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8/23/12 1:13 A

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it was a long day yesterday, posting this first thing in the morning. it was a good day, i think - long and a bit stressful, both work and private stuff going on. we took a beautiful 4.5 mile walk in the morning, and a 3 mile walk after dinner. added to a walk down to the fjord it was another 8 mile day. we won't be able to keep this up when we return to WA in 2 weeks, and the real world begins, when i work nights, but we're aiming to keep 5 miles per day.

food went well, i think - breakfast was brunch, and when i got hungry a few hours later i made a huge salad. dinner was a standard favorite, filling and good (swedish meatless meatballs with all the trimmings) plus huge salad. filling up on that salad (balsamic vinegar as dressing) makes such a difference.

and weight is holding. yay!

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8/22/12 11:07 P

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Did okay with eating today and had plans to get to the gym tonight but wound up working an hour late and missed out on my classes. Should have gone anyway. Tomorrow is a day off finally, so, off to bed for a good nights sleep, then to the gym early for an abs class and then probably a spin class or a couple/few miles on the track or the treadmill.

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8/22/12 11:06 P

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I did good today except for the starbursts at work....once I have one it is a snowball. At least not many calories!

Holly/Texas. Time Zone: CST; Don't do anything today you can't maintain for the rest of your life; Studies show a mere 11 minutes of weight training 3 times a week is enough to reduce your body fat and raise your metabolism.

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8/22/12 3:24 P

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I started to take a little walk before dinner last night. I tried a new trail someone told me makes a nice one mile loop. Well...It didn't! I got lost and walked for two hours! Ugh.
That was scary because I was afraid it would get dark and a bear would get me.
Was so happy when FINALLY the neighbors dog came out and barked at me because I was home!
Not the first time I got lost on a trail.... emoticon

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8/22/12 11:32 A

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Yesterday I did not walk the park but I mowed my lawn and my MIL's lawn..... I am still hovering at 2-3 pounds over my goal/maintenance weight.

Today I work at the food bank - hoping for a quiet day to tell the truth, as some days it is so heartbreaking to see the people come in....

Later I get a haircut so that will cheer me up a bit!

I can do it!!
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8/22/12 10:10 A

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Did OK with eating yesterday and should be on track today--dinner is planned and partly prepped! I'm still tired. Busy at work and no inclination to go out for walk breaks. I did do some housework last evening but didn't track it as exercise. I slept better last night but still not enough. I woke up over a half an hour early and then the new kitten decided he had to pester me. They can be remarkably determined when they want your attention! emoticon

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8/22/12 10:09 A

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I'm not at maintenance yet, but I'm trying to maintain my weight right now after going through surgery. I don't think I can do any hard core exercising for about 6 weeks! I think I am able to keep the weight down as long as I maintain a healthy diet, but I sure do miss working out.

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8/22/12 8:58 A

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Lower end of my caloric range yesterday (yay!), not much cardio, we're getting ready for a hurricane (expected tonight) so we're getting no-cook food items. And it's rainy so we're inside. Still doing my ST, I'll see what I can do for cardio.

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8/22/12 8:37 A

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Pat and Christie, I hope you have great vacays!

I had another good day yesterday...on target for calories, fitness (45-minute brisk walk), and water. For dinner, I cooked a Dinner Done entree of tilapia with a white-wine and tomatoes reduction...255 calories. For sides, we had lentils (Trader Joe's has refrigerated, already cooked lentils that can be heated in the package in the microwave), broccoli, and a side salad (that was actually pretty big as I tried to use up some aging spinach). By being good, I had enough calories left over for a frozen fruit bar for dessert.

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8/22/12 8:12 A

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I like the thought of a daily check-in for this team. I am going over and over and over a plan in my mind for the 2 weeks I'll be away. We're traveling on motorcycle so I won't wear my fitbit - the vibration gives inaccurate readings. I won't have any technology with me so I won't have access to the internet - no laptop, no internet on my phone. I just will have to be aware of every bite I take and try to move as much as possible.

Have a great day everyone, Pat emoticon

I believe in myself, I am a strong woman. I will reach my goals, I will live my life with integrity and intention. I will set a good example for my daughters and my son. I will be a woman that makes my grand children proud when they look at pictures of me long after I've left this earth.

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8/22/12 7:52 A

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Good morning, team!

Yesterday was MUCH better. My eating was spot-on, had a nice cardio workout. got an abundance of water, and hit my freggies goal.

Looking for a repeat today. Going to be a busy evening to get packed up for a short vacation. If I remember in the morning, I'll start the thread, but if anyone comes looking and it's not here, go ahead and start it up. =)

I'll be back to regular schedule on Tuesday.

Have a great day!

~Christie in NC

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