggies are in the crock pot and pork loin is baking in the oven. That's it!

Congrats to Swede_Su, CatMagnet and Periwinkle on their races. emoticon

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10/7/12 5:17 P

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I had an AMAZING day today.

When I woke up, I was feeling a bit edgy, so I went to spin class this morning, and SO glad I did. We did a workout to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" soundtrack and it was a BLAST! Had a quick lunch, packed my bag (including my post-race snack of yogurt and clementines) and headed to my 5k race.

The course was really hilly and quite challenging, but as I looked at my watch at the mile markers, I noticed I was going a lot faster than normal, even with all the hills. When I saw the finish line and the clock had yet to hit 32 minutes, I went into a full-out sprint. My final time? 31:50. A NEW PERSONAL RECORD! I never thought I could run that fast! I even ended up 4th in my gender/age group and 11th overall in my age group, which felt pretty darn nifty.

So now to try to come down from that MAJOR high, relax and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Swede, hope your half-marathon went as well! :) ::hugs:: to all of you! :)


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10/7/12 4:13 P

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I was up, but after a new low weight, I expect to fluctuate.

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10/7/12 3:33 P

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Weighed in again (finally!) back at my goal of 150. And, after a very deboucherous day where I went over and ate double the amount of sodium I should have yesterday, I weighed in again at 150 today, so that's a good sign.

Yesterday, I went up to the mountains to visit my BFF, we went to lunch. It was a very cold day so I ordered a 3 cheese panini (made w/ foccacia) and this yummy red pepper bisque. Not very healthy at all but oh so good, especially with the sandwich dipped in the soup. Then BF and I went to a college hockey game last night (where's our NHL, wahhhh) and went out afterwards. I had a steak salad that wasn't horrible for a bar type place, but that combined with my lunch put me at almost 2000 calories for the day, 300 more than the top of my range, and 4400 grams of sodium, ack! Today we're just staying home so I will eat light to try to make up for it. I'll just have to be sure and not eat too many of these peanut butter cookies I made :)

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10/7/12 1:34 P

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I gained 4 pounds this week. I'm making a mess of things. Need to get myself back on track.

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10/7/12 12:38 P

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It's another beautiful fall day in the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday we went to Flower World and bought a cart-load of flowers. It's amazing how what seems like a huge amount when you're buying them look pretty puny when you get them into the ground. But at least I have a spot of fall color. We went out for breakfast, skipped lunch and had a typical dinner. Sugar sweetened soda and popcorn in the evening put me over for the day. Still, this morning I was able to post a whopping .2 lb loss in the challenge, bringing my weight to within a pound of goal.

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10/7/12 10:58 A

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I just realized I've been eating salads for lunch and dinner for two days straight, varying the protein. I guess I could do worse.

Sue, you're just doing your carb loading after the fact, lol! They're well out of your system by now, too.

Sue, on Florida's Gulf Coast

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10/7/12 10:57 A

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Good news: Ran my first 10k yesterday, in a time of 57:45. My goal was under 60 min, so I was pleased with my time, which is overall about a 9:18 min/mile. Also, weighed in today at 131.5, which is the same weight I was ate when I entered maintenance 3 weeks ago. And this is after all the birthday hoopla! Glad to be in a reasonable place, despite a birthday dinner out on Friday night and a school potluck on Saturday.

The nice thing about maintenance is that if you do "mess up" but then correct, you haven't lost any progress. No having to slap myself in the forehead and say, "Ugh, if only I'd been disciplined this week I could be another pound down--now I'm behind!" As long as I correct immediately and get back to my range, I'm right where I need to be!

Bad news: I think I have a bit of shin splints coming on. Must be the way I pushed during the race. I was definitely pounding down the hill at the end. I'm going to take today and tomorrow off from running (lift weights only) and see if that will give my body the break it needs. I have another 10k coming up next weekend, so I don't want to get too out of shape, but I also want to have a little respite.

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10/7/12 10:22 A

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Loved reading about everyone's mindful choices! I walked 30K yesterday, and I, too, overindulged on beer. Lunch was steamed mussels and bread, though I didn't eat all the bread, and I limited how much of the chorizo broth I ate. Dinner was a "pizzette" of very thin crust with a little smoked salmon, capers, and a sprinkling of cheese. Snacks were controlled, and I had a Special K veggie breakfast sandwich to start the day. I went over, but I know I burned a boatload of calories, so I'm not worried.

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10/7/12 10:05 A

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It's cold here, too, for the season, about 50 and rainy. A good day to stay in and watch football and NASCAR.

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10/7/12 7:56 A

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Good morning!

Congrats on your HM, Susan, and like MENNOLY said, don't beat yourself up over a brownie or two. You ran 13.1 miles, for heaven's sake!

We woke to a fantastic thunderstorm this morning. After yesterday's sunny, 80's weather, today is a total turnaround. I think the high may stretch to 60F. DH and I are being slugs this morning. =)

Yesterday's trip to RenFest was great fun. We had to walk a long ways from the parking lot because it was very crowded when we got there. I over-indulged on beer, but I had planned that... only food we had was steak on a stake which is a thin strip of sirloin on a skewer. This morning my glutes are sore. I'm not sure if it's from the DVD I did before going out or all the walking. Either way, I'll be working out the soreness with some cardio later today.

I have totally slacked on water the past two days despite my commitment for the month. That is my one goal today (besides working out and eating right).... drink at least 8 cups of water.

Have a fantastic day!

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10/7/12 7:14 A

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Swede_Su remember this lifestyle change allows for treats. You exerted a lot of energy with the HM and unless you consumed all of the brownies, there was no reason not to indulge in a favorite treat. Key word being treat.
I woke up really achy and sore. The weather turned to cold over night and I am feeling it in my neck and shoulders. We are going to a brunch in honor of my MIL 85th birthday.. I won't track today. It is too difficult to figure out calories at a potluck. I will be mindful of what I eat.

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10/7/12 6:02 A

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feeling a bit spaced out here after two days of driving 3 hours each way across the mountains and back, and a half marathon in between. splurged on meals yesterday - especially desert, DD is here and baked one of my favorites, (vegan) butterscotch brownies, and i found my willpower is as bad as ever when they are in the kitchen. or maybe it was just the fact that i had run-walked 13.1 miles. slipped up on ST this past week for the first time, but i'll use the HM as an excuse. but not next week!

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