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9/24/12 4:44 P

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You can adjust by small increments over 4-8 week periods and see if you can find a better range through a little trial and error.

This works best if you have stable tracked data over at least a month and keep tracking consistently. (When I say stable, I mean using the same sources for the numbers and being as accurate as possible. If the weekly calorie burn stays pretty steady, even better.)

Review your total calories in, total calories out, and the average deficit per week - then compare that to the average loss per week for that period. (This is why at least 4 weeks is best to use. If you're losing 0.38 pounds per week, it might look like you're losing 0 pounds per week if you only measure one or two weeks worth ... but it is enough to add up to 20 pounds lost in a year and a half.)

Continue tracking in the same way, but drop your calories by about 125 per day. That's enough to cause a 0.25 pound per week shift. Again, not necessarily easy to see on a week-to-week basis, but it can be enough to raise the loss over a month by a pound. If that's successful, try dropping another 125 calories from your day.

If you don't see any significant change from dropping calories, try restoring that 125 per day and adding another 125 per day. After a month look to see if you've increased or decreased your rate of loss. That should only add 0.25 pounds per week or 1 pound in a month - on top of what you'd normally lose, which was a little over a pound per moth.

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Just ran numbers on you. I get 2160 for your BMR, so I wouldn't ever go below 2200 when dieting. For slow loss, I'd start at about 2800 and adjust from there.

Also, be careful that you aren't falling into a kind-or "chronic dieting" state, for lack of a better term. Sometimes, If you have been eating diet-like for very long periods of time the body can seize up and just stop losing. When that happens, it's good to take at least a couple of months and simply try to maintain. It just kinda needs to reset, for lack of a better term.

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you may have seen me speak on this issue elsewhere. I have found that once I had optimized my exercise level and other lifestyle issues as much as possible the only thing that made a big difference is to go on a lifestyle primal/paleo and relatively low-carb diet. This gave me much more energy, helped me to drop body fat (although not much weight, but didn't have much to lose), increase muscle mass and improved all my exercise ranging from running to strength training to horseback riding to swimming.
If you have not seen this book you might want to check it out:

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9/24/12 2:11 P

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my stats.. 270 lbs, 6 ft tall 43 yrs old. moderately active since i do run and workout but much of that depends on work schedule since i work rotating shifts. I am a "professional" maintainer since i havent lost more than 20 lbs in the last year and a half but also have not gained at all which is a good thing. things seem to be balanced out.

I have been looking at the subject of figuring out the correct caloric intake for my activity level.

I have done research with various BMR calculators and am finding a wide variety of numbers out there, especially when used with Harris Benedict model. Some of the daily intake numbers seem to be way to high for my liking ie... 3000 cal+ (with activity) or are numbers that are based on BMR only where I get around 2300 cal.

I have also been experimenting with nutrient ratios. I have been using my fitness pal app which has really helped me to reign in the eating and get a balance since i have been shooting from the hip alot with generic estimations.

I could use a little guidance. I feel if I can tweak my intake a little to match activity level with a slight deficit, I will be back on the slow track again which is my goal. the weight lost slowly stays off.



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